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July 2020 - 60 Days to WOW! 4 Lessons

July 2020-SMV-60 Days To WOW!

There comes a point in your life that your goal plans get interrupted in a major way. What do you do to get back on track?


What happens if a slow season or change of season seems to derail your goals and plans?


What should you do about this? Enter the 60 Days To WOW! planning method. This is going to be a great plan you can implement right now as we go along together.

July 2020 - Focus - Tolerations Workshop

One sure way to make your work and your life move faster toward what you really want is removing a few obstacles in your road. These obstacles are mostly self-induced. If we allow these obstacles, then why isn't it so easy to remove the obstacles? That is what we are covering in the Tolerations Workshop. You will walk away from this workshop with new insights and light bulb moments.

July 2020 - Lead - WOW Plan Elements

Are you ready to build out the simplest, yet most effective 60-day plan?


This is the plan for you if you are coming off of a major project, goal plan, win or some other major accomplishment. You need this plan to keep momentum in place while refreshing your rebound capacity to get into the next big project or goal plan with zest and power.


Dive in to see how in 30-45 minutes you can create and start your 60 Days to WOW! Plan.

July 2020 - Finish - Progress Forward to your 60 Days to WOW!

I was asked a great question recently. It fits into our planning and work up toward creating your 60 Days to WOW! Plan.


What is the downside to a half-baked plan?


In this session, I will walk you through how and why we created this four part focused plan. We will cover what happens if you only focus on a few of the elements and ignore a few at your peril.


Get ready to create your best plan yet!

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You vs. You - Program Training 7 Lessons

Oct 2020 - SMV - You vs You Mindset

Have you been feeling bombarded by all the negativity and unreal world events of recent days?


How about we shift you into a higher gear that will keep you focused on your main priorities while silencing the noise and fear that tries to stop you from getting your best results.


Welcome to the You vs. You way of living.

Oct 2020 – You vs. You – Part 1

What are you watching these days? Who are you listening to? How are these things influencing you?


Welcome to Part 1 of You vs. You. The fastest way to somewhere is from the inside out. Make sure you dive in so you can become immune to one of the largest diseases out in the world today.


We wrap up the session by understanding how to evade the Slow Fade from creeping into your work and personal life.

Oct 2020 - You vs. You - Part 2

Welcome back to becoming the You, that you've always wanted to be.


This session takes a deep dive into how do you change course or a set of habits or behaviours to better serve you.


There is one word that is important in the process and that is expectation.


You will also get a great review of the decision making model to identify the one area you can improve so that you make the next, best decision for you.

Oct 2020 - You vs You - Part 3

What if the majority of your bad decisions could be attributed to four things, would you be interested in knowing this?


In this session, I will introduce you to the Four Critical Toxins that need to be managed for greater levels of accomplishment.

Nov 2020 - SMV - You vs You Focus Forward

Here is a great recap of where we have been learning the You vs You mentality. If you missed any of Oct 2020, catch this session. You will be ready to thrive as we advance forward this month in the balance of You vs You.

Nov 2020 - You vs You - Part 4

When you look at really becoming the you that you've always wanted to be, we always start with one key question.


From that question, we then walk through the process shared with you in today's session. This want to get process works to help you clarify so you don't waste a lot of time in getting what you want.


You will learn how to overcome the 5 Forces of Personal Destruction by implementing the 5 Factors of Control.


The skills you learn in this session can become an ongoing practice that will serve you well for years to come.

Nov 2020 – You vs You – Part 5 – The Pathway

Do you need a reliable, proven pathway to collect meaningful wins?


Today, I have for you the You vs. You Pathway. This has been and continues to be a pathway that our clients create momentum with and win by.


You owe it to yourself to assess which part of the pathway you are crushing and which part you need a boost with.


This could be your best investment of time and energy so far this year!

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Apr 2022 - Monumental Life Action Kit 3 Lessons

Apr 2022 – Focus – Monumental Life Story

Often I find myself working with a client who is trying to figure out how to reach and master the next level of success. However, it seems to them like they are missing some necessary ingredient. Where do we look for this key piece of the puzzle? We dig into the past like every good treasurer seeker would do. This session will help you lay out your monumental life story so that we can begin to build a framework worthy of analysis in future sessions. I look forward to helping you review your exciting story line.

Apr 2022 – Lead – Decoding Your Monumental Life Story

If you have written your Monumental Life Story from the focus session, then we will get to work on this together. This session begins the decoding process so that you can glean the three key reveals that your story has to offer. Dive into the session to get started.

Apr 2022 – Finish – Kodawari & Bonus Lesson

This session shows you how to put together all the elements of the Monumental Life Kit. You will learn how to apply the Japanese term "Kodawari" to make life even more interesting. I also share with you a deeply personal bonus assignment that will heighten the process for you while at the same time help you gain greater clarity for your upcoming years ahead.

