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Why You Don’t Get What You Want

Getting what you want can be answered in two simple words:

Toleration & Focus

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” – Jim Rohn

Over 3 years ago, I purchased our current house. One area of the home that never impressed me was the back yard. For 3 years, I tolerated the poor grass, garden boxes, and uneven grade.  I tried several self-remedies to make things better, all of which yielded slight improvement, but not close to what I truly wanted. This is toleration at its best.

I wanted a magnificent yard with clean sight lines, even grade and beautiful grass to play on. My frustration with my toleration led me to make the most important decision ever… time for the back yard to change. Even more important, I realized I was not the one to do this and I began taking action to find professional expertise to get what I wanted.  Decision is where all focus begins. 2 Words to help you get what you want- click here

Process vs. Results of Change

You often get caught up thinking more about the process versus the results of change. When you focus on the results, you begin to take action. Taking action provides feedback. Feedback helps you move toward better results.

The major challenge is that change is harder on the mind than on the body. Put your focus on the results of the change versus the process of the change.

Once I focused on my decision, I interviewed several landscapers. I selected the best one and voilà!  My yard was transformed in 3.5 days versus the 3.5 years I tolerated the state of the back yard. Amazing & satisfying.

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I am a grower of human capability and a business builder. The best part of my life is helping people become stronger and develop their skills, talents and character in order to lead powerful lives. I have had the great privilege to study under some of the greatest minds of business, leadership, health and fitness along with the most talented Martial Arts instructors. My passion is helping people to become even more powerful in life than they already are.

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