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Episode #7
How to make a Fresh Start so you don't have to make a Forced Start.

Mindset Monday - Episode 7 Transcript

How to make a fresh start, so you don't have to make a forced start.

How do you make a fresh start so you don't have to make a forced start? What does that all mean?

In life, we all have practices and habits that carry a consequential nature with them. Consequence is an interesting word that a lot of people are scared of but remember consequence also has a positive connotation. It also have a negative connotation so this week I want you to do a little bit of an evaluation of your life and your health and lifestyle practices. Look at the ones that maybe aren't supporting you as well as they could. You have the opportunity to make a fresh start in those areas before life causes you to make a forced start.

What is a forced start?

A forced start is when you can no longer do the things that you want to do because of some outside influence that's impacting you. Maybe a forced start is many years of neglecting your body and then all of a sudden you're sitting in the surgeon's office and he says, "you got to go under the knife in order to make this happen and then ultimately I can help heal you and fix you". But it's going to change and limit some of the ways that you do things. Well, that's a forced start.

So in this application, you can go out this week and you can start thinking about the ways that you want to make a fresh start. You can make a fresh start in your thinking. Maybe you've been a little bit negative lately are a little grouchy maybe a little irritable maybe life hasn't quite gone your way. You can choose to make a fresh start and you can go out and you can start doing things such as smiling, you can just smile a little more. You can get up a little earlier every day. You can be a little bit earlier each day. You can be on time for your meetings or early for your meetings. You can start deciding to become a giver of than a taker of life.

All of these things are small little things that you can do to surmount a fresh start in life so that you don't have to be waylaid by a forced start. It's as simple as going for a walk around the block this week. Picking one new food or one meal per day to inject something new into it or something more nutritious. Or, just drink a few extra glasses of water per day. Cutting down a few of the negative things with the vices that you cling to or hold on to. These are all ways this week that you can go forth and make a fresh start so that you don't have to make a forced start.

I really encourage you to think about how to do that this week.

Don't think about all the areas of your life.

Think about one area. Think about one simple area and one simple change that you can make. And then attack it and focus on it and start it and try it. All you can do is just try and test this out. You don't have to make a wholesale life change right now, but you can just try and take the attitude of making this a small little test this week . I guarantee you as you do that your mindset will strengthen your focus will sharpen and then you'll see new results.

Anyway, drop us a line. Let us know how you did with this with this edition of Mindset Monday. I wish you all the best in making a fresh start so you don't have to make a forced start. Domo Arigato

End of Mindset Monday Transcript​

The best day to make a Fresh Start

The reality is that any day ending in a "y" is a great day to make your next best start. Starting over is powerful as long as you go into it with the right mindset and a plan to back you up.

Leave us a comment and tell us where in your life you want to make a new, fresh start.

Domo Arigato.

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