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Make your to-do list work for you in under 5 minutes

Your To-do List is Killing You

Your To-do List is Killing You

Yes a strong title today because I feel strongly about how your to-do list is often your master versus being your servant. Today we want to reverse the roles and help you put the to-do list in check and start getting 100% more things done this week than last week.

“One of the secrets of getting more done is to make a to-do list every day, keep it visible, and use it as a guide to action as you go through the day.” – Jean de La Fontaine

Regardless of whatever system you use such as Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, they all create a dumping ground for your tasks. You often dump in hundreds of tasks into the to-do list without much thought. This process is not true planning because it causes the user to pile or dump in a ton of stuff and then later be hit with how to filter or sort through the mammoth size of tasks.

Extreme Overwhelm is what you’re left with.  Extreme overwhelm is the killer of activity and action. Without the right activity and action, your dreams will never become real.Make your to-do list work for you in under 5 minutes

3 Critical To-do List Categories:

1. The Primary To-do List

2. The Weekly To-do List

3. The Daily To-do List

The Primary to-do list is the dumping ground for every single thing you can think of.  From the Primary, you move the most critical tasks for the Week that will help you advance your agenda and goals. Then each day, you move the 3-5 essential priorities (tasks) from the Weekly to the Daily.

While you may already know this, do you do this?

Simple adjustments in your ways can make all the difference in getting to where you want to be.


Go through this 2 minute process when you are looking at the Primary, Weekly or Daily to-do list. Chances are you will cut out a ton of things that aren’t serving you but are taking up valuable real estate in your brain!

1. What are my highest priorities?

2. What is on this list that only I can do and do the best?

3. What can I outsource or delegate?

4. What can I store on my master list?

5. What can I dump & forget about forever?

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