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5 Minute Clarity puts the best research and power questions to work for you!

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5 Minute Clarity Resources - Samurai Innovation
Year In Review will help you review last year’s results and set the stage for a new year.  You can use this also as a monthly review too!

Your New Direction is waiting for you to begin. Start today and do not delay your results. In 5 minutes, you will have an enhanced perspective.

Simplicity is Power  is our phrase  to remind you that life and business is often too complicated.  How can you simplify your key processes and systems to work more effectively for you?

3 Words to Avoid and a great reminder from time to time.  How often do you say these three words?

Corrosive Worry  is something you want to turn overcome quickly to operate at peak productivity.

Product Innovation is about helping  you identify the one product that could really propel your business results to meet your goals and objectives.

Return on Focus shows you the Top 3 Work Challenges that every business owner and leader needs to pay attention to on a frequent and consistent basis.

You Have What You Need is a short story about how I saved over $100 in less than 10 minutes.  Hopefully this will help you save a few hundred or even a thousand dollars as well.

Where To Find Innovation might surprise you.  How we suggest you go about finding innovation may go against the grain.

Mastery in Hours or Reps? This will help you change your focus when striving to achieve something important to you or master a new skill in your life and career.

Starting Your Year Over is a quick tool to assess if you are on the right path for achieving your goals, dreams and desires this year.  Did you set New Year’s Resolutions for yourself?

What You Can’t See For Yourself will help you figure out what side of feedback you sit.  Is feedback helpful or hurtful for you?

Make Your Next Project Successful! Learn these time and resource saving ideas before you begin your next project.

Why You Don’t Get What You Want is going to help you learn 2 simple words that may change everything for you.  The way it is, does not have to be the way it always will be.

How to Kick Your Inbox Habit is going to show you the fastest way to rid yourself of the most destructive habit on earth!  you can rid yourself of this habit within a few easy minutes.

Business Focus Simplified will show you one quick question to enhance your focus immediately.  Ask yourself this key question to simplify and guide your focus on any project and determine the highest and best use of your time.

Start From Where You Are and finally organize that corner of the office that needs a few minutes of attention.  Find out how to let go of outdated information.

Knowing Your Numbers  is what success in life and in business comes down to at the end of the day.  Discover whether you are going great or needing a change in strategy.

Be Successful Before the World Wakes Up will help you realize your goals.  Many of our coaching clients, Dojo Members and friends consistently discuss how to accomplish their goals. The issue is not in setting meaningful goals.  98% of the people I meet can tell you what they want out of life.  The problem is in the “how to get it”.

5 Minute Clarity Resources - Samurai Innovation
Where is Your Focus? Ever notice how easy it is to lose focus amidst the many distractions and diversions that come at you hour by hour each day? We have a 5 Minute Clarity solution for you.

One Core Metric Will Change Everything   I was recently working with a struggling department of a large company. They had many problems in this department, but the chief one was that the people didn’t know their one core metric.  A core metric is simply one number that you focus on with all your effort.

Is Your Goal a Dream or Test? Often times, your goals are dreams until a test is required of you. “You will test in February – be ready”. Those were the last words I heard before Sensei went back to Japan.

Consequence of Being Too Focused is both negative and positive. The same holds true for your level of focus. Having no focus will leave you aimless, restless, and despondent at times. Being too focused for long periods of time has its downside.

Your To-do List is Killing You is a strong statement because I feel strongly about how your to-do list is often your master versus being your servant. Today we want to reverse the roles and help you put the to-do list in check and start getting 100% more things done this week than last week.

Be Someone Great, Do Something Great is a simple reminder that you have to “be” before you can “do”.  So what are you trying to do these days in your life?  Figure it out with this 5 Minute Clarity Issue.

The Cost of Free might just save you a bunch of time and money if you can avoid the grave error we made on a project. How often do you seek out a free app, template or some other freebies in your online travels? Free is great, but sometimes there is a large cost of free.