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Client Stories

True Stories of Courage, Hope and Results

What you will see below are the real-world stories that our beloved clients have sent to us with permission to share with you. We know that right now, part of their story may be your reality. We are proud of each client for taking the first step of courage to hire a coach and choose Samurai Innovation to support them. 

We provided the tools and resources to help each client get focused on where they wanted to go and then began taking the necessary actions to get there.  Each client story showcases what's possible when you leverage your capabilities.

We are proud to call each person featured here our client, friend and a source of inspiration.

You will find each client story listed by the following categories:

Business Leader


Methods & tools for improving efficiency & effectiveness.

When I first spoke with Shane Fielder (prior to working with him as a coach), he asked me a very simple question. “What do you like to do for fun?”

No question, however, I was dealing with a combination of burnout, bad work habits, sleep deprivation, and limiting beliefs. I knew I could use some guidance in creating some breakthroughs in my life.

As someone who is obsessed with goals, productivity, and continuous improvement of just about everything, I am working with Shane on utilizing methods and tools for improving efficiency and effectiveness, determining ways to gain more free time, and improving management and leadership skills.

Andy F , Business Leader

If I Hadn’t Met Shane...I’m Not Sure That I Would Still Be In Business

Before I started working with Shane I was struggling with upholding my standard and the expectations of my staff. Which also means I was struggling with my communication skills and being confident enough to voice my concerns with my staff. Working with him he helped me learn how to coach my staff and vocalize any issues in a very ‘leadership way’ without being to bossy. He assisted me in pointing me in the right direction to have my handbook made for my staff. It has been a game changer for me and my business.

The results I have experienced from working with Shane is unreal. I feel far less stress and weight on my shoulders. I look so forward to my weekly sessions with him. He brings such calmness and confidence to me. Helps me see things more clearly and calmly. I can now make decisions from a place of clarity instead of emotional based. It’s an incredible feeling!

Before meeting Shane I honestly don’t think I even knew what a business/life coach was all about. The little bit I did know I assumed “there is no way it’s for me and my small business it’s only for the big business people“ and I could not have been more wrong.

If you are on the fence wondering if this service is for you please give Shane the time to at least have the initial conversation with you. I have just celebrated my 6 year anniversary with my business and 2 years with Shane. I truly believe that if I hadn’t met Shane 2 years ago...I’m not sure that I would still be in business. But IF I was still in business that’s a huge IF I would be in a terrible position in my personal life and my health would be tremendously effected. I can not believe the stress he has lifted off my shoulders and the strength he has helped me find with in. He’s been able to help me in ways I didn’t even know were possible with my business. Can’t thank him enough.

Jennifer S , Business Leader

I have hope

I had been struggling with focus, a lack of organization resulting in stress, wasted time and discouragement.

I have hope. I was beginning to think that I was simply not capable of the focus and organization needed to be productive. I have specific goals and I'm less distracted by the myriad of interruptions and distractions that I encounter daily. I have stopped procrastinating and have gained new clients as I implement the principles and practices taught by Shane.

What’s next: What I have learned and accomplished has given me great confidence, clarity and capacity to pursue loftier goals. I can and will lead in both my family and in my professional life. I’m more equipped and empowered to achieve great things.

David N , Business Leader

The Time It Took To Launch Was Dramatically Reduced

I decided to start a small business after being in the corporate world for 30 years. I quickly realized that this was a big, scary mountain to climb all by myself. In my corporate life, I had access to deep resources - money, a team to delegate too, a complete structure and framework already set up and clients in place.

The prospect of starting a small business on my own without these resources was very daunting. This is when I knew I needed help from Shane at Samurai Innovation. I engaged Shane early on in my start up journey and it was truly a game changer.

With his expertise, we laid out the critical first and next steps so I didn’t waste time on what wasn’t important. He also highlighted ideas and steps that I wasn’t even aware of. This not only saved me precious time but also prevented unnecessary struggle.

When I got overwhelmed, Shane was my encourager and cheerleader during those tough times when I didn’t think I could do it. The vast knowledge Shane brought to my start up process meant the time it took to launch the business was dramatically reduced. Whenever I get the opportunity to tell people about the positive impacts of working with a business coach, I do it. You also deserve to experience the support, growth and success that working with Shane brings.

