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Turn Back the Clock on Your Body

During our recent webinar, Mary asked a question that made me think about how to turn back the clock on your body – 20 years later. Mary’s concern is that she “would like to get back to the weight I was at when I quit smoking; that was 20 years ago and I work out.” […]

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Daily Focus

On our recent webinar training together, several excellent people shared their concerns and challenges. Today, I want to address Catherine and Pat’s concerns which deal with: Sharpening Your Daily Focus Catherine said that she is challenged with “Maintaining focus from day to day”. Pat mentioned that there are “Daunting things to do… connecting with resources: […]

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Sword, Sandal & Cloth – Webinar Summary

Webinar Short Summary We had a great turnout today and what was interesting is that everyone stayed on the call from start to finish. That tells me that you are highly interested in making 2012 even more incredible than 2011. The quality of the people on the line today were awesome. Some great questions were […]

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Is your business “gift wrap” or real substance?

Debbie LaChusa – Speaker Highlight Is your business “gift wrap” or real substance? This question was an essential part of Debbie LaChusa’s presentation at the 2011 SuccessNet Summit.  Debbie is known throughout North America and Australia as The Business Stylist® because she helps business owners design a business, brand and marketing that “fit” them perfectly. […]

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Break Through Your Limitations

John Kanary Speaker Highlight John kicked off the 2011 SuccessNet Summit with a very powerful, fast moving and thought provoking presentation.  John talked about how each one of us can make dramatic changes in our lives if we commit to “100 Days of Greatness”.  John laid out a plan that can help any of us […]

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2011 SuccessNet Summit

I am always on the lookout for new ideas and ways we can bring innovation into our businesses.  Jim Rohn once said to me that finding great ideas is only given to the best searchers.  I will share with you over the coming weeks some of the best, latest and up to date strategies I […]

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The Power to Innovate

Welcome to Samurai Innovation! Blending the Secrets of the Samurai with cutting-edge strategies to sharpen you and your business results. What key results are you looking for to increase in your business and life? For over 10 years I have sought out to find what made large national brands extremely successful over the “mom and […]

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