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Shane Fielder - Founder & Leader of Samurai Innovation Coaching Services

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Who We Work With

We work with people who are dedicated to being value contributors.


You are either a Leader or a Producer. Either way, you are here because you want to step up how you show up and add value to your corner of the world. When you improve, everything around you gets better. You do this regardless of the title on your business card.

Personal Leaders work with Samurai Innovation Coaching


Decision makers who identify as the Founder, CEO, Executive or Owner-Operator. You might be the General or Department Manager. Each day, you are accountable for driving bottom line results in your business or organization.

Business Leaders work with Samurai Innovation Coaching


You likely don’t fit into the standard corporate program.  You might identify as a Coach, Consultant, Tradesperson or a Specialty Service Provider. We understand what it is like to wear many hats in one day. 

Solopreneur Leaders work with Samurai Innovation Coaching

Client Feedback

We work with incredible people who are passionate about their purpose and mission. We are honored to call you our Client, Dojo Member & Friend.

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Client Stories

Andy F Business Leader

Methods & tools for improving efficiency & effectiveness.

When I first spoke with Shane Fielder (prior to working with him as a coach), he asked me a very simple question. “What do you like to do for fun?”

No question, however, I was dealing with a combination of burnout, bad work habits, sleep deprivation, and limiting beliefs. I knew I could use some guidance in creating some breakthroughs in my life.

As someone who is obsessed with goals, productivity, and continuous improvement of just about everything, I am working with Shane on utilizing methods and tools for improving efficiency and effectiveness, determining ways to gain more free time, and improving management and leadership skills.

Rosie B Solopreneur Leader

Shane’s Positivity Rubs Off On Us

I’ve been in business for a very long time. Having worked with other business coaches was a mixed bag, to say the least. Marketing was always nebulous and frustrating for me.

For the first time in many years, I believe that my partner, who is also my husband, and I are on a clear track. That is a huge WOW for us, and we have Shane to thank.

I believe that Shane really has our back. I feel strongly that not only does Shane want for us what we want for ourselves. I believe that he is guiding us toward some significant milestones.

One more thing about Shane. He offered us coaching in the area of mindset and personal development. Definitely not being new to those approaches, Mark and I said no thank you, let’s just work on the marketing. However, Shane’s positivity rubs off on us. The way he calls me off the ledge when my resistance is getting the better of me is a fantastic add-on to the skills he is teaching us.

Larry F Solopreneur Leader

Shane has helped me broaden my mission.

I worked with various marketing programs and coaches with limited and disappointing progress. I did not even have a working website to show for my efforts.

I saw a promotion for "Your Best 90-Day Plan" by Shane Fielder. I had been impressed with Shane's free programs and had purchased a few programs, always finding his material to provide great value for the cost. I contacted Shane and discussed with him my frustrations and desires for my program and made the commitment to work with him.

Weekly coaching helped me clarify and refine my goals, better understand the challenges and work out a specific action plan to achieve these goals. At the end of this 90-day coaching, I prepared and presented a 40-minute solo vocal recital of extremely challenging sacred music works, and had a working website with several subscribers together with a preliminary plan for building and expansion.

This coaching has been truly exhilarating and challenging; Shane has helped me broaden my mission. He has challenged me to expand and reach a bigger clientele/audience. He has also provided much technical expertise on my new website while challenging and encouraging me to learn the necessary skills so I can run it on my own.

Cynthia J Business Leader

My business and ideas began to flow. 

I believe Focus Friday was the tool that helped me a lot. As a tool, it was short and easy to use. The word that comes to my mind each time I think of Focus Friday is the word 'Crisp'! In it, you gave us the anatomy of a weekly plan, 2 cycles of work, a simple 1-page weekly plan, a productive strategy, my wins and my losses.

At that point in time, my business was doing badly, I felt I was stagnating and really did not know what to do. With your tools, I have been able to dissect my business, and ideas began to flow. I now have a level of clarity in my thinking and have been able to make some strategic business decisions. I feel more confident and in more control of the outcome. I am confident that soon I will see positive results.

David N Business Leader

I have hope

I had been struggling with focus, a lack of organization resulting in stress, wasted time and discouragement.

I have hope. I was beginning to think that I was simply not capable of the focus and organization needed to be productive. I have specific goals and I'm less distracted by the myriad of interruptions and distractions that I encounter daily. I have stopped procrastinating and have gained new clients as I implement the principles and practices taught by Shane.

What’s next: What I have learned and accomplished has given me great confidence, clarity and capacity to pursue loftier goals. I can and will lead in both my family and in my professional life. I’m more equipped and empowered to achieve great things.

Seema D Solopreneur Leader

On the way to even bigger things.

Shane is an incredible mentor and guide. As a real life samurai he can easily find clarity in seemingly outlandish goals and he's great at noticing any blind spots that may get in the way.

Working with Shane has given me the confidence to focus on the task at hand without worrying about the bigger details and broken down big goals into manageable daily tasks. Thanks to his guidance, I've achieved great success in my professional and personal goals, and am on the way to even bigger things.

Jeffrey C Solopreneur Leader

Shane will get you to where you want to be.

I have been a member of Shane’s dojo since 2013. Through the years, Shane has coached, mentored, and provided resources to me. Shane has helped me in discovering who I am.

I got clarity on my goals and now follow through with my plans.

If you are starting out in your self-improvement journey, I urge you to work with Shane because he has the experience and know how to get you to where you want to be.

See you at the top.

Shane Fielder - Founder of Samuai Innovation Coaching Services

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