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WHo Are You Caring for the Most this Week - Mindset Monday by Samurai Innovation
Mindset Monday - Who Are You Caring For Most This Week?

​Episode #29
Who Are You Caring For Most This Week?

​Episode 29 Show Notes

Let me ask you an important question for this next week.

Who are you caring for the most this week?

Now you've got tons of people that are probably around you that rely on you and that you have to care for. You got to care for your family, maybe your children, maybe you're caring for aged parents, maybe you're caring for a relative, maybe you're caring for your employees, your coworkers, maybe you're caring for someone in your church or your community organization. Who are you caring for the most? The answer it should be you. It really should be you. You should be caring for yourself first.

​This ​is counter intuitive to what society tells ​You

Society likes to tell you don't care for yourself because you have to be busy caring for everybody else. That's a bit of a myth. You need to care for you first. And there is the age old very corny cliché from the airlines and every time you're on a plane they always say, "In the event that the oxygen mask drops down, put yours on first before you help anybody else."

​And that is so true in life. If you don't have the energy, the vitality, the stamina, the courage, the conviction to walk out of your front door in the morning, walk out into the world charged, poised, ready to give, then you can't.

If you are discouraged, defeated, beat down, if you're like there's no hope in the world, you're really not going to be much good to anybody else. You're actually going to become a drain on them. They're going to require to care for you. That's okay. We all go through ups and downs in life, but generally speaking, if you are caring for yourself, then you can start moving ​to creating ​personal sustainable energy.

​I teach people how to create work-life harmony but real lasting sustainable work-life harmony so they can have a real abundant life at work and they can have an abundant life in their personal ambitions and endeavors and what they're doing, and they make the two work together so that they harmonize versus the myth of being in balance.

​Three Areas ​to create ​Your Personal Sustainability

​Mind | Body | Spirit

Your Personal Sustainability-Mindset Monday by Samurai Innovation

Pick one area this week that needs your most attention.​ Listen to the Mindset Monday training video where I walk you through 12 strategies that you can use to enhance your mindset and physical output this week.

​Will you accept the challenge to put one of these 12 strategies into play this week?

Leave us a comment telling us which strategy you will put into action.

Domo Arigato.

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I am a grower of human capability and a business builder. The best part of my life is helping people become stronger and develop their skills, talents and character in order to lead powerful lives. I have had the great privilege to study under some of the greatest minds of business, leadership, health and fitness along with the most talented Martial Arts instructors. My passion is helping people to become even more powerful in life than they already are.

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