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Build Your Productivity Bank

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Episode Show Notes: Build Your Productivity Bank This Week

Welcome back to this episode of This Week's Plan, the Mid Week Pivot, hopefully you've had a strong week so far and things have gone great.

How full is your productivity bank these days?

Do you even have a productivity bank?

If you said yes, you're in the right place, if you're not sure or you're slightly curious, then just stick with me. This episode, I'm going to explain everything you need to know in the next five minutes or less.

Do you carry insurance for your car, your home?

You buy trip cancellation insurance?

Do you have life insurance?

You probably do those things because it's the responsible thing to do. And it is. It is it is responsible to have insurance for those rainy days or those days where things happen that we never thought could happen. But we want to be prepared.

The same exists with your productivity bank.

It's a concept that's similar to your bank account. You can make additions to it and deposit into it and you can withdraw from it. Think of your productivity bank account as something that when you have some extra discretionary time, you put a little extra into a project. This covers you when that inevitable day comes and you're extra busy or a have less energy or are tired. Maybe you became ill or your just didn't care and took a few extra days off. You took an extra week of vacation. You want to have something in the reserves so that you can subtract and withdraw from it to augment those days when you're going to need it.

Because those days will come when you are a human being and you're a productive human being like you are because you're watching This Week's Plan those days will happen. Now you're going to have a lot of accelerated days where you're on top of the world and your productivity is really awesome and it's at a high point and congratulations. But it's on those days that I would encourage you to see how you can build up your productivity bank. So be prepared to use this concept.

I want to help you accelerate this week.

If you're having a gangbuster awesome week. Your week has been totally productive and you lined up your weekly plan and it's been awesome. Let's accelerate that.

Let's cross the finish line faster.

The question for you this week is:

Where can you get something done this week that can add to your productivity bank?

What little piece of the project can you work on for twenty or thirty extra minutes or maybe an extra hour or maybe even a quarter day if you have some extra time?

That will build into a deposit into your productivity bank. Just looking at the next few projects you have ahead. Planning out your outline. Looking at the Gantt chart or figuring out what are your next steps forward. Also, thinking about who you have to talk to, to get them involved. Even if you line those moves up in the next couple of days, you're adding to your productivity bank.

And that's what I want for you.

Has your week been a little challenging?

You've had a few twists and turns. Something didn't materialize the way you liked. Something went the wrong way. You turned left when you should have turned right. That's okay because you're human.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

Now is the time to recalibrate the week. We want to recalibrate and finish the week strong. I want you to be thinking about finishing this week stronger than you are today.

What meetings can you opt out of today, tomorrow or the next day?

You want to take that time and invest it into crossing the finish line invested into getting closer or to moving toward the finish line or moving the needle ahead.

The answer is always some meeting.

There is always some meeting, some Zoom meeting, some teleconference, something that you just don't need to be into.

Here's a simple formula that works really well to get out of that unnecessary meeting so you can use the time to build your productivity bank up.

You go to the meeting organizer and you say, I am really knee deep in Project X, Y, Z. I really need an extra couple of hours to get that commitment made. I know I want to honor my commitments to you. I won't be in attendance this week, but I will follow up with Rob or Steve or Mary or Sharon to get to find out what I missed. I'll follow up with the meeting minutes. Can we get back on track next week?

Ninety-five percent of the time, those other reasonable human beings you work with will say, yeah, sure, no problem. Or send a delegate instead in your place and let them report in or whatever needs to happen. But I guarantee you that you can renegotiate and carve out an extra hour or two or three hours out of your week this week for the rest of the week so you can finish strong. This is pushing over that domino of productivity that we want for you at this point in the show.

I want to remind you of an amazing opportunity that we've set up for you.

We have our eight No Fail Planning Methods course.

It's a course that we created to help you stop hacking your way to greater levels of productivity, because here at Samurai Innovation, we're all about making you and your business more productive. That's what I've been doing for over a decade, making you and your business more productive. And I want to give you eight no fail planning methods that work with clients, their proven methods that work.

They work in a whole variety of situations. And normally we sell this at Samurai Innovation Dotcom. But I want to gift it to you today. So all you have to do is go to no fail plans, dotcom, and turn your information and I'll have the discount code set up that we will gift that course to you as our appreciation for you becoming a Dojo Member and being a listener to This Week's Plan.

I want to encourage you to be part of the show.

When you go to our episode page, you will find a black box and it says, Ask your weekly planning question and become part of the show. Let me know what struggle you have with weekly planning. Let me know where I can help you. And I would look forward to featuring your question in an upcoming episode. Go out finish this week stronger than you started it.

Domo Arigato.

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