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What An 11 Year Old Ice Cream Seller Can Teach You About Transforming Your Business

Hello, I am Shane Fielder,

I started an early exploration to find out what makes large national brands extremely successful over the “mom and pop” entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with many of today’s leading brands in North America.

I discovered how to apply these corporate success practices in a variety of business settings and industries to create innovative and highly profitable results.

Combining these systems across different industries, I have turned around several businesses from under performers to leaders of their industry – and so can you.

I profited from this bike hugely!Ice Cream Is CASH

My introduction to the world of business started on an ice cream bike.  Ice cream selling was a great start for many reasons:

* It’s a cash business – you get paid daily
* You get instant customer feedback
* You can test different marketing strategies daily

For the first few weeks I drove around my defined residential route aimlessly.  This made me bored, mad and depressed because I was not selling much ice cream.  My friends working at McDonald’s earning $3 per hour were doing better than I was… UNTIL…

Until I thought about what I was doing out there everyday from noon until 8pm pushing around a 300lb ice cream bike.  It hit me like a flash of lightning.

I Needed A System

So I developed a route that I started riding every day the same way for one week.  From noon until 4pm I covered the route.  I had dinner at 5pm and hit the route again at 6pm just as everyone was finishing dinner.

Then something magical started happening…

After 6pm people were lined up outside of their homes and apartments with money in hand waiting to buy from me.  Why?

They expected me because I created a consistent and predictable schedule of arriving at their house the same time each day.

Then I realized that the afternoon route was critically important in order to aggravate the kids all afternoon who begged their mom and dad for an ice cream bar.

Change the System,

Triple Your Results

After dinner I sold triple the ice cream bars than I sold in the afternoon!

Why do I share this story with you?

I learned key lessons that every business can benefit from:

  • Introduce Systems
  • Systems lead to Consistency
  • People don’t buy products, they buy Reliability & Dependability
  • Reliability enhances Service which yields massive Profit!

Many business people today know most of this already.  The problem lies in good intentions mixed with inconsistent execution.

It’s Not Your Fault

The brightest entrepreneurs I work with have a solid business idea or operation in place.  They are well intentioned with business plans as tough as a 100 year old oak tree.  But they are often frustrated by a lack of sales or growth.

I too have been equally frustrated in my own businesses until I discovered the 7 Deadly Attacks that every entrepreneur and business will need to overcome to succeed.

Defeat The 7 Deadly Entrepreneurial Attacks You Will Face

* Tired of working so hard with very little progress on your top priorities?
* Tried many “success systems” but haven’t found one that works for you?
* Aren’t able to make sustainable, long lasting changes in your business and personal life?

Succeed And Prosper Twice As Fast In Half The Time

Earn More, Do More, Experience More…

People who are busy succeeding are often looking for a way to earn more, do more and experience more out of life.

Your problem is finding the time and energy in today’s fast pace of life and business.

Your second biggest challenge is that you don’t know what your top priorities really are.

For others it is keeping the momentum going once they get started on the path to greater results.

How often are you confused, distracted and simply overwhelmed?

Often, more of what you don’t want from life shows up.  Fighting through the chaos and clutter of your life in order to find more balance and success can feel like walking uphill with a 100 pound boulder tied around your ankle.

What’s worse is getting frustrated and angry because you know there is a better way to live, but you haven’t yet found it.

Even worse is that you are a smart and educated person who knows what you need to do to get from step 1 to the point of reaching your goals and reaching your fullest potential.

Your biggest challenge is that you lack focus and clarity around your top priorities.  Once you know your top priorities, your second biggest obstacle will be reaching them and accomplishing them as fast as is humanly possible.

What if you had a system to help you defeat the enemy of average while hitting your targets twice as fast?

There is such a system that’s waiting for you right now.  The path is simple to follow as long as you get on it today.  How fast do you want to sharpen your competitive edge, grow more, and experience more?

The Key to true power lies within your grasp

Power comes from Clarity and Simplicity.

The reason why you are not achieving more of what you want today is that we live in the age of diversion and distraction.

Many people have a variety of labels they use in order to rationalize their shortcomings and missed attempts at reaching their new year’s resolutions and goals to only meet with repeated failure.

Turn your mind into a gold mine rather than a junkyard

You have buried deep inside of you abilities, gifts and talents to achieve whatever you want in your life and business.  Your biggest challenge is getting it all done in this lifetime. It’s possible for you to achieve the most important things you want faster than you can imagine.

Many people today treat their mind like a garbage dump or junkyard…don’t let that happen to you.

You can easily transform your mind into a goldmine of wisdom, power and profitable innovations.


Leveraging your Fundamental Success Indicators

Leveraging your Fundamental Success Indicators is a system that will help you:

* Identify your essential priorities
* Hit your targets twice as fast with half the effort
* Make 2013 an incredible year for you and your business
* Learn 3 critical elements to make all your goals work

You’ll never think or worry about New Year Resolutions ever again!

