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Are you an Implementor? This is the right place for all active Implementor Members to congregate. Here we will focus, lead and finish more things together in 2021 than we could alone.

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Start Here - Current Month Resources 2 Lessons

Current Month Live Training Schedule

Look here for the live training schedule for the Focus, Lead and Finish live sessions with Shane. This is your chance to get live coaching or have your questions answered regarding what you are working on with Implementors.

On Demand - 20 Minute Session with Shane

This is where you can book your 20 minute, on demand session with Shane.

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BONUS: Awesome Book Summaries 5 Lessons

The Progress Principle

The Progress Principle by Teresa Amabile

Brain Rules

Brain Rules by John Medina

The Art of Choosing

The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iynengar.


The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iynengar.

The Obstacle Is The Way

The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday
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Jun 2022 - 60 Days to WOW! 4 Lessons

Jun 2022 – SMV – Your Next Action Plan

This could be your favourite new planning strategy. I want to encourage you to consider implementing this over the next two months. This is a great strategy to implement at the end of an aggressive 90-day plan. It is also one of the best renewal or self-care plans that you can enact. Ready to jump into the setup?

Jun 2022 – Focus – Tolerations Workshop

There are things that are holding you back from experiencing the peace, joy and success that you are seeking right now. Some of these things might be obvious to you, but others might be hidden...for now. I call these things "Tolerations". The Tolerations Workshop will shed light on the things you can shift your focus on. By making these things better or working for you, you clear obstacles that are in your way to getting to where you want to be. Bring a fine writing instrument and some quality paper to capture your a-ha moments.

Jun 2022 – Lead – 60 Days to WOW! Planning Template

Have you ever conducted a 60 Days to WOW! Plan? If not, this is the time to set one up. This planning mechanism could be just what you need over the next 60 days to have a summer of WOW and be able to share grand memories with your clients, peers and friends come September. Remember that you can put this plan into effect anytime during the calendar year. It is not a summer only planning tool. Who doesn't want to be a WOW person? Jump into this session and see how to easily create your 60 day plan. You may even want to join and be featured among your fellow Implementors (details near the end of the session).

Jun 2022 – Finish – Pitfalls to Avoid with your WOW! Plan

Did you get a chance to sketch out your 60 Days to WOW! Plan yet? The last session is the one to help you get that done. Today's session covers the pitfalls to creating a simple and realistic plan for you. If you want to set yourself to win with this plan, you need to be at this session. Your assignment is to email me with the framework of your WOW! Plan. I look forward to furthering the conversation with you.
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May 2022 - UNLEARN Forward 3 Lessons

May 2022 – Focus – Three Things to UNLEARN

Most people think that to get more done, requires doing more new things. This is a myth. You can easily accomplish many great things by unlearning a few things that will free up space for you to get focused versus being overwhelmed and confused. This is why we begin the unlearning process. Undoing or eliminating an unhelpful strategy, process or procedure can boost your ability to go do things that actually works to get meaningful results. Are you excited to begin now?

May 2022 – Lead – Unlearning Model

What happens when you unlearn a habit, process or way of being that is unproductive? You create faster momentum to move toward accomplishing something great. You remove the obstacles that stand in your way. You also at the same time create space for new opportunities to emerge. This affords you greater choices to do more of the things you actually want to do in life. Get ready to progress forward.

May 2022 – Finish – Unlearn to Test and Adopt

Now that I have you convinced to unlearn something in order to make room for something great to take place, we get to the implementation phase of testing and adoption. This is where you will test out your assumptions. You will track the short term results so that you can decide what moves forward. Remember, some things are only meant for a season versus forever. You will need to jump into the session to find out more about this phrase.
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Apr 2022 - Monumental Life Action Kit 3 Lessons

Apr 2022 – Focus – Monumental Life Story

Often I find myself working with a client who is trying to figure out how to reach and master the next level of success. However, it seems to them like they are missing some necessary ingredient. Where do we look for this key piece of the puzzle? We dig into the past like every good treasurer seeker would do. This session will help you lay out your monumental life story so that we can begin to build a framework worthy of analysis in future sessions. I look forward to helping you review your exciting story line.

Apr 2022 – Lead – Decoding Your Monumental Life Story

If you have written your Monumental Life Story from the focus session, then we will get to work on this together. This session begins the decoding process so that you can glean the three key reveals that your story has to offer. Dive into the session to get started.

