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Starting Over Today

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha

Starting Your Year Over

In the martial arts, every student I have ever trained with or trained reaches a point of ultimate frustration.  This frustration is born when the student feels they are not progressing fast enough or in a competent manner towards their next grade promotion.

The same thing happens in life and in business.  We all reach points where we feel like giving up or changing course.  If you are at this point… STOP and PAUSE.Open Your 5 Minute Clarity Report Here

Intentional Reflection

This is the optimal time to reassess your mission, vision, goals, dreams and desires along with… yes, even those New Year’s Resolutions.  Did you set any of those New Year’s Resolutions for yourself this year?

I recall Tony Robbins saying that when you feel like quitting or giving up on a goal, this simply means you are on the verge of achieving it.  Your goal achievement often waits for you a step or two past where you presently are today.

I want to encourage you to think upon this. You most likely need a change of perspective.

You are tougher than you think.  You have within you the capacity to reach the goal you set for yourself.

I personally have no inclination towards being a medical doctor because it is not part of my path. Just as you might not have an inclination to be a Samurai like I am. The reason is that we have individual talents and abilities to help us along our unique paths.

Today is a good day to start your year over!

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About the Author Shane Fielder

I am a grower of human capability and a business builder. The best part of my life is helping people become stronger and develop their skills, talents and character in order to lead powerful lives. I have had the great privilege to study under some of the greatest minds of business, leadership, health and fitness along with the most talented Martial Arts instructors. My passion is helping people to become even more powerful in life than they already are.

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