Noreen M , Business Leader

I would not have survived that year plus the rest without Shane's guidance

Shane was my business coach for a year supporting me though a very difficult time in my life as well as a very challenging year in real estate in Perth Western Australia, that has drawn out to be 5 years with a 35% pull back in real estate prices - many clients are losing substantial amounts of money and finance has been difficult to get.

I would not have survived that year plus the rest without Shane's guidance, support, encouragement & focusing strategies to manage the overwhelm. There were personal issues going on in my life as well, so Shane had to work with this challenge too.

We worked on re-branding my business, budgeted marketing programs which included social media & starting an internet business to develop residual income to offset a real estate pullback of some 35% in the last 5 years.

In particular we worked on mindset & focus in a very functional and supportive way. Shane's integrity is without question and he is very authentic in his desire to serve his clients in the best way possible.... he has many tools in his tool box and to this day I still hear from Shane with encouraging words of wisdom. He tailors his work to where one is at and he is very effective in moving you forward & getting results. Thank you Shane.

Jo L , Business Leader

My Voice is Getting Louder on a National Level

With my expanding leadership role, I knew that in order to evolve and grow my leadership presence on a national scale it would require the support and mentoring from a professional coach. Shane came highly recommended from a colleague and when he and I met for the first time, I had immediate confidence that his business coaching skills would assist in honing my leadership style.

As a result of working with Shane, the next level of leadership responsibilities that I needed to tackle were far less daunting and a clear path was laid. Shane has shown me that he has a vast amount of tools in his toolkit and with his coaching skills, my confidence as a leader has certainly grown. In a good way, my voice is getting louder on a national level and I am being seen as an emerging critical leader in my company. As I continue to lead a larger team and serve the company at a higher level, my intent is to have Shane by my side coaching me all of the way!

Laura N , Business Leader

Improve Your Thought Process, Planning Ability & Confidence

I felt I was always a pretty organized guy. What Shane showed me totally elevated my productivity and having a sense of always knowing where things are. Knowing that I can add information when I need it. Shane showed me how to put 1000's of files from Word and My Documents in one place. Feeling organized makes me more productive.

Shane will help improve your thought process, planning ability and confidence in never losing key information ever again. This is the best return on investment in anything I've seen in a while!

Michael A , Business Leader

Solopreneur Leader


Address Any Self-Sabotaging & Limiting Beliefs

As a new entrepreneur, I had many great ideas and content but no real notion on how to execute. Shane has helped me develop systems and processes to implement my concepts into reality.

Shane's ability to help you implement ideas into action is priceless. Along with this, he keeps you accountable and helps you address any self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs that you may hold of yourself. I consider Shane's coaching and mentorship to be one of my most valuable assets in building my business.

Kristine M , Solopreneur Leader

Shane has helped me broaden my mission.

I worked with various marketing programs and coaches with limited and disappointing progress. I did not even have a working website to show for my efforts.

I saw a promotion for "Your Best 90-Day Plan" by Shane Fielder. I had been impressed with Shane's free programs and had purchased a few programs, always finding his material to provide great value for the cost. I contacted Shane and discussed with him my frustrations and desires for my program and made the commitment to work with him.

Weekly coaching helped me clarify and refine my goals, better understand the challenges and work out a specific action plan to achieve these goals. At the end of this 90-day coaching, I prepared and presented a 40-minute solo vocal recital of extremely challenging sacred music works, and had a working website with several subscribers together with a preliminary plan for building and expansion.

This coaching has been truly exhilarating and challenging; Shane has helped me broaden my mission. He has challenged me to expand and reach a bigger clientele/audience. He has also provided much technical expertise on my new website while challenging and encouraging me to learn the necessary skills so I can run it on my own.

Larry F , Solopreneur Leader

Shane’s Positivity Rubs Off On Us

I’ve been in business for a very long time. Having worked with other business coaches was a mixed bag, to say the least. Marketing was always nebulous and frustrating for me.