Apr 2022 – Finish – Kodawari & Bonus Lesson

This session shows you how to put together all the elements of the Monumental Life Kit. You will learn how to apply the Japanese term "Kodawari" to make life even more interesting. I also share with you a deeply personal bonus assignment that will heighten the process for you while at the same time help you gain greater clarity for your upcoming years ahead.
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Mar 2022 - Productively Selfish 4 Lessons

Mar 2022 – Starter Motivation – Shift or Stay the Course

March is the month that many people sway from their intentions and goals that were set earlier in the year. But it is also the best month to shift your goals depending on how your current situation has shifted. Join us this month as we assess what your next move should be given where you at now.

Mar 2022 – Focus – Where to be Productively Selfish

March is an interesting month that challenges people to stay the course that they have set. It also inspires new action to start something new. How do you decide what to do next? You become "Productively Selfish". Dive in and join me in this focus session to see which roles or areas of your life can use a little selfish productivity. You will become even more interesting to the people around you.

Mar 2022 – Lead – People Pleasing While Being Productively Selfish

Here is an important question: To what degree are you a people pleaser? Are you okay with your current level? We will be answering these questions and more in today's lead session about being productively selfish.

Mar 2022 – Finish – Permission to be Productively Selfish

Today, I will persuade you to become even more productively selfish than you already are. Do you know why? Because everyone wins when you do this. But there is one thing that usually stops people like you from doing this. It always involves needing a certain level of permission to do this well. We will find out what you need today in order to become more productively selfish in the days and weeks to come. Remember, when you do this, everyone wins together.
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Feb 2022 - Coming Up For Air 4 Lessons

Feb 2022 - Starter Motivation - Coming Up For Air

Have you just accomplished an "irregular win"? Whenever you accomplish something later than you anticipate, it creates an irregular win. Perhaps you are in the home stretch of achieving a major goal or completing an important project. Now is not the time to stop. Coming up for air is all about how to navigate when irregular wins occur throughout the year. There is always a right strategy for the right time that you find yourself at.

Feb 2022 - Focus - 10 Key Starting Points

When you are coming up for air after completing a big project or win, it helps to assess what worked as well as what you learned. In this session, I will walk you through 10 key starting points to do this really effectively so that you will be primed and ready to transition into your next big project or goal.

Feb 2022 – Lead – Coming Up For Air

There is always a right time for a right strategy given the current context of what you are working to accomplish. In this session, I ask you to evaluate the 10 focal points that you most identify with.

Feb 2022 – Finish – Completion Before Advancement

Before you set out to start the next big idea, pause and consider this mantra: "Completion before advancement". Too many good people come under overwhelm because of too many incomplete projects on the horizon. This session addresses this and how to set yourself up for a great start to your new goal campaign.
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Monumental Year Workshop (Jan 2022) 1 Lesson

Monumental Year Workshop – 2022 Edition

This is an action packed workshop that will give you everything you need to design a results based 2022.
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Start at 70% 6 Lessons

Start at 70% – Welcome to the Journey

How you ever thought of how you can accomplish more quality projects without needing more productivity tips, tools and hacks? Welcome to Start at 70%. I invite you to commit to putting this exciting method to work so you can get your next project launched versus sitting in your idea vault, never to see the light of day.

Start at 70% – Session 2

Have you wondered why you have two opposite problems with getting your projects started and finished on time? In this exciting session, we will look at why where you are starting at today is a great place to launch from. We will also see why starting at 70% will solve at least five challenges you have in your work. The common traits of a Finisher will be helpful in deciding what are the right priorities for you.

Start at 70% – Session 3 – Left Side of The Model

There are two parts of the Start at 70% Model. This session walks you through the left side of the model which I call the Ideation Phase. This will help you get greater clarity as to your new starting point in order to get your next project started and finished faster.

Start at 70% – Session 4 – Right Side of the Model

Today we explore the Testing Phase of the Start at 70% model. Think of the full model as moving from one mountain peak to another from left to right. When you see the model, this will make sense. This right side of the model is all about growth, making things happen and how to scale your best efforts. Enough said, jump into today's session.

Start at 70% – Session 5 – Start at Zero

Think of your next goal or project. What would happen if you never bring this to light and make the world a better place? Sometimes, you need to start from scratch. You need to start from basecamp and build the idea as it happens. Today, I will show you how to use the 70% model from the ground up in order to make a powerful, simple and effective start.

