8 Productivity Tips by Umi Samurai
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Umi will help you keep your desk clean and organized like his!

8 Productivity Tips

Umi’s 8 Productivity Tips for You!

In order see more productivity in the workplace it is important to have a high level of personal organization. These tips will help you to make some simple changes to the way you work that will help you be more organized.

1) Keep a tidy desk

Umi will help you keep your desk clean and organized like his!It is true that if your workspace is tidy you can work more easily. If you need to have paperwork on your desk, have some trays to keep them in or put them in a neat pile. Put as much as possible away in drawers instead of on your desk. If you don’t have drawers then use a cup holder or tray for your pens and other bits and pieces. At the end of the day try to file away all your papers so you don’t have them hanging around waiting for you tomorrow.  We say work from a clean slate or workspace for greatest productivity.

2) Keep a note pad or Tablet PC handy

This is useful for taking phone messages as otherwise you might forget what you agreed while you were talking. You can also note down their phone numbers and other useful information. It can also come in handy if someone comes over to your desk to talk to you about work, as you can note down anything they want you to do.   Eliminate the sticky notes by your desk and see your productivity soar higher than ever before.

3) Have a ‘to do’ list

This is a list of all the important jobs that you have. If you create a new list at the start of each day you can see what work you have to do. You should then prioritize the work. Usually you would do the work that has to be completed soonest first, but sometimes it depends who has requested the work. You might want to do work for more important people sooner. Once you have completed each piece of work you can cross it off the list and move on to the next thing. This way of working means you should never forget what work you have.

If you have a computer it is a good idea to make the list on there, then you don’t have to write it out again the next day, just amend the one you made the day before.

4) Multi-tasking is lost focus

If you attempt to do more than one thing at once you will find it will take you much longer to carry out that task. Do one thing at a time. You won’t get distracted and you will do a better job, and you will also do a faster job.  You will reap the rewards of better productivity with this one key focus tip.

5) Be organized with your emails

If you know you will get lots of emails in the day then you wont want to spend all day looking through them as you will never get any work done. So assign a certain time of the day to look at email and only look at them then. Once you have looked at an email and dealt with it, delete it or move it to a folder for finished items. That way your inbox will be uncluttered and you will find it much easier to look through your emails efficiently.

6) Don’t spend so long trying to be organized that you don’t get any work done

It is great to have a nice looking desk with organized files and everything tidy, but don’t forget that you also have a job to do. You will need to get a balance between having a really tidy desk and getting all the work finished.

7) Ask for Help

If you think you have too much work don’t be afraid to ask for help. The boss would rather the job was done than you struggle and take on too much and some of the work not be done.   Other people can help boost your productivity… ever hear the saying, “many hands makes light work”?

8) Be mindful of overstretching yourself

If you have a meeting at 12 that you know will last over an hour and you will want to write up the notes from afterwards, don’t organize another meeting at 1. Keep a balance so that you have time to see everyone you need to, but you also have time at your desk to get the work done and action meeting points or write up notes. Other people will be flexible with you if you explain that you are busy, so don’t be afraid to ask for changes of meeting times or appointments if they don’t suit you.

So you can see that just making a few changes to the way you work can make you more productive and get better results.

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