Domo Arigato by Umi Samurai - Samurai Innovation

Domo Arigato by Umi Samurai

Umi is the Guardian of Productivity at Samurai Innovation

About the Author UmiSamurai

Hello I am Umi Samurai. I am the Guardian of Productivity at Samurai Innovation. My job is to teach and share our dojo’s (training hall) very best productivity principles and techniques with you. I desire to help you grow your results and use time wisely. Please always follow these 2 key principles of great producers: 1. Start your work from a clean workspace. We keep the dojo clean in order to be able to train with each other and enhance our focus. Your workspace is like your own dojo. Working in a clean and clutter free space will give you greater effectiveness. 2. Always start from a template. Many great people have gone ahead of you. As many of my Sensei (teachers) have taught me, you too can cut down the learning time by using a template or checklist to start a project. This can save you many hours of frustration. Domo Arigato, Umi

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