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Are you the Master of Elementary School?

Are you the Master of Elementary School?

(scroll to the video below for this to make sense)

Good question to consider since we are 5% into this new year.  How has the first 5% been for you?  More of the same from last year or have you really tore it up and are blazing a new trail of the best version of yourself?

Checkout the short raw, unedited video from my hotel… I guarantee you’ve never seen me like this. (but I’m acting imperfectly)

4 Key Ideas to Master 2014:

1. If you have a goal, you are always attempting many first time things.

2. Take imperfect action to move you closer to achieving the goal.

3. Value your scarce time resources.

4. Have 2 choices: Slow or Expedited

Slow = bumps and bruises

Expedited = faster with help from others

Leave a comment to let us know how you plan on spending the 95% of the year that is ahead of you?

Domo Arigato.

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