Ultimate Information Manager will Quadruple Your Productivity

Become highly focused,
get ultra-organized and start getting things done twice as fast
with half the effort.

I will show you how to put
Microsoft’s Best-Kept Secret to work so that
you become the most productive person you know! 

How often do you cringe when you walk into your office and stare at the stacks of paper, post-it-notes and other messes that hide the top of your desk?

Then there’s the 100’s of emails sitting in your inbox.  The voice mail light keeps blinking.  Your cell phone buzzing and screaming at you.  Where do you put the stack of mail that the courier just brought to you?  All of these things steal and destroy your energy and ability to get things done effectively.

Amongst all this, you are trying to figure out how to grow your business, advance your career, improve relationships, care for your family and find some free time for yourself.

Could I Magically Create More Time?

That’s how it used to be for me when I was constantly searching for the next “time management” tip, trick and fancy technology solution.  You name it, I’ve tried it.  I thought that if I just kept buying the latest gadget and reading enough time management books that it would magically create more time for me.  Isn’t that what they promise and tell you?

Then I discovered Microsoft’s best-kept secret that transformed my life.

Productivity Expert: Shane Fielder

Hi, I’m Shane Fielder.

Many of my friends and business colleagues call me the Innovative Samurai.  I have also been told that I am one of the most organized people who they know… but it wasn’t always that way.

In 2008, I set out on a quest to find the latest, greatest technology tool that was supposed to make my business and life better.   I was searching for a way to put to work all the principles and techniques that I learned from attending years of productivity, personal & professional development seminars.  I wanted to double my income, have more time off, develop incredible relationships and stay in the best shape of my life.

To do all this, I bought my first tablet PC.    I picked this up because the box promised the ability to “go digital” and once and for all get rid of all the paper I had to deal with.   This was my first chance encounter with using a stylus pen and writing in digital ink.  It was amazing.

But even more amazing was this little piece of software that Microsoft included with the tablet.

The software is called OneNote.  I initially started using OneNote to go from traditional pen and paper daily journaling to digital journaling.  What a treat this was.  But then I soon figured out that the software could so much more for me.

The Big Problem with Sleek Gadgets

It was like being handed the keys to a $200,000 luxury sports car, but not knowing how to drive a manual transmission.  It was just me and the software all alone with limited tips and nobody to help guide me to where I wanted to go.

So I set out to change this and learn how to drive the car.

Your Information Overload…The END

4 years later…

  • Having read a ton of productivity & time management books
  • Traveled & attended seminars all over North America to learn from the best productivity minds
  • Scoured the internet looking for the best OneNote tactics
  • Invested over 4000 hours of mastering OneNote through trial and error to find the critical success factors to crushing information overload

What I realized is that we have too many places to store and lose key information, project details, tasks, ideas, emails, and other critical details of our life.  The key is to get everything you work with in one place so that you can manage it all and put an end to the overwhelming feelings that information overload causes.

I figured out how to harness the power of this amazing tool.  Now I feel like I have the keys to the car and can drive like Mario Andretti.

The Ultimate Information Manager
is Your Game Changer

I did this and more by consolidating a variety of principles and techniques into one comprehensive, easy to learn system called the Ultimate Information Manager.

The results from harnessing the power of OneNote in my business and life have changed the game for me.  I was finally able to combat information overload, keep a clean desk void of paper stacks and be ultra-organized.  The benefits from this allowed me to double my income, earn a Pinnacle Award for Business Innovation and begin helping my clients become more productive.

The Ultimate Information Manager will help you put your whole life in one place.  With all your information in one place, you will become highly focused, cut your stress in half and be known as an ultra-organized person.

The Stock Markets Will Never Give You
This Kind of Payback

Would you trade a few extra hours one evening after dinner for an extra 9 weeks of free time each year?

You can easily learn the Ultimate Information Manager system from any computer in the world.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice computer user or a NASA level expert.

One extra free hour per day equates to 9 weeks of new found time each year.  Imagine what you could accomplish with an extra hour per day to do with as you please.

That is a payback of 73 times more free time from the time it will take for you to master these easy life changing skills!

Some of my clients have used this time to focus on shedding a few extra pounds.  Others are making more sales calls, working on their business strategy.  Many are spending time with the people that mean the most to them because they aren’t chained to their desk or laptop for an extra hour.

Shane Fielder is a dynamic, inspiring and energetic speaker who has a knack for teaching complex topics in simple, easy to understand terms. I particularly like the way he uses real world examples from his years of business experience to explain timeless principles in a practical way. Whether it’s sword strikes used in Aikido, increasing sales at a movie theater or reducing thefts at a parking lot, they enhance the lessons and make them more memorable, enjoyable and sticky.

Easier Productivity Than You’ve Ever Seen

You will leverage the power of OneNote along with our sharpest productivity and performance enhancing training systems without the frustration of hours and hours of self-study.  The Ultimate Information Manager will help you:

  • Put all your critical information in one central and safe place so that you don’t waste hours searching for that post-it-note, back of the envelope, business card or that napkin that went into the garbage
  • Make cluttered environments a thing of the past
  • Never missing a key detail will help you make better decisions which equals better results
  • Find any piece of data in less than 3 seconds, every time.  You won’t have to rely on your memory
  • Go digital (paperless) to eliminate the stacks of paper and quit carrying around several pounds of documents each day
  • Allow you to access your information wherever you are in the world, when you need it and want it
  • Create & manage smart to-do lists that actually makes getting things done easy and fun
  • Share your information easily with anyone you want
  • Be the most organized person you know
  • Integrate your productivity with other Office Suite programs all from the comfort of OneNote

Outstanding Results You Can Expect

Within the first 2-5 days of using the Ultimate Information Manager, many of our clients comment on the excellent improvements that they have experienced such as:

  • Magdalena eliminated the stacks of paper & clutter and went “digital” in her first 12 hours!
  • Sandra recently sent this email message to me:

“I first want to say I think your system is starting to make sense on feeling less overwhelmed with informational overload, once it is all in one place! I have enjoyed each module training and comment sections so far! You are a great trainer! Thank you!”

  • James is able to capture and store those large articles he reads online as part of his research. He can do this in less than 3 clicks of the mouse!
  • Michael told me that the biggest benefit for him is that ALL of his key documents, and critical data is in one place and accessible anywhere in the world, anytime from his iPhone!

  • Loretta eliminated a desk full of post-it-notes:

“I really appreciate the step by step walk through instruction.  The post-it-note idea is fabulous! I am going to have a desk clear of yellow post-its!”

  • See for yourself the transformation of this Client’s office:

Samurai Innovation will Clean Your Desk For You!

Get out from under all that paper, clean out and organize your email Inbox and once and for all boost your productivity.

I've always felt like I was a pretty organized person.  What Shane showed me totally elevated my productivity and having a sense of always knowing where things are.  Knowing that I can add information when I need it.  Shane showed me how to put 1000's of files from Word and My Documents in one place.  Feeling organized makes me more productive.  Shane will help improve your thought process, planning ability and confidence in never losing key information ever again.  This is the best return on investment in anything I've seen in a while!

Here’s What You Get…

You get me in the comfort of your place helping you every step of the way master your information.  It’s like having a personal fitness trainer come to your house rather than you going to the gym.  You will have access to over 36 video training modules in your Private Member Area.

Each video blends together timeless productivity principles I use every day in my business and life. No theory or fluff here, just real actionable step by step instruction designed to help you make OneNote your most effective servant.

I also provide direct support to you because I know that your situation may require a specific solution tailor-made for you.  We have created several custom trainings in response to our Client’s special requests.   You will never feel alone, isolated and unable to master the system.  We provide 24 hour support turn-around time to keep you highly productive.

We’ve grouped the training into 6 key modules as follows.  This is designed to provide you the flexibility to learn step by step or to pick and choose a la carte.  All video training sessions are short, to the point, and easy to follow.  Each session includes an agenda with a specific outcome you will gain from the training.

Path to Massive ProductivityCapturing Your InformationGoing Paperless Today

Search & FormatBeing Effective Behind the ScenesSharing Information Made Easy

Samurai Innovation always honours our members training with us.

And to Make Sure You
Gain an Extra Hour Per Day

We will show you many great elements of OneNote that will save you money because you won’t have to invest in expensive screen capture software… it’s built in… 2 key strokes is all you need. You will dramatically reduce your paper costs.

Plus, for Black Belt achievers, we will add in the following bonus module that includes our best time saving, relationship building and goal achieving templates and planner.  This module is valued at $97, yours free!

Bonuses for Black Belt Achievers

By acting today, you will receive lifetime access to the program.  This will ensure that you receive any additional training sessions we add at no extra cost to you.  We are a growing and evolving business that will continue to seek out the best practices for our members to benefit from.  It’s our way of adding value and saying “Thank you”.

Choose Your Membership Level!

From experience working with our clients, we know that everyone has a range of complexity in their organization and productivity levels.  To help you we created two levels of access to choose from.

Simply put, choose White Belt if you work from one computer and do not foresee the need to share your critical information with key people in your life such as business partners, employees, vendors, family or friends.

Choose Black Belt if you want to access all your critical data from multiple devices such as your laptop, iphone, blackberry, hotel business centre, tablet, etc.  Black Belt level access gives you FULL access to 100% of the training modules and sessions.

Choose White Belt Access to the Ultimate Information ManagerChoose Black Belt Access for the Ultimate Information Manager

Over 37 training topics and close to 10 hours of video training tailored to your needs!

Order Right Now and Start Today!

This isn’t the same old recycled stuff you see on the internet every day. There’s never been anything like it. And you can find out for yourself… risk free!


 Register for Your All-Access Black Belt Pass!

Domo Arigato,
(“Thank you” in Japanese)



PS.  Stop just getting things done and start accomplishing great things!  The Ultimate Information Manager combined with my training and support will ensure that you become the most productive and organized person you know.  Choose your access level above and get started today.  You can do this on a Saturday morning or a Tuesday night, but you gain an extra hour per day or 9 weeks of free time each year.