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Productive Questions to Ask Anytime of the Year by Samurai Innovation

Personal Mid-Year Review: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Do This Mid-Year Review and Profit Greatly If you and I were to sit down at this mid-year review point and have a coffee/tea together, I would certainly ask you a few of these questions. Why? Questions are very powerful conversation starters. The key is to pair the right question with the right context and season […]

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Will You Be a Vacationer or be a Producer by Samurai Innovation

Will You Be a Vacationer or Be a Producer?

Our world right now needs you to be a producer.I have been having tons of conversations with clients, other people, and dojo members. I think it’s very interesting but one thing, if you put it on the record that will happen out of this situation we are living in is that two people or two groups […]

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Break Your Agreement with Fear by Samurai Innovation

Break Your Agreement with Fear

​This month, we are going to be doing something special and unique. We are going to be breaking our agreements with fear so that you can enter into an agreement with progress. ​​Please watch the video below or read the rest of this article to find out how integrate this process into your work and life. […]

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Avoid Failure - Go Where You Feel Small - Mindset Monday by Samurai Innovation

Avoid Failure – Go Where You Feel Smaller

​Episode #2​8​​Avoid Failure – Go Where You Feel Small ​   Episode 28 Show NotesAvoid Failure when you Go Where You Feel Small is your Mindset Monday tip from Samurai Innovation. ​This training will help you optimize your mindset this week so that you minimize the effect that failure has on you. This will allow […]

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2017 Super Bowl Winner by Samurai Innovation

2017 Super Bowl Winner Prediction

We know who will be the 2017 Super Bowl Winner.  Curious as to how we know this? It’s based on real world experience picking winners for games and in life.  Shane will share the secret formula with you over the next five minutes.   Caution:   What you do with this knowledge is solely up to you. […]

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2017 Best Year Yet by Samurai Innovation

2017 Best Year Yet

2017 can be your best year yet if you ensure you meet three success criteria in the coming year.  You will also need a simple, but doable plan to help you navigate the highs and lows that will come for you this new year.  You also want to forget about setting New Year Resolutions. Click Play […]

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Be Immune to September - Samurai Innovation

Be Immune to September

Want To Be Immune to September?What does it mean to be immune to September? Ever notice how sad it is when summer begins to slow down and fall starts to peak out at you? For some folks, this is a time of harvest and opportunity. For others, it is a harsh reminder of the two things […]

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A Portrait of Discipline by Shane Fielder - Samurai Innovation-Horizontal Cover

A Portrait of Discipline

How A Portrait of Discipline Was BornA Portrait of Discipline started out as a divine gift to me. God whispered it in my ear over three years ago on a plane ride home from Hawaii. Originally, it started in 2013 as a published poem about discipline. Recently, I was moved to expand and produce it for […]

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Goal Accomplished on the Black Rock - Samurai Innovation

Black Rock Goal Getting

Episode #6Black Rock Goal Getting Adventure Viewer Tip:  Wind noise is in this video at certain points.  Click on the CC or closed captions icon to read what Shane is saying at those moments. Go to the edge of your limitsThe 11 minute video adventure today takes you with us on the black rock goal […]

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Rainforest Tour by Samurai Innovation

Rainforest Tour

Ever walk through a living rainforest? I will take you through a cool rainforest located on Vancouver Island. Your soul may be recharged after a few minutes. Sound good for you? No more to say, dive in by pressing play and you will let me share the journey with you. Don’t forget to look for the […]

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This is how you break free of the intention-action-gap

Break Free of the Intention Action Gap

You’ve read all the best sellers from authors like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, David Allen, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and Jim Collins. I own all of their titles just like you probably do too. I know firsthand they are great guys because I have personally trained with many of these great […]

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Recession Proof-Samurai Innovation

Escape this recession without a scratch

Will you escape this recession without a scratch?2008-2010 were tough global recession years. Some media called it the great recession of our era. Some lost, some won, and some came out steady and unscathed.The same will hold true during this recession. Now for our Dojo Members in the United States, there are positive growth signs […]

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