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You Want What You Already Have - Mindset Monday

Your secret to getting what you want

Episode #4Your secret to getting what you want is as easy as this… Mindset Monday – Episode 4 Transcript Your secret to getting what you want is as easy as this… Want what you already have. Yes the secret to getting what you want is to want what you already have. Now, how do you get more out […]

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Celebrate Don't Denigrate - Mindset Monday

Celebrate Don’t Denigrate

Episode #3Celebrate, Don’t Denigrate Mindset Monday – Episode 3 Transcript You don’t even know you do this.I bet you don’t even know you do this. It happens to you each week and you don’t even know it. Mindset Monday, your week begins now. It’s denigrating yourself. What is denigration? While denigration has a few different meanings, […]

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Days Stealing Your Future-Mindset Monday 2

Your Days Stealing Your Future?

Episode #2Don’t Let Your Days Steal Your Future Mindset Monday – Episode 2 Transcript Are your days stealing your future?Don’t let today steal your future anymore. Each day is presented with opportunities that can move you ahead towards the goals and dreams that you desire, but each day also presents its own chances of diversion, […]

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Set the Tone-Mindset Monday 1 by Samurai Innovation

Set the Tone this week

Episode #1Set The Tone Mindset Monday – Episode 1 Transcript What’s the one thing that you can do this week to be more powerful and confident?Set the tone for others to follow.  Yes, you get to lay the foundation for an awesome week ahead of you. You get to choose how other people will respond […]

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Happy New Year 2016

2015 Christmas Gift

Happy New Year to You!Press play below to hear our message to you… LAST CALL on the New Year planning and goal setting training session.Learn my 12 in 12  Annual Planning Method so that you make 2016 Your Monumental YearAs my appreciation for you being a Dojo Member, I am offering you a free pass […]

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This is how you break free of the intention-action-gap

Break Free of the Intention Action Gap

You’ve read all the best sellers from authors like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, David Allen, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and Jim Collins. I own all of their titles just like you probably do too. I know firsthand they are great guys because I have personally trained with many of these great […]

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3 Toughest Questions - Samurai Innovation

What are the three toughest questions you can ever answer?

What are the three toughest questions that you can ever ask yourself?I was recently at a high level workshop for experts and teachers and there were 60 of us there. We were all working on creating our next level product and service to help our clients. I spoke with many other experts in the field […]

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Recession Proof-Samurai Innovation

Escape this recession without a scratch

Will you escape this recession without a scratch?2008-2010 were tough global recession years. Some media called it the great recession of our era. Some lost, some won, and some came out steady and unscathed.The same will hold true during this recession. Now for our Dojo Members in the United States, there are positive growth signs […]

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Barry Messy Apartment

Want what you already have

What would happen if you were to want what you already have more than you currently do? Let’s look at two people and their lives as a case study: Introducing Gina and Barry. Have you ever had a day where two friends call you and one is an upper and one is a downer? Here […]

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Feature Focused Workout-Samurai Innovation_05_22_2015New

Whose workout was better?

Recently I was on the road traveling. I am at the hotel gym and a third of the way through an intense body weight workout when the back door slams open. In walks a fairly in-shape guy, maybe 5 years older than me. He gives me a few awkward looks as I am hopping around […]

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Secret of Great Achievers-Samurai Innovation

Secret of Achievers-Focus Friday Episode 7

All Great Achievers from every era of time have used this one secret to their advantage… Will You?All great Achievers throughout time worked on their productive ability whether they knew it or not. In this Episode of Focus Friday, we will show you how to put a little secret equation to work for you. We […]

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Why Failed Decisions Can Turn Out Great by Samurai Innovation

Why failed decisions turn out great for you

Often in life, the joy that we experience comes down to the quality of the decisions that we make. Each day we are presented with choices and opportunities all around us. I think the hardest part for most people is actually choosing wisely. Stick with me because I’m going to share with you my untold […]

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