For the first time in many years, I believe that my partner, who is also my husband, and I are on a clear track. That is a huge WOW for us, and we have Shane to thank.

I believe that Shane really has our back. I feel strongly that not only does Shane want for us what we want for ourselves. I believe that he is guiding us toward some significant milestones.

One more thing about Shane. He offered us coaching in the area of mindset and personal development. Definitely not being new to those approaches, Mark and I said no thank you, let’s just work on the marketing. However, Shane’s positivity rubs off on us. The way he calls me off the ledge when my resistance is getting the better of me is a fantastic add-on to the skills he is teaching us.

Rosie B , Solopreneur Leader

There Is Always Space To Honor How Scary or Challenging Being An Entrepreneur Can Be

I met Shane at a conference and was impressed by his quiet confidence. Than I was astounded by his generous and really helpful advice during lunch one day.

Since then I’ve had the privilege of continuing to work with him online. His advice is steeped in experience so it really brings about results for my business and my brand.

What I love about my sessions with him is that there is always space to honor how scary or challenging being an entrepreneur can be. He is open to holding the emotional journey of having a business while at the same time staying on track and stretching me further in my business and ambitions than I thought I could go. I always leave conversations with him feeling uplifted, educated and confident about my next steps.

I highly recommend him for any conscious entrepreneur who wants to expand their business and impact.

Eilat A , Solopreneur Leader

Shane will get you to where you want to be.

I have been a member of Shane’s dojo since 2013. Through the years, Shane has coached, mentored, and provided resources to me. Shane has helped me in discovering who I am.

I got clarity on my goals and now follow through with my plans.

If you are starting out in your self-improvement journey, I urge you to work with Shane because he has the experience and know how to get you to where you want to be.

See you at the top.

Jeffrey C , Solopreneur Leader

I Was a Step Away From “risking it all to have it all”

When I met Shane, I was a step away from “risking it all to have it all”, but the stakes were so high, I was literally petrified from fear. After our first meeting, I was clear on what to do, excited about moving forward and in peace.

Here I am, a few months later, living my dream… and starting my next one! Launching my online business is now on the horizon.

I have worked with other coaches in the past, but I can’t say I have enjoyed it. With Shane, I enjoy our meetings, get clarity on my next steps, and am ready to do the work without it being overwhelming.

Maria M , Solopreneur Leader

On the way to even bigger things.

Shane is an incredible mentor and guide. As a real life samurai he can easily find clarity in seemingly outlandish goals and he's great at noticing any blind spots that may get in the way.

Working with Shane has given me the confidence to focus on the task at hand without worrying about the bigger details and broken down big goals into manageable daily tasks. Thanks to his guidance, I've achieved great success in my professional and personal goals, and am on the way to even bigger things.

Seema D , Solopreneur Leader

My business and ideas began to flow. 

I believe Focus Friday was the tool that helped me a lot. As a tool, it was short and easy to use. The word that comes to my mind each time I think of Focus Friday is the word 'Crisp'! In it, you gave us the anatomy of a weekly plan, 2 cycles of work, a simple 1-page weekly plan, a productive strategy, my wins and my losses.

At that point in time, my business was doing badly, I felt I was stagnating and really did not know what to do. With your tools, I have been able to dissect my business, and ideas began to flow. I now have a level of clarity in my thinking and have been able to make some strategic business decisions. I feel more confident and in more control of the outcome. I am confident that soon I will see positive results.

Cynthia J , Business Leader

Life changing wisdom & generosity

So thank you, Shane, for teaching me what you refer to as “goal-getting” skills. You gave me the tools to define clearly the problem and the outcome I wanted as well as an array of techniques and advice that have been of great use to me in achieving success not only for myself, but for anyone in my county who has experienced or will experience a problem similar to mine.

In trying to resolve my own problem, I did some ground-breaking work that will benefit others. So, because you helped me with goal-getting, I have been able to do something that will make it easier for others to reach some of theirs. Your wisdom and generosity are sometimes life-changing.

Nancy S , Solopreneur Leader
Shane Fielder - Founder of Samuai Innovation Coaching Services

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