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Is Mastery Hours or Reps?

10,000 Outliers

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book titled Outliers. The basic premise of the book is that to achieve mastery or the highest level of proficiency may require around 10,000 hours of practice or experience.5 Minute Clarity Report

I believe a stronger focus is developed when we focus on the number of repetitions (reps) in order to achieve mastery of a skill.

In the dojo, we focus on reps in order to build confidence, muscle memory and rhythm in the student’s technique. We don’t have hours to spend; only a finite number of reps. My Sensei wrote an essay in the mid 80’s discussing this subject and he stated that you can say a martial technique is yours after you have done it approximately 10,000 times.

The same holds true for you. I suggest changing your focus from hours to reps.

Tale of 2 Salespeople

Two salespeople can start working in the same company on the same day. Both focus on mastering the skill of making telephone calls. One paces himself based on the 10,000 hour rule. This equates to 1,250 eight-hour work days, or 5 working years.

The other focuses and strives to get through the first 10,000 calls in one year. This is approximately 41 calls per working day.

Which salesperson do you want on your team?

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