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Return on Focus


Our research at Samurai Innovation clearly concludes that business owners and leaders of all types of organizations share the same top 3 challenges:

  1. Lack of Focus
  2. Activity & Resource Management
  3. Getting Prospects Attention

Lack of focus comes from wavering in the continuous stream of diversion and distraction present in business today.  Business owners and leaders need to take time to think through your best area of opportunity to exploit that will give you the greatest return on focus.5 Minute Clarity-Return on Focus

Too many people today complain about the lack of time to complete projects and tasks.  The real challenge is that we struggle from a proper focus on key activities and which key resources need to be deployed to garner us the greatest return on focus.

Whether you work in a business or an organization such as a non-profit, you need to constantly be in front of the right prospect who is able to say yes to make the sale or back your cause.  Getting this attention has become more challenging today versus 10 years ago given the fact that these people face all the same diversions and distractions as you do

With 5 Minute Clarity you can:

Identify where your focus can be sharpened.  You can pin point the activities that keep you from performing at peak production.  Think about the top 3-5 people you most need to see this week to advance your cause.

Need help with sharpening your daily focus?  See how you can build stronger daily focus.

Click on the 5 Minute Clarity report above to open your copy today! 

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I am a grower of human capability and a business builder. The best part of my life is helping people become stronger and develop their skills, talents and character in order to lead powerful lives. I have had the great privilege to study under some of the greatest minds of business, leadership, health and fitness along with the most talented Martial Arts instructors. My passion is helping people to become even more powerful in life than they already are.

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