Mar 2022 - Productively Selfish 4 Lessons

Mar 2022 – Starter Motivation – Shift or Stay the Course

March is the month that many people sway from their intentions and goals that were set earlier in the year. But it is also the best month to shift your goals depending on how your current situation has shifted. Join us this month as we assess what your next move should be given where you at now.

Mar 2022 – Focus – Where to be Productively Selfish

March is an interesting month that challenges people to stay the course that they have set. It also inspires new action to start something new. How do you decide what to do next? You become "Productively Selfish". Dive in and join me in this focus session to see which roles or areas of your life can use a little selfish productivity. You will become even more interesting to the people around you.

Mar 2022 – Lead – People Pleasing While Being Productively Selfish

Here is an important question: To what degree are you a people pleaser? Are you okay with your current level? We will be answering these questions and more in today's lead session about being productively selfish.

Mar 2022 – Finish – Permission to be Productively Selfish

Today, I will persuade you to become even more productively selfish than you already are. Do you know why? Because everyone wins when you do this. But there is one thing that usually stops people like you from doing this. It always involves needing a certain level of permission to do this well. We will find out what you need today in order to become more productively selfish in the days and weeks to come. Remember, when you do this, everyone wins together.

Start at 70% [New Project/Productivity Course] 6 Lessons

Start at 70% – Welcome to the Journey

How you ever thought of how you can accomplish more quality projects without needing more productivity tips, tools and hacks? Welcome to Start at 70%. I invite you to commit to putting this exciting method to work so you can get your next project launched versus sitting in your idea vault, never to see the light of day.

Start at 70% – Session 2

Have you wondered why you have two opposite problems with getting your projects started and finished on time? In this exciting session, we will look at why where you are starting at today is a great place to launch from. We will also see why starting at 70% will solve at least five challenges you have in your work. The common traits of a Finisher will be helpful in deciding what are the right priorities for you.

Start at 70% – Session 3 – Left Side of The Model

There are two parts of the Start at 70% Model. This session walks you through the left side of the model which I call the Ideation Phase. This will help you get greater clarity as to your new starting point in order to get your next project started and finished faster.

Start at 70% – Session 4 – Right Side of the Model

Today we explore the Testing Phase of the Start at 70% model. Think of the full model as moving from one mountain peak to another from left to right. When you see the model, this will make sense. This right side of the model is all about growth, making things happen and how to scale your best efforts. Enough said, jump into today's session.

Start at 70% – Session 5 – Start at Zero

Think of your next goal or project. What would happen if you never bring this to light and make the world a better place? Sometimes, you need to start from scratch. You need to start from basecamp and build the idea as it happens. Today, I will show you how to use the 70% model from the ground up in order to make a powerful, simple and effective start.

Start at 70% – Session 6 – Tactics of Done

Now that you are familiar with the mindset, approach and methodology of Starting at 70%, you naturally ask the next question. How do I get my 70% project started? How do I get it done in record time without failing? Today's session is your project management primer session. This session will save you up to two years of studying project management principles. You will leave today's session being able to make a plan that you can actually action.

Feb 2022 - Coming Up For Air 4 Lessons

Feb 2022 - Starter Motivation - Coming Up For Air

Have you just accomplished an "irregular win"? Whenever you accomplish something later than you anticipate, it creates an irregular win. Perhaps you are in the home stretch of achieving a major goal or completing an important project. Now is not the time to stop. Coming up for air is all about how to navigate when irregular wins occur throughout the year. There is always a right strategy for the right time that you find yourself at.

Feb 2022 - Focus - 10 Key Starting Points

When you are coming up for air after completing a big project or win, it helps to assess what worked as well as what you learned. In this session, I will walk you through 10 key starting points to do this really effectively so that you will be primed and ready to transition into your next big project or goal.

Feb 2022 – Lead – Coming Up For Air

There is always a right time for a right strategy given the current context of what you are working to accomplish. In this session, I ask you to evaluate the 10 focal points that you most identify with.

Feb 2022 – Finish – Completion Before Advancement

Before you set out to start the next big idea, pause and consider this mantra: "Completion before advancement". Too many good people come under overwhelm because of too many incomplete projects on the horizon. This session addresses this and how to set yourself up for a great start to your new goal campaign.

Monumental Year Workshop (Jan 2022) 1 Lesson

Monumental Year Workshop – 2022 Edition

This is an action packed workshop that will give you everything you need to design a results based 2022.

May 2022 - UNLEARN Forward 3 Lessons

May 2022 – Focus – Three Things to UNLEARN

Most people think that to get more done, requires doing more new things. This is a myth. You can easily accomplish many great things by unlearning a few things that will free up space for you to get focused versus being overwhelmed and confused. This is why we begin the unlearning process. Undoing or eliminating an unhelpful strategy, process or procedure can boost your ability to go do things that actually works to get meaningful results. Are you excited to begin now?