Start at 70% – Session 6 – Tactics of Done

Now that you are familiar with the mindset, approach and methodology of Starting at 70%, you naturally ask the next question. How do I get my 70% project started? How do I get it done in record time without failing? Today's session is your project management primer session. This session will save you up to two years of studying project management principles. You will leave today's session being able to make a plan that you can actually action.
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Sep 2021 - Get Back on Track Fast 4 Lessons

September 2021 – SMV – Get Back on Track

At least 3 to 4 times per year, you may have asked yourself this very question we are going to answer this month together. How do I get back on track? Jump into today's session and get prepared with some starter motivation thinking to get you ready to successfully navigate those moments when you feel off track.

September 2021 – Focus – Getting Back on Track

Ever wonder why you get off track on your plans? There are a ton of factors, however, today we explore the ways that avoidance takes you off track. When you address the most common avoidance scenarios, you can quickly get aligned with your next best steps to take. This gets you back on track just like turning on a light switch.a

September 2021 – Lead – Gaining Agreement

Would you believe that sometimes you get off track on your goals, projects or vision because of other people? When you join today's lead session, I will show you how to get you and your people back on track faster and easier than your procrastination-minded self could believe. When you do this, you will harness the power of collaboration to gain agreement and create massive forward momentum.

September 2021 – Finish – Jumping Into Momentum

Once in a while you need to just simply jump back into momentum in order to get back on track. Easier said than done? It is if you follow the action model that I share with you in this session. Try it out and see how this helps you jumpstart your momentum and results.
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Aug 2021 - Be an Opportunity Engineer 4 Lessons

August 2021 – SMV – Opportunity Engineer

Would you agree that one of your biggest challenges is deciding upon your next best opportunity to start on? I know you are a person with great ambition to accomplish a ton of great and interesting things in your work and personal pursuits. This month, we are going to walk along a path together in order to decide which is your next best opportunity to commit to and which ones stay in the category of "not yet". I look forward to the opportunity to work with you this month.

August 2021 – Focus – Opportunity Engineering

What the heck is an Opportunity Engineer? It is someone who has the traits and characteristics to keep an open mind so see opportunities that others don't always see. It's the ability to be creative, have the courage to act and the inner confidence to capitalize on your next best opportunity. We also will cover how to be more lucky in your day to day life. The best part is that you control your opportunities when you focus on the three Yes Factors.

August 2021 – Lead – Opportunity Formula

What are the criteria that you decide on whether to say yes to your next best opportunity? Today's session will provide you a three-part model to help you decipher whether the opportunity you are considering is best for you at this moment in time. This is a critical step in order to get you closer to a decision you can love and live with.

August 2021 – Finish – Opportunity Validator

Have you ever been stuck trying to figure out if you should say yes and go for an opportunity? I am excited to introduce to you the Opportunity Validator assessment tool. This tool is designed to help you determine whether this is a "not now", "not yet", or a "yes" opportunity for you. If you get to a yes with the tool, then you are ready to conduct your final research and due diligence before committing to the opportunity.
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Jul 2021 - Develop Singular Focus 4 Lessons

July 2021 – SMV – Singular Focus

July always presents many opportunities to you. Some choose to hang back and celebrate much hard work in the first half of the year. Others look to ignite a special project and accomplish seasonal activities. Given what we have all walked through as a global human family, this time is a great time to apply singular focus to the next 30-60 days in your life. I will present you with the two strategies that will help you do this.

July 2021 – Focus – Tolerations Workshop

In order to get a singular focus, you need to clear away the low level distractions so you can identify the meaningful few priorities that deserves your best focus. In this session, you will have access to the Tolerations Workshop. This special session will help you identify 3-6 direct tasks that you can accomplish. Getting these tasks done will elevate your energy and perspective on life. Ready to do this?

July 2021 – Lead – Renew-Recover-Prepare

We cover Strategy #2 for obtaining singular focus. You will be prompted to hone in on a specific area or two to focus on strengthening. Understanding your energy cycles are a key focus to making your goal getting abilities stronger.

July 2021 – Finish – Make a Stronger Finish

We use this session to reinforce the Renew-Recover-Prepare strategy that you can put to work for you throughout the year as you finish specific goals and projects. Get ready to be challenged in the area of regret. We will focus on the actions you can take to live a regret free lifestyle. Get ready to make a strong finish this year.