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Will You Be a Vacationer or be a Producer by Samurai Innovation

Will You Be a Vacationer or Be a Producer?

Our world right now needs you to be a producer.I have been having tons of conversations with clients, other people, and dojo members. I think it’s very interesting but one thing, if you put it on the record that will happen out of this situation we are living in is that two people or two groups […]

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Three Reasons You Fail by Samurai Innovation Coaching

Three Reasons You Fail This Year

​Three Reasons You Fail​We recently presented our Annual Planning Workshop to our Dojo Members. To kick off the workshop, we presented the 3 Reasons You Fail this year and how to recognized these critical warning signs in your work and life.  Learn now how to recognize these warning indicators and what you can do about them […]

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Welcome to 2020 by Shane Fielder

Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020 – A Special Message from Shane to YouI have 5 powerful things for you to consider integrating into your plans to make 2020 a tremendous year for you. Play the short video below to get started. Which is Most Important for You?​Which of the 5 Focal Points will you commit to this […]

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Break Your Agreement with Fear by Samurai Innovation

Break Your Agreement with Fear

​This month, we are going to be doing something special and unique. We are going to be breaking our agreements with fear so that you can enter into an agreement with progress. ​​Please watch the video below or read the rest of this article to find out how integrate this process into your work and life. […]

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Idea to Action Planner by Samurai Innovation - Shane Fielder

Idea to Action Planner

​Why You Need an Idea to Action Planner​How many times have you seen an advertisement or a new invention and thought to yourself, man I had that idea 10 years ago? How many times have you kicked yourself because someone else executed their idea and became largely successful when in fact, you had the same idea […]

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WHo Are You Caring for the Most this Week - Mindset Monday by Samurai Innovation

Who Are You Caring For Most this Week

​Episode #29Who Are You Caring For Most This Week? ​Episode 29 Show NotesLet me ask you an important question for this next week.Who are you caring for the most this week?Now you’ve got tons of people that are probably around you that rely on you and that you have to care for. You got to […]

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Avoid Failure - Go Where You Feel Small - Mindset Monday by Samurai Innovation

Avoid Failure – Go Where You Feel Smaller

​Episode #2​8​​Avoid Failure – Go Where You Feel Small ​   Episode 28 Show NotesAvoid Failure when you Go Where You Feel Small is your Mindset Monday tip from Samurai Innovation. ​This training will help you optimize your mindset this week so that you minimize the effect that failure has on you. This will allow […]

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Hurry Brings Worry - Mindset Monday by Samurai Innovation

Hurry Brings Worry & Haste is Waste

​Episode #27​​Hurry Brings Worry & Haste is Waste ​   Episode 27 Show Notes​Hurry brings worry, and haste is waste. Let me ask you a big question. What’s on your mind? What have you been worrying about in the last week that has you staying up late at night, sorry, and what’s got you confused, perplexed? […]

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Overcome Procrastination by Samurai Innovation

1959 Year Old Strategy to Overcome Procrastination

Episode #261959 Year Old Strategy to Overcome Procrastination Episode 26 Show NotesPaul shares with us this 1,959 year old coaching strategy that will help you overcome procrastination. Don’t let the simplicity of the question and strategy fool you into thinking “you already knew that”.There is not much more that needs to be said about procrastination […]

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Mindset Monday Episode 25-Samurai Innovation

Move to the Edge of Your Capability

Episode #25Move to the Edge of Your Capability Episode 25 Show NotesComfort zones are reality. But how do you break through those? Going past it makes you feel uncomfortable. Society labels you as inferior when you try and move past your supposed comfort zone. How about trying our concept of moving to the edge of your capability?At […]

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Spend-Invest-Time by Samurai Innovation

Spend or Invest Time?

Episode #24Do you Spend Time or Invest Time? Episode 24 Show NotesWhat is your mindset toward time this week?Will you go through the week talking to people or about people?Will this time be spent or invested?Will your time be fruitful or hurtful?Will your conversations this week inspire you and them or will it drain you […]

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Your Success Math by Samurai Innovation

Success Math

Success Math:  2X Your Success with 1/2 the effort Episode 23 Show NotesHow does Success Math work anyway?Want to be doubly successful from your efforts? When you do this, you’ll feel refreshed, focused and more disciplined about your life. You take this simple principle of adding something beneficially new while decreasing something harmful equals tremendous […]

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