May 2022 – Lead – Unlearning Model

What happens when you unlearn a habit, process or way of being that is unproductive? You create faster momentum to move toward accomplishing something great. You remove the obstacles that stand in your way. You also at the same time create space for new opportunities to emerge. This affords you greater choices to do more of the things you actually want to do in life. Get ready to progress forward.

May 2022 – Finish – Unlearn to Test and Adopt

Now that I have you convinced to unlearn something in order to make room for something great to take place, we get to the implementation phase of testing and adoption. This is where you will test out your assumptions. You will track the short term results so that you can decide what moves forward. Remember, some things are only meant for a season versus forever. You will need to jump into the session to find out more about this phrase.
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Sep 2021 - Get Back on Track Fast 4 Lessons

September 2021 – SMV – Get Back on Track

At least 3 to 4 times per year, you may have asked yourself this very question we are going to answer this month together. How do I get back on track? Jump into today's session and get prepared with some starter motivation thinking to get you ready to successfully navigate those moments when you feel off track.

September 2021 – Focus – Getting Back on Track

Ever wonder why you get off track on your plans? There are a ton of factors, however, today we explore the ways that avoidance takes you off track. When you address the most common avoidance scenarios, you can quickly get aligned with your next best steps to take. This gets you back on track just like turning on a light switch.a

September 2021 – Lead – Gaining Agreement

Would you believe that sometimes you get off track on your goals, projects or vision because of other people? When you join today's lead session, I will show you how to get you and your people back on track faster and easier than your procrastination-minded self could believe. When you do this, you will harness the power of collaboration to gain agreement and create massive forward momentum.

September 2021 – Finish – Jumping Into Momentum

Once in a while you need to just simply jump back into momentum in order to get back on track. Easier said than done? It is if you follow the action model that I share with you in this session. Try it out and see how this helps you jumpstart your momentum and results.

Aug 2021 - Be an Opportunity Engineer 4 Lessons

August 2021 – SMV – Opportunity Engineer

Would you agree that one of your biggest challenges is deciding upon your next best opportunity to start on? I know you are a person with great ambition to accomplish a ton of great and interesting things in your work and personal pursuits. This month, we are going to walk along a path together in order to decide which is your next best opportunity to commit to and which ones stay in the category of "not yet". I look forward to the opportunity to work with you this month.

August 2021 – Focus – Opportunity Engineering

What the heck is an Opportunity Engineer? It is someone who has the traits and characteristics to keep an open mind so see opportunities that others don't always see. It's the ability to be creative, have the courage to act and the inner confidence to capitalize on your next best opportunity. We also will cover how to be more lucky in your day to day life. The best part is that you control your opportunities when you focus on the three Yes Factors.

August 2021 – Lead – Opportunity Formula

What are the criteria that you decide on whether to say yes to your next best opportunity? Today's session will provide you a three-part model to help you decipher whether the opportunity you are considering is best for you at this moment in time. This is a critical step in order to get you closer to a decision you can love and live with.

August 2021 – Finish – Opportunity Validator

Have you ever been stuck trying to figure out if you should say yes and go for an opportunity? I am excited to introduce to you the Opportunity Validator assessment tool. This tool is designed to help you determine whether this is a "not now", "not yet", or a "yes" opportunity for you. If you get to a yes with the tool, then you are ready to conduct your final research and due diligence before committing to the opportunity.

Jul 2021 - Develop Singular Focus 4 Lessons

July 2021 – SMV – Singular Focus

July always presents many opportunities to you. Some choose to hang back and celebrate much hard work in the first half of the year. Others look to ignite a special project and accomplish seasonal activities. Given what we have all walked through as a global human family, this time is a great time to apply singular focus to the next 30-60 days in your life. I will present you with the two strategies that will help you do this.

July 2021 – Focus – Tolerations Workshop

In order to get a singular focus, you need to clear away the low level distractions so you can identify the meaningful few priorities that deserves your best focus. In this session, you will have access to the Tolerations Workshop. This special session will help you identify 3-6 direct tasks that you can accomplish. Getting these tasks done will elevate your energy and perspective on life. Ready to do this?

July 2021 – Lead – Renew-Recover-Prepare

We cover Strategy #2 for obtaining singular focus. You will be prompted to hone in on a specific area or two to focus on strengthening. Understanding your energy cycles are a key focus to making your goal getting abilities stronger.

July 2021 – Finish – Make a Stronger Finish

We use this session to reinforce the Renew-Recover-Prepare strategy that you can put to work for you throughout the year as you finish specific goals and projects. Get ready to be challenged in the area of regret. We will focus on the actions you can take to live a regret free lifestyle. Get ready to make a strong finish this year.

