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Top 13 Articles and Videos of 2013

Samurai Innovation Top 13 of 2013 Looking back on 2013, Samurai Innovation has put forth a lot of effort to provide you with timely tips for sharpening your sword to help you increase productivity, focus and clarity. It is our intention to inspire you to truly become the person you desire to be. We challenge […]

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Smart Goals Chalkboard - Samurai Innovation

How SMART Goals May Limit Your Capabilities

Are Your Goals SMART ? If you have attended any goal setting classes or worked in a corporate environment, someone has shown this SMART goal setting approach to you.  We support the acronym of SMART goals.  SMART goals will give you a firm basis for organizing your goal setting.  They will help you formulate tangible […]

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5 Tips To Help You Stay Focused On Your Dream

5 Tips To Help You Stay Focused On Your Dream If you have ever had a dream that you wanted to accomplish but you ended up failing, then you know how important it is to stay focused for a long period of time. The problem with most people is that they set a goal and […]

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8 Productivity Tips

Umi’s 8 Productivity Tips for You! In order see more productivity in the workplace it is important to have a high level of personal organization. These tips will help you to make some simple changes to the way you work that will help you be more organized. 1) Keep a tidy desk It is true […]

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