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Change the World

Episode #5How to Change the World Mindset Monday - Episode 5 Transcript Welcome to this mobile edition of Mindset Monday.Mindset Monday, your week begins now. A lot of clients of mine struggle with a limiting belief that they can't change the world. Do you struggle with that?If so, what you can change this week to empower your mindset is actually think about the [...]

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Your secret to getting what you want

Episode #4Your secret to getting what you want is as easy as this… Mindset Monday - Episode 4 Transcript Your secret to getting what you want is as easy as this…Want what you already have.Yes the secret to getting what you want is to want what you already have.Now, how do you get more out of life?Well, it comes down to three steps to getting what you want. Th [...]

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Celebrate Don't Denigrate

Episode #3Celebrate, Don't Denigrate Mindset Monday - Episode 3 Transcript You don't even know you do this.I bet you don't even know you do this. It happens to you each week and you don't even know it. Mindset Monday, your week begins now.It's denigrating yourself. What is denigration? While denigration has a few different meanings, the first one is defaming. To [...]

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