Jun 2021 - Courage to do Something Amazing 8 Lessons

June 2021 – SMV – Courage to Act

We are going to act courageously this month. We are going to be working on becoming courageous to do something amazing. Something amazing doesn't need to mean a final product or a finished result. We want the courage to do something different than what we've been doing up until today. I want you to evaluate your skills and hone a better level of focus so that you can focus on living more courageously to get a better outcome or a result that you want.

June 2021 – Focus – Courage to Break Rules

Today, we look at 10 of the more common rules that we live by. We will also decide which of these rules you may want to break, challenge, upgrade or enhance. Sound like a tall order? Not really because I have a specific approach that will help you evaluate where to place your focus so you can make a monumental shift forward.

LWCBI-Session 2 - Part 1

Pre-Recorded session that covers the foundation of why you want to become courageous with the uncomfortable leadership situations and how to embrace them as opportunities versus something to fear.

LWCBI-Session 2 - Part 2

This session covers a critical starting topic of Leadership Integrity. The more you can get your two leader styles to be in harmony, you will take your leading to a greater level which your people will appreciate too.

LWCBI-Session 4 - Courageous Boundaries

Learn why boundary creation and maintenance is a critical skill for all leaders to adopt and maintain.

LWCBI-Session 4 - Courageous Supporter

You will be armed with a script to have a significant leadership conversation in the next 7 days. What will result from this can only propel your leadership relationship forward, faster.

June 2021 – Lead – Courage to be a LWCBI

This is a special leadership session brought to you by Leaders Who Can't Be Ignored. In this session, we cover important techniques and strategies to build the courage to lead better so that you make a deeper impact around you. Deep down, isn't that what you and the people you lead want the most?

June 2021 – Finish – Courage to Say No to Say Yes

Our society tries to make you believe that you need to say yes to every invitation or demand for your time, attention and resources. You must remember that you have full control over to what you say yes to. Let's examine the power of saying no with a strategic twist to it. This strategy will help you go further in the long run than a lot of productivity hacks.

May 2021 - Productive Thinking Skills 4 Lessons

May 2021 – SMV – Productive Thinking

No matter who you are, or where you have been lately, your thinking powers have likely been depleted. Keeping your thinking at a high, powerful and productive level is more challenging when you are working with more external challenges.


This month, we will change this. We start by checking in to see where we can best start to optimize your thinking.

May 2021 – Focus – Stop Overthinking

This month, we are working to develop a better superpower. The superpower is that of productive thinking. Where should you start in order to develop superior thinking skills?


We start with that which is holding us back. I have a guided process ready to help you put an "X" on the place we will start to shift and make stronger. Get your best writing instrument and favorite paper ready to launch.

May 2021 – Lead – Position of Strength

Pick one situation that has consumed your thinking in the past week. What if we can improve the situation with a few simple steps? Would you be into doing this?


This is possible when you approach all situations and actions from a position of strength. Your strength is what will be a deciding factor to bring you closer to what you want to have happen in your world.


This session will equip you with the method, questions and tools to get strong and get going today.

May 2021 – Finish – Limitless Thinking

How has your thinking been these days?


Today's session covers two incredible paths to transforming your thinking into limitless thinking by acknowledging and cultivating your true thinking power. Bring your pen or pencil to this session as we dissolve those old thinking ways that are holding you back from more productive thinking.

Apr 2021 - Reclaim Yourself 4 Lessons

Apr 2021 – SMV – Reclaim Yourself

This month is all about reclaiming yourself so that you can move up a level in life. Courageous people who do this kind of work are celebrated as being innovators, creators and major contributors to society. Get ready to step forward down the center line toward what you want to accomplish.

Apr 2021 – Focus – Acknowledge Where You Are

In this focus session, we looked at your personal truth. We need to acknowledge where you are at right now. To do this, we are using the Monumental Life Appraisal tool. From here, you will identify three focal areas that you can supercharge. It's like stepping back one step in order to jump 10 feet forward.

Apr 2021 – See It For What It Is

Did you know that awareness precedes action in life?


In this session, we are looking at factors and clues for things or situations that can cause you to burnout. Knowing over 15 factors will help boost your awareness to be able to avoid burnout before it halts your productivity and puts you on the sideline. This one session will help you assess so that you can go further, faster in the next 6-8 months of the year.


Give yourself permission to take the time to take advantage of all this session has to offer you.

Apr 2021 – Finish – Be Stronger

Everyone hits a point of low energy or a rough patch at some point. Knowing how to identify and correct this comes down to some basic skills that you should have in your mental toolkit. These skills may help you or someone whom you value.


Today's session will focus on how to construct such a plan. Then how you put the plan into action becomes more valuable. I look forward to hearing about your plans and actions.

Mar 2021 - Diversion Elimination 4 Lessons

Mar 2021 – SMV – Diversion Elimination

There are 5 Forces of Personal Destruction that you need to be mindful of each day. This month, we are going to focus on eliminating diversions.

