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Will You Be a Vacationer or be a Producer by Samurai Innovation

Will You Be a Vacationer or Be a Producer?

Our world right now needs you to be a producer.

I have been having tons of conversations with clients, other people, and dojo members. I think it's very interesting but one thing, if you put it on the record that will happen out of this situation we are living in is that two people or two groups of people are distinctly going to emerge and they're already setting up camp.

The first group is what I call the vacationers or the ostrich. The vacationer crowd are the folks that naturally may be inclined to say this is a really bizarre situation. This is horrible. It's scary. And, and they're true, they're right. But the vacationers  ere going to say, "Hey, this is also a great opportunity to just take a vacation from life and I'm just going to hunker down. I might put my head in the sand, I might be living in denial." Maybe I might just sit in my little apartment and just watch Netflix and do whatever I need to do a self medicate, binge watch TV, all that kind of stuff. I think there's a time and a place for all that, but those are the vacationers.

There is no denigration in this.

A second group is going to emerge.

My suspicion is that you are part of the second group because you're here reading this right now. The second group are the producers.

The producers are going to find a way to keep on keeping on. The producers are the people that are going to choose faith over fear. The producers are the people that are going to say, "I might not be able to do everything I normally could do, but I can do something."

The producer is going to be the person that is going to rise up and say, "I can still accomplish 60 or 70 or 80% of my goals."

The producer's going to take a bump or a bruise, but they're going to come out of the fight intact and ready for the next fight.

The producer is the person that's going to walk head and shoulders above the other ones.

The producers are going to lead and our world needs the producers and leaders today more than ever and you're part of that. 

You are part of this crowd because...

The vacationers aren't part of the Samurai Innovation Dojo. They're not part of Implementors. They're not my one-on-one clients. That's okay because together, we are going to lead those people and we are going to stand for those people and we are going to bring them along.

The producers are going to come out of this situation with a new business plan or a new marketing plan. The producer is going to come out of this situation with a cleaner home, a more organized home.

The producers are going to come out of this saying, "One of the benefits of that thing is that I lost 15 pounds because I had time to exercise. I didn't have time to go out and eat all the fast food that I normally was accustomed to because I was stuck at home eating normal, good food that we prepared at home. I had made time to exercise."

The producers are going to come out of this refreshed and with a renewed body because everybody is getting more sleep now or will get more sleep.

Hopefully the producers will come out of this and say, "I improved a relationship or two because I was on the phone talking to people more than I've ever talked to people. I was checking in on friends and family. Maybe I was too busy to check in before."

There's a lot of things right now that might suck. 

Nobody wants to see the death toll. Nobody wants to see people being affected. Nobody wants to be living in fear of their loved ones and themselves being affected. It's a real situation. We have to manage that and we have to work through that together.

But the key is that the producer will come out of that and say, "That was not as pleasant as I ever would have wanted. That was not enjoyable, but guess what? I'm coming out of this situation with a few gifts. Those were the opportunities that I took advantage of. Those were the gaps that I made into an opportunity."

The producers will be the leaders that lead our civilization back to a peak state. Congratulations for being here with us.

That is my state of the current affairs or union address to you this morning. I hope you take it to heart because this fires me up knowing that we are a part of a group of people who are going to lead our corner of the world. 

If I can inspire you to go out and lead strong and lead well, then I've done my job. 

If you can take that attitude and you can let that be infectious versus a virus, let that attitude infect others and ask them, "Are you going to be a vacationer or are you going to be a producer?"

We all can be a producer during this time.

We all can read a new book.

We all can get more rest.

We all can make a beneficial, better improvement in terms of where we're going.

Do you agree with me?

If so, put yes in the comments below. If not, tell me why and let's talk about that.

Domo Arigato.

About the Author Shane Fielder

I am a grower of human capability and a business builder. The best part of my life is helping people become stronger and develop their skills, talents and character in order to lead powerful lives. I have had the great privilege to study under some of the greatest minds of business, leadership, health and fitness along with the most talented Martial Arts instructors. My passion is helping people to become even more powerful in life than they already are.

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