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New Year Resolutions to Take Control in 2013

Eager for New Year Resolutions to come true?

Anyone can be very eager to say that they are now ready to commit to their New Year resolutions. But sometimes, this list becomes like an old notebook that’s put away in a shelf that’s left there for a long time, all forgotten. Based on research studies, a resolution is an opportunity to improve one’s behavior and it was also noted that some individuals were able to follow their resolutions while others, they broke their own pledges in record time.

This never ending question remains: how do we keep our New Year resolutions alive for the whole year?

For anyone who has a very hectic schedule, keeping a long list of behavior improvements can be very daunting. These type of people can sometimes take New Year resolutions as one of their least priorities. Besides, there are far more important things to do than to make a bunch of lists that could amount to nothing by the end of the year. If you think you belong in this group of people, then the more you should think twice before you decide not to make a list at all.

Who knows? Maybe this list could finally help you find a way to take a few breaks this coming year. If there’s really no way for you to give yourself a moment to sit down and write a list, here’s  a short way to remember resolutions by using just one word which is T-I-M-E.

T is for trusting yourself.

You need to believe that only you can make a positive change in your life. Trusting your strengths as a person means that you make use of your abilities to help improve your life and bring about positive change in the people around you. Overconfidence or having too much trust in yourself shows when you overrate yourself and since you highly trust that everything you do will be perfect, you become lax to a point where you blindly start to lose your direction.

I is for continuous innovation of yourself as often as you can.

This simply means that if life seems to be a routine for you, then do something that will make you feel new. Feeling new doesn’t mean that you have to find a new job or even a new relationship. You should find ways to teach yourself to be a little spontaneous. In this way, you’ll learn that not everything can be controlled. Everyday should be a chance for you to learn to discover new things about you that you never thought you possess.  You can do this by taking a few moments before bed and think about doing something new tomorrow. A simple smile while looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that, “I can make a difference!” is a small step to daily innovation.

M means mind over matter.

There are a lot of external factors that can completely change the whole perspective of your New Year resolutions. But you must focus on the inner part of you that you can reach whatever you want to achieve. Always remember the saying that, “what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger”.  Another great saying is that “by the yard, it’s always hard, but inch by inch, anything is a cinch!”.

E means that everyday matters.

If today you did something extraordinarily good to someone else without taking credit for it, commend yourself in a small way. Buying your favorite food can keep your hopes up for a longer time. This is a way of rewarding yourself after an act of kindness. If you did something wrong today, avoid dwelling on it. The Innovative Samurai says, “Celebrate, Don’t Denigrate” yourself.  Instead, learn from it and redeem yourself tomorrow.

Each day is an endless possibility to make use of your New Year resolutions to make the whole year right. Time should serve as a reminder that we can never stop from moving forward each day. It’s up to us whether we want to make better for ourselves and the people around us.

Please share comment at bottom to tell me what your New Year resolutions are this year.

Domo Arigato,
Umi is the Guardian of Productivity at Samurai Innovation
Umi Samurai

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