We are delving deep into six life dimensions where diversion seeks to derail your best efforts to gain traction and creation momentum where you want it most. Imagine coming out of this next month with less stress and a higher level of satisfaction from your completions...because this is the month to do this.

Mar 2021 – Focus – Diversion Elimination

In life it's easy to say, just get focused. But where does your focus begin?


Today, we start by sharpening your focus in the six most important areas of your life. Imagine what would happen if you eliminate 6 diversions, distractions or temptations from your life this month.


How much greater will your progress be toward awesome results that you want and need?

Mar 2021 – Lead – People Diversions

How often do you get frustrated by other people wrecking your plans or interrupting your peak productive flow?


What if you had a way to get more done for yourself, while adding value to the people you interact with?


In this session, I will share with you a scientific approach to take to get more done and minimize the diversions that people bring into your world. You get to add your own artistic, creative flair to the process to customize it to your needs and preferences.

Mar 2021 – Finish – Blend Diversions

How do you blend with your diversions?


Instead of procrastinating, avoiding and fearing new things, why not go straight at it with joy, enthusiasm and action?


You will walk away from this session armed with two great checklists that will hone your focus, drop the guilt and enjoy the process much more in the coming weeks.

Feb 2021 - Your Next Best Decision 4 Lessons

Feb 2021 – Starter Motivation – Your Next Decision

Did you know that on average you make 70-90+ decisions each day?


What can you do to make your next decision great?


This month, we are exploring the three core elements to making your next decision powerful.

Feb 2021 – Focus – Your Next Decision

Are you making decisions to gain something better, or to avoid something ugly?

You need a process for making better quality decisions in a more timely manner. This session provides you with the decision making checklist.

Remember this truth:  There isn't ever a perfect decision, just the decision you make now that counts.

Feb 2021 – Lead – How to Make Your Next Best Decision

How do you lead yourself and other people to better quality and faster decisions?

This session explores the three types of decision makers and how you can use this knowledge to better interact with other people to better collaborate together on your next decision.

Make sure to checkout the decision filter to help figure out the best way to approach your upcoming decision.

Feb 2021 – Finish – Your Next Decision Made Sooner

What is your big decision you need to make this week?


What obstacle is in your way to making this decision?


Make sure to dive into the model and frameworks today that will help you break through tough obstacles to make better quality decisions.

Jan 2021 - How to Expect More 4 Lessons

Jan 2021 – Focus – Expect More

What if you could solve more problems and improve every relationship this year? How valuable would this be for you?


How about doing it with less time, energy and effort because you expected more?


Join us as we dive into expecting more as you foray into the opportunities that present and that you create.

Jan 2021 – Lead – Expect More from Others

Is there no such thing as disappointment in life?

We explore this idea and what you need to shift inside of your thinking to accomplish this. Remember that there are two primary drivers behind disappointment. As a leader, you need to know how to set the tone for others to follow.

Jump in and find out the five things top leaders do differently to help guide and lead others to greater levels of performance.

Jan 2021 – Finish – Solution Focused Expectations

How do you expect more solutions at work and in your life?


You take a solutions focus to everything you come across. There are eight simple steps that will ensure that you lead well in every situation. The other people you lead will be amazed by the way you handle and get things done.


Make sure to add this tool to your arsenal of tactics that makes you even better.

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Mar 2020 - Upgrade Your Habits 4 Lessons

Mar 2020 – Starter Motivation – Spring Habits Upgraded

Welcome to the March choose your own adventure. This Starter Motivation session will help you get your mindset and action plan right for the months ahead of you. There are three exciting ways you can leverage the month of March. Get ready to upgrade.

Mar 2020 - Focus - Spring Habits Upgraded

March presents the opportunity to focus on two pathways to progress forward with. You can stay the course with your current plan that is in motion. Second, you can choose to upgrade some spring habits.

You will need to complete a fresh Monumental Life Appraisal tool for the discussion.

Mar 2020 - Lead - 2 Ways to Start Installing New Habits

When upgrading any habit, you need a few simple steps to take to make it real and woven into your new normal.


We will cover upgrading by subtraction as your first step. Then you will learn the habit optimization process that can help you expand the long term installation of new habits.

Mar 2020 - Finish - Power of Completions

There is great power in a completion versus a start. Today's session will cover how you build the mindset of a Finisher. We also show you a few key reasons why it is hard to sometimes finish what you start and what you can now do about those times.

Also, look for the Emergency Structure component that will help you be ultra focused in times of uncertainty or real emergencies. 

Apr 2020 - New Year Now Strategies 4 Lessons

Apr 2020 - Starter Motivation

Welcome to your New Year Now!

Given current events, we still and always will have a way to choose actions that can help us move forward in a powerful and right way for you. Get ready to take action as if you were planning for a new year; because you are.