Once you know the fundamental reasons why you want something, you can begin applying the Samurai power of focus and systematization to achieving them with pure intensity and absolute certainty.

“After speaking with Shane I’ve realized that I’ve neglected two sides of my business that I didn’t even know existed! Shane’s “three sides of the sword” concept has changed the way I think about business, and now that I’m paying attention to all three of them, I expect to double my income next year.”  –  Erik Stafford, Direct Response Designer – www.staffordmarketing.com

 The First step is so simple you already know how to do it!

Don’t be a victim, be a victor.

There are 7 deadly attacks every entrepreneur will face at one point in their business.

The Sword, the Sandal and the Cloth is a unique program that will allow you to make your focus as razor sharp as my sharpest Japanese sword.

Over 7 weeks, you’ll learn how to blend the secrets of the Samurai with cutting edge business strategies and systems in order to get what you want twice as fast with half the effort.

I’ll personally lead you through a series of private and group calls to help customize your training to make it work for your situation.

Week #1 – Everyone’s a White Belt at the Start

Using a custom assessment tool we will evaluate what metrics and systems you have been using until now to track your goals and priorities in life and in business.  We’ll also schedule a one-on-one coaching call to discuss what you want and your biggest obstacles to getting what you want.

Week #2 – Under the Kimono – Personal Drivers yield the Greatest Results

Are your priorities and goals aligned or in contrast of each other? Learn the 3 critical elements that need to be in harmony to make all your goals work. From this point forward you will learn the crucial habits needed to achieve your essential priorities and magnify your results.

Week #3 – Defeating the Enemy of Average

Uncovering the areas of mediocrity in your life and where you are playing small in relation to your goals.  The Japanese call this “misogi” or the purification process.  This time spent will launch your thinking to new levels of productivity and excellence that you deserve!

Week #4 – Stripes on the Belt – Laying down your Top Priorities

Identifying the elite criteria to rank your priorities and reveal 1-5 Fundamental Success Indicators™ that will advance you faster toward hitting the target.


Week #5 – Kihonwaza Practice and your Fundamental Success Indicators

Determining the habits you will need to practice daily, weekly and monthly. We will establish your personal accountability systems to keep you focused on your Fundamental Success Indicators.


Week #6 – Getting ready to Test – Being ready outside the Dojo

Designing and constructing your personal Power Planner will be a critical tool on your path.  The Power Planner is a concise, easy to use planner that will allow you to plan and execute your week in less than one hour.


Week #7 – Drawing the Katana – Tools to help you cut through Diversion & Distraction

Sharpen and refine your activity, task, and energy management and inspiration for the journey.  I’ll share both my personal and my Inner Circle’s best free and paid tools you can use for greater effectiveness.

We conclude the week with another personal coaching call to ensure your Power Planner is ready and you are well trained for the exciting journey ahead!

You’ll never think or worry about

New Year Resolutions ever again!

Don’t let 2015 go by for you the same way 2014 did.

Now is the time to make the preparations and leap into 2015 with a proven system.

A system that will accelerate your results twice as fast with half the effort.   You’ll have a solid plan and tools needed to reach many of your targets before your friends and colleagues take their summer vacation.

“Shane Fielder is one of the smartest, most disciplined, high integrity, industrious people I know. He’s a student and a teacher. I consider myself fortunate to have him as a friend, colleague and mastermind partner. When Shane decides to do something, you can count on him to over-deliver on his promises. His commitment to excellence is exceptional.” – Michael Angier – Founder of SuccessNet.org


I’m going to train a dedicated and limited set of students

how to hit their targets twice as fast with half the effort in 2015.

Are you going to be one of them?

When you enter my dojo to train under the Sword, the Sandal and the Cloth, you’ll receive:

  • 1 customized assessment tool    $97
  • 7 training sessions in the virtual dojo    $679
  • Learn how to use the most powerful productivity tool ever built    $97
  • 3 bonus training calls to ensure you keep your achieving power strong    $375

 That’s MORE THAN $1248 worth of enhanced

productivity training… All for $188…

“Shane Fielder is a dynamic, inspiring and energetic speaker who has a knack for teaching complex topics in simple, easy to understand terms. I particularly like the way he uses real world examples from his years of business experience to explain timeless principles in a practical way. Whether it’s sword strikes used in Aikido, increasing sales at a movie theater or reducing thefts at a parking lot, they enhance the lessons and make them more memorable, enjoyable and sticky.” – Rodger Constandse – www.BuildAThrivingPractice.com


My “Black Belt Guarantee” for you:   I insist that if by week 6 you have attended each training session and have not defeated the enemy of average, I insist that I refund your money.

Your next step is to join the class.

Register Using PayPal:

I look forward to helping you leverage your Fundamental Success Indicators in 2013!

With the Power to Innovate,

Shane Fielder

The Innovative Samurai

PS.  This is NOT a time waster or regurgitation of old ideas that won’t take you where you want to go.  I have personally used these systems to lose over 50 pounds, double my income, and earn my 3rd degree black belt.  It will work for you too!