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What's Your Excuse?

Episode #8What's Your Excuse? Mindset Monday - Episode 8 Transcript What's Your Excuse For Not Getting Your Goals Done?Mindset Monday, your week begins now.Tell me… what's your excuse? Give me your best excuse. Send me an email. I'd love to hear them. I too like you struggle with telling myself excuses sometimes as to why don't want to accomplish something.An e [...]

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Make a Fresh Start

Episode #7How to make a Fresh Start so you don't have to make a Forced Start. Mindset Monday - Episode 7 Transcript How to make a fresh start, so you don't have to make a forced start.How do you make a fresh start so you don't have to make a forced start? What does that all mean?In life, we all have practices and habits that carry a consequential nature with them [...]

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Black Rock Goal Getting

Episode #6Black Rock Goal Getting Adventure Viewer Tip:  Wind noise is in this video at certain points.  Click on the CC or closed captions icon to read what Shane is saying at those moments. Go to the edge of your limitsThe 11 minute video adventure today takes you with us on the black rock goal getting tour of Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, Canada. This wa [...]

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