Apr 2020 - Focus - New Year Now

How do you create certainty when things seem upside down?

We will cover two models to help you answer this question. We will also help you choose which structures & rituals to focus on for greater strength and durability to move forward.

We also started an exploration into your thoughts and thinking systems to help support you in making positive shifts in your life.

Apr 2020 - Lead - New Year Now Strategies

When you are in a position to make a fresh start versus a forced start, you will need to practice accurate thinking. This session focuses on empowering you as a leader so that you can effectively influence everyone around you.

In every crisis, a leader is required to step up and step forward. Make sure you add four things to your crisis leadership checklist that we share with you in this session.

Apr 2020 - Finish - New Year Now Actions

When you are thrusted into having to shuffle the deck of projects & priorities, where do you start?


This session will help you inspire confidence to move your plans forward when everything around you seems upside down.


Make sure to follow the model to Rewire Your Projects so that you eliminate the perceived and real stresses to getting to a successful completion.

May 2020 - Unlearn Forward 4 Lessons

May 2020 - Starter Motivation - Unlearn Forward

This month will help you decide on what you need to unlearn so that you can move forward in a more dynamic way than you have in the past.


Make sure to bring your writing instrument to this session. We have some interesting questions for you to ponder which we will dig deeper into as the month progresses.

May 2020 – Focus – What to UNLEARN?

You grew up collecting a lot of ideas, habits and life strategies. This is a fact.


Want another fact?


Some of what you have accumulated has now expired and no loner serves you at the highest level. This session kicks off the way that you will UNLEARN these excess ways or habits in favour of finding the strategies that will be optimal for you,  right now, right where you are.

May 2020 - Lead - Unlearning Impact

Think about your work, life, health and relationships for a moment. Have you been evolving or revolving?


This session will head into some different ways that will point you toward specific areas to unlearn. We also will share with you a powerful conversation that you can have to significantly improve every relationship you have.


It's a bold promise, but I have seen it produce great returns for people who use it wisely.

May 2020 - Finish - Unlearning Plan

How you can unlearn something that no longer serves you in favour of something that will power up your ability to move forward?

It comes down to your ability to:  1. Decide to try something different.  2. Create a trial or test period where you can measure the effectiveness of your personal test.

After this, you get to decide whether you adopt the test results or seek out another test to run. Jump in and find out how incredible this process will be for you.

Jun 2020 - Invincible You 4 Lessons

June 2020 - SMV - Invincible You

Welcome this month to becoming an Invincible You.


This month we are going to tackle questions such as:


1. Why be invincible?

2. What makes you invincible?

3. How do you build up your invincibility?


Get ready to boost your momentum builders.

June 2020 - Focus - Why Be Invincible?

Why should you become invincible?


Because by doing so, you will develop the courage to lead yourself and others in a more profound way. I think you will agree that everyone around you would welcome a brighter, more vibrant version of you to show up.


Check out the momentum builders so that you keep exercising your productive muscles for peak output.

June 2020 - Lead - Invincible Structures

Invincible structures are the key to boosting your level of invincibility against all the things that come toward you each day. The purpose of this study is to practice making you stronger and able to choose wisely in each moment the best outcome for every situation.

June 2020 - Finish - Invincible Processes

One true path to greater success in any project or goal accomplishment is your ability to develop and deploy a core process. Core processes will help you develop greater consistency. Greater consistency allows you to realize greater rewards. Learn an easy model you can follow and check off the items needed as you build them.

Aug 2020 - Grow Stronger 4 Lessons

Aug 2020 - Starter Motivation - Grow Stronger

This month we are growing stronger together!


Why do this in August?


You are likely in the back of your mind thinking about the upcoming fall season this year. I'm sure you are wondering what this next season will bring given the circumstances of your year so far.


Why not go into that season with the strongest mindset, heart and body so you can capitalize on what is to come?

Aug 2020 - Focus - Your Stronger Mindset

Did you know that you have a few belief barriers that are slowing you down?

In this session, we will identify and begin to shift these factors that slow you down or stand in your way to arriving somewhere or becoming the person you want to be. Don't miss the assessment portion of the session because this will give you a fast start to your next breakthrough.

Aug 2020 - Lead - Movement of Money

There is something very, deeply personal about today's session that I know you will get much value from.


This session deals with the Movement of Money. It will help you understand which belief barriers you need to deconstruct regarding earning and keeping your money.


Bring a pen and paper to this session!

Aug 2020 - Finish - 4 Critical Factors

Everyone has many critical factors to being able to move faster toward your goals. Today, we highlight four critical areas you likely don't think about, but really should.


If you answer the questions to one section in this session, you will make a positive shift in a critical life skill area.


Are you intrigued yet? Dive in!

Sep 2020 - Getting to the Other Side of Done 3 Lessons

Sep 2020 - SMV/Focus - Other Side

Have you ever considered that often, what you want is on the other side of inconvenience?


This session will walk you through two core foundations that you have to get solid with in order to get to the other side of greater results from what you invest your time and energy into.

Sep 2020 - Lead - Three Factors/Obstacles That Stops You

There are three factors and types of obstacles that will account for 90% of the forces that stop you from reaching the accomplished stage of whatever you decide to go after.


Each obstacle shows up in different times and seasons of your life, so knowing which one you are dealing with right now, today, is critical to creating the kind of forward momentum that you need to forge ahead confidently.


Buckle up, this session will help you reach deeper so you can rise up and get to your other side.

Sep 2020 - Finish - Other Side of Done

Have you ever considered that everything you want is on the other side of "DONE"?

It is true. Yet, one thing many people mistake is that key accomplishments are the result of well executed projects. In this session, we define what is a project and how by the end of the session, you will be armed with a vast array of new project completion skills.

Ready to get to the other side of "DONE"?

December 2020 4 Lessons

Dec 2020 - Starter Motivation

Now is the time for you. Now is the time for you to expand. Now is the time for you to decide to go all in or make a shift. Now is the time for you to proactively get the jump on everyone else in the year to come. Now is the time to inspire others because of why and how you conduct your life. Now is the time to recalibrate what is most important for you to accomplish. It all starts with the way you construct this action plan. Get ready to make your plan stronger than ever before.

Dec 2020 – Next Year Goals Workshop – Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of the Next Year Goals Workshop. This section is all about assessing how this past year went for you. Bring a fine writing instrument, paper or another note taking system because you will need it. This proven process will help you come out of this year charged to set better goals for next year.

Dec 2020 – Next Year Goals Workshop – Part 2

Let's get into Part 2 of the Next Year Goals Workshop. Now is the time to start deciding upon what way you want to play the game in the new year. Two paths are presented that will help you target your goals in a more effective way.

Dec 2020 – Next Year Goals Workshop – Part 3

People set new goals and plans every year. They focus on the outcome of the result of the goal. However, they rarely, if ever focus on the bridge between now and then. In this workshop, we will cover a few ways you can build your bridges to where you want to arrive at.

Implementors Members

Jan 2019 - Creating Personal Dashboards 4 Lessons

Jan 2019 Starter Motivation

What would you invest 91 hours into this year? That is exactly what accumulates when you invest 15 minutes each day into a forward momentum building area of your work or life. Find out what you will walk away from this month that will change the way the next 12 months works out for you.

Jan 2019 - Focus - Dashboard Designer

So why do you need a dashboard? What is a dashboard? How will it help you accomplish you highest and critical priorities this year? Those are questions I provide answers to in this session. Get ready to make your next 12 months see more tangible results from your goal getting efforts.

Jan 2019 - Lead - Dashboard Creator Options

This is an exciting session because I have two special gifts for you. One is a ready, done for you dashboard. The second is a fully customizable dashboard that you can make your own. You won't be stuck staring at a blank spreadsheet after we are done today. Get ready to track your progress to magnificent gains this year!

Jan 2019 - Finish - Dashboard Builder

This final dashboard building session, we cover a few types of dashboards you also want to include in your Personal Success Dashboard. Also, we dive into the hundreds of dashboards that are likely sitting in your pocket, bag or purse that you can access and how to get the most out of them. Get ready to track your way to a monumental year!

Feb 2019 - Breaking Your Glass Ceiling 4 Lessons

Feb 2019 - Starter Motivation

When was the last time you hit your head on your glass ceiling? This month, we are figuring out how to break your glass ceiling. Jump into your February Starter Motivation session where Shane will show you why you have self imposed limits and what we will do about them.

Feb 2019 - Focus on Breaking Your Glass Ceiling

In this focus session, you will start to break down how you may have arrived at some of your self imposed limitations. The good news is that from here on, you can change this and begin the journey to expanding what is possible for you in the area that you most need to succeed at. Sound intriguing? Jump in now.

Feb 2019 - Lead

This is a special session where we share the Courageous Supporter conversation script. This script will enable you to have an amazing conversation with someone important to you. You will strengthen that key relationship in an easy to follow way. Ready to grow?

Feb 2019 - Finish

Imagine starting a project with the intent to finish it at 70%?

Does this rattle your mind a little? Watch this session to learn the model and how it will help you finish your projects faster and then iterate your way to near perfection. You will love how this will help you.

Mar 2019 - Productively Selfish 4 Lessons

Mar 2019 – Starter Motivation

This is the month where people decide they stay the course or need something new to do. It can also be the month where you feel that your earlier intentions are waning and you start asking, "how do I get off of the hamster wheel of life". The solution is being productively selfish. Dive in with us this month to figure out how to put this to work for you.

Mar 2019 - Focus on Productively Selfish

You will find out where you can focus more on how to be productively selfish. Your fellow Implementor Members offered up some excellent examples that you too can benefit from. Get Ready.

Mar 2019 - Lead - Productively Selfish

We cover an issue that 99.8% of all humanity have to deal with to some degree. Want a hint?

It is the amount of addiction you have to being a people pleaser. This is where the topic of being Productively Selfish comes in handy for a remedy so you can live an more extraordinary life. Your breakthrough is somewhere in this session.

Mar 2019 - Finish - Productively Selfish

Why don't you carve out and protect the time to be productively selfish?

We highlight some examples of folks who do this and big benefits and returns that are waiting for you. Dial into this process and you will find you will be swimming in more joy, happiness and a greater sense of ease in all the thing you need to do. Jump into this session so that we can help you be more productively selfish!

Apr 2019 - 3 Key Monumental Life Elements 4 Lessons

Apr 2019 - Starter Motivation - Monumental Life Action Kit

If you didn't get the spring time itch to change everything up in your life last month, then maybe this is the month it happens.
In your starter motivation session, we handle the question about whether to stay on your path, take a pause or make a pivot. 
Which will it be for you? 

Apr 2019 - Focus - Monumental Life Story

Ever wonder how looking back over your life can actually provide clues as to how to move forward for a better future?

This session, I show you how this works and how you can make this work for you. Find the clues you have been searching for.

Apr 2019 - Lead - MLife Story Decoder

In the previous Focus Session, you created your Monumental Life Story. Now we walk through the elements required to decode your story so that you can craft your future in a more powerful way.

Don't miss out on this essential aspect of finding the clues to your future hidden in your past.

Apr 2019 - Finish - MLife Resume

When was the last time you went to an interview?

Today, we prepare you for a life interview. Your knowledge and work history won't help you here. But if you decoded your Monumental Life Story, that is all the prep work needed to ace this interview.

Plus, I share with you a few of my Kodawari! Tune in to find out what this means.

May 2019 - Skills of Accomplishment 9 Lessons

May Starter Motivation - Skills of Accomplishment

Get ready for a huge set of tactical strategies and tools that can ignite your ability to accomplish more of the right things in your work and life. Bold promise?

Find out how you can set a focus to build one simple productive skill or technique each month that can give you a big return on your investment of energy, attention and time.

May 2019 - SOC - Communication Skills

We continue Skills of Accomplishment by focusing on basic communication skills that sometimes can be forgotten in our modern day communications. Dive in and see which new methods you might want to try out this month.

May 2019 - SOC - Google Vs Microsoft

People always debate on the PC side of life...who is better? Google or Microsoft? Checkout who the winner is...and also see my recommendation and which one powers Samurai Innovation.

May 2019 - SOC - Sharing Solutions

Now more than ever, you likely share information at work or with loved ones on a daily basis. Here in this session, I will share with you my most trusted sharing methods that you can easily implement. All the options here have free versions too.

May 2019 – SOC – Getting Projects Done

This is an awesome session that will help you take a second look at the way you currently get projects moved forward. We want you to see how every person can get more done and work less with some simple, new skills added to your arsenal of tools.

May 2019 - SOC - Getting Ahead with Outlook

Rather than reinventing the wheel for how to use Outlook, I have compiled some of the best free training resources that will help you advance your Outlook skills beyond where you are at today.

May 2019 - SOC - Two People Inside of You

Make sure to tune into this session to learn about the two people who are living inside of you right this moment. I reveal why you get excited and why you get saddened along your path of accomplishment. Knowing this will help empower you to realize more awesome accomplishments. I also share some tips on creating easy to use project plans and much more.

May 2019 - SOC - Live Session 2 - Tickler System

What on earth is a tickler system? The version I present here could be your most useful way to get and stay organized with your physical day-to-day papers and stuff. It will give you an immediate sense of control amidst the chaos. Watch and test it out.

May 2019 - SOC - Zero Email Inbox

When was the last time you had zero email in your inbox?

Think this is impossible for you? We say not and Shane proves how with a simple system, you can tame your inbox. If you feel this is not important to you, consider the positive impact this might have on your brain. Shane shows how he eradicated 581 emails from his inbox. You can put the steps and processes to work in your inbox today.

Jun 2019 - Course Corrections for Professionals 4 Lessons

June Starter Motivation

How well have you developed the skill of making lemon aide out of lemons? This month we go deep into how to make the necessary course corrections so that you can thrive instead of survive your life.

June 2019 - Focus - Course Correction Model

It is never a matter of if you will need to pivot or make a course correction, but always a matter of when you will need to do this. Having a model and process that you can use to focus on your optimal outcome will help you stand strong amidst changing tides of life.

June 2019 - Lead - Helping Others Course Correct

You will likely this week have