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Your Days Stealing Your Future?

Mindset Monday by Samurai Innovation

Episode #2
Don't Let Your Days Steal Your Future

Mindset Monday - Episode 2 Transcript

Are your days stealing your future?

Don't let today steal your future anymore. Each day is presented with opportunities that can move you ahead towards the goals and dreams that you desire, but each day also presents its own chances of diversion, distraction, and just generally getting you off course so that you're a little bit further away from those goals and dreams that you want to attain. How can you save your future starting today?

It really comes down to how you start each day. This is a critical factor. I know for a lot of people. They start the day in an inconsistent fashion so not you. If you start the morning by waking up out of bed and the first thing you do is jump out of bed and you check your email or Facebook or Twitter. You're instantly putting yourself into reactionary mode. Chances are that only one percent of those emails or post will be uplifting and valuable to you the other night 99% of the messages are for people that want something from you in some way.

Now, this is not bad. It's just the way that it is, but you have to know that there is a better way.

You get to lead. You get to lead your day.

How good is your leading 60 minute plan for the day?

Do you have a leading 60 minute plan that allows you to lead the day vs. react to the day?

I know I call it the be successful before the world wakes up plan. In the first 60 minutes, we really want to focus on being successful before the world wakes up so that the day can't steal your progress and your momentum toward your most critical goals and your dreams getting done. Because you will have already created momentum and consistency before the day gets busy and it tries to block your results with distractions and challenges that what will inevitably come your way.

So, what you do in the first 60 minutes each day will set the tone for a positive and productive day. Now I suggest that in your first 60 minutes of the day your 60 minute plan contains some combination of the following elements.

The first thing that you can do in the morning is strength a glass of water with some fresh lemon juice. There is a lot of studies that are proven that this is a really good way to spike your metabolism kick in your focus, and just generally add some nourishment to your body.

The next thing you want to do is be grateful for the for the gift of a fresh new day. Today is filled with many new great opportunities if you choose to seek them out.

Prayer, reading, or meditation time can be another powerful element that you want to put into your first 60 minutes of the day so that your grounded as you move through the day.

Movement. Get moving. Get exercising. It really doesn't matter what you do, but by getting some movement happening in your morning it will kick in your metabolism to heighten your focus for the day and it is really matter whether you choose to walk, run, lift weights do some yoga or do something else that moves your body and inspires you. Oftentimes this can reduce the need for caffeine and other stimulants to try and get you up and give you that morning perk that you need. You can do it naturally with your body and the benefits are numerous.

Review your daily plan. I know you have a daily plan. So get that plan out. Look at the plan. Look at the day and make any adjustments that you need to based on what happened the day before. Then you know that you can walk out of the front door of your home set and ready to go.

You may also choose that the first 60 minutes of the day as part of your goal time. In this first 60 minutes, you might spend the first 15 to 20 minutes putting in some work on your goals. Maybe you do a little better writing. Maybe a specific exercise plan is part of your weight loss goal. Maybe write a few emails to some loved ones or some friends and connect with them.

I'm not sure what your goal is, but make sure that what's important to you gets kicked off in the first 60 minutes of each day; that's it. That's how you can make today a stronger day and the day will not steal your future.

End of Mindset Monday Transcript​

How will You start your day tomorrow?

Don't let each day steal your future.  Instead, start the day powerfully with a new leading 60 minute plan.

Leave us a comment so that we can see how you plan to boost your mindset this week.  Perhaps you will choose to focus on one of the ten ideas we shared with you.  Maybe you have a cool idea of your own to share with us.

Domo Arigato.

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