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Be Immune to September - Samurai Innovation

Be Immune to September

Want To Be Immune to September?What does it mean to be immune to September? Ever notice how sad it is when summer begins to slow down and fall starts to peak out at you? For some folks, this is a time of harvest and opportunity. For others, it is a harsh reminder of the two things […]

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How do you define innovation?

Samurai Definition of Innovation

I was recently with a high level group of business people and senior executives of a prominent company.  The focus of the day was to develop further insights as to how these leaders want to strengthen and grow their business in the coming decade.  A very forward thinking group indeed. Naturally, at one point, the […]

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5 Principles of Innovation

Crazy Shoe Innovation – Vibram

What can shoes with toes teach you about innovation? About 6 months ago I saw a friend of mine wearing these shoes that had toes but looked like running shoes.  My friend commented at length about how comfortable these shoes are and that they have changed the way he feels when he wears them.  Fast […]

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