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When Innovation Goes Sideways

What do you do when your innovation goes sideways?

Recently, we worked on a Dojo Member training video called the Samurai Value Matrix.  We developed the Samurai Value Matrix tool that you’ll find at the bottom of the page. Our Samurai Value Matrix can really help you think about and expand the value propositions for you and your customers. The value matrix will help you think about how you go about the business of creating massive value at little to no cost.

How to profit from a mistake?

We were going to scrap the video production and then start over.  You too may have tendencies to do the same.  This is a perfectionist mind set.  Don’t fall prey to it.  Now, if I were charging for this training, I would have remade the video.  Since you can still take away massive value here, I was urged by my colleagues to show the video.

Let me know your thoughts at the bottom of the page and share a comment.

What projects are you waiting for perfection to release your innovation project to the marketplace?

Innovation Video Disclaimer:

The video you are about to watch has great content to help you in your quest to add value and create innovation in your life and business. There are points in the video with some pixels creating a sparkle type effect.  If you can ignore this, then devour the content to your benefit!

Don’t miss the 500% Story in the video

Click on the Samurai Value Matrix below to download your PDF copy:

Samurai Innovation Value Matrix

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