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7 Bankable Insights from Real Estate CEO’s

Everyone at some point wants time in the “C Suite”.  Today, I bring you 7 Bankable Insights from Real Estate CEO’s that if followed can have a powerful effect on you and your business.

I attended a local Real Estate Conference that is attended by the top real estate investors, developers and decision makers from across North America.  It is a high powered event with hundreds of the brightest minds in real estate attending.

You may not be in real estate, but a key principle we share at Samurai Innovation is the concept of transferable business practices.  For example, drive through banking in Canada got started by a financial firm sending their Vice President to work at a McDonald’s restaurant for 6 months.

Back to the Real Estate CEO’s…

The best part of the day was the CEO Roundtable at the end of the day.  The moderator had 4 top CEO’s on stage and went through a ton of evaluation and analysis before unearthing the GOLD!

The Golden Question

“What does it take for someone to get to the table you sit at?”

The collective response from the CEO’s may shock you:

  1. Business Plan – having a set business plan based on core values and beliefs is essential.  Even more important is following that business plan with focus and not getting sidetracked by all the distractions along the way.  Distractions cause bankruptcy.
  2. Fundamentals – knowing the basic fundamentals of your business and industry.  The CEO’s said that the fundamental in the real estate business is keeping a building full of happy tenants who want to stay.
  3. Don’t Get Over Leveraged – debt is okay if planned and managed, but don’t extend yourself beyond your personal and commercial means.
  4. Focus – keep your eye on the ball or your business plan and execute that plan each day.   Don’t stray.
  5. Reserves – having cash reserves will allow you to ride out the rough times when they come.  Real estate is a cyclical business with timing intervals that allow for great opportunity and can deliver great pain.  Your reserves will be the difference between the two.
  6. Your Personal Brand – recognize how your personal brand forms your career and shapes your company.  Manage your personal risk factors each day.
  7. Humility – remember we all put our pants on with one leg each day.  When we forget that, we begin making poor choices.

Knowing this and profiting from the CEO Insights are two different things.  I suggest you use these insights as a check and balance test.  Apply the test to your career and business.  Just one area identified and focused on in the coming weeks will yield significant results for you.

We welcome your additional insights to be shared by adding your comment at the bottom of this page.

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