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Welcome to Under the Kimono. If you were looking for our Blog, you've found it.

Under the Kimono is a modern saying that means to pullback the curtain. Some say it means to tell all or to share closely held secrets never told before.

If you want to accomplish your goals and lead a powerful life, there are rarely any secrets to discover.

What if you make one shift in your mindset that makes all the difference for you?

What if you find your missing strategy to heighten your productivity?

What if you found out that the phrase "success leaves clues" is true?

While browsing Under the Kimono, you will find an amazing collection of unique resources that we made just for you. We created each resource so that you can explore our cutting-edge strategies that will leverage your capabilities and help you grow your business.

All we ask in return is that you commit to implementing a few of the leadership strategies and tactics you find here in your life and in your work.

Start with the area that calls out to you the most. We look forward to hearing your story as to which resource is most helpful to you.

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Get Focused by Samurai Innovation

Get Focused

Will You Be a Vacationer or Be a Producer?
Three Reasons You Fail This Year
Idea to Action Planner
Success Math
Stop Making Bad Decision
Practice Will Cure Procrastination
Build Mindset by Samurai Innovation

Build Mindset

Who Are You Caring For Most this Week
Avoid Failure – Go Where You Feel Smaller
Hurry Brings Worry & Haste is Waste
1959 Year Old Strategy to Overcome Procrastination
Move to the Edge of Your Capability
Spend or Invest Time?
Boost Productivity by Samurai Innovation

Boost Productivity

Personal Mid-Year Review: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
Three Reasons You Fail This Year
Idea to Action Planner
Strategic Action Planning
RIPP Planning Practice
Break Free of the Intention Action Gap
Finish Strong by Samurai Innovation

Finish Strong

7 Ninja That Steal Your Productivity – Finish Stronger Part 5
Speed is Perceived as Competence – Finish Stronger Part 4
Productive Templates – Finish Stronger Part 3
Badge of Busyness – Finish Stronger than You Started – Part 2
Finish Stronger Than You Started
5 Minute Clarity by Samurai Innovation

5 Minute Clarity

Finish Stronger Than You Started
Cost of Free
Be Someone Great – Do Something Great
Your To-do List is Killing You
Consequence of Being Too Focused
Is Your Goal a Dream or Test?
Inspiration by Samurai Innovation

Samurai Inspiration

Personal Mid-Year Review: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
Will You Be a Vacationer or Be a Producer?
Break Your Agreement with Fear
Avoid Failure – Go Where You Feel Smaller
Be Immune to September
A Portrait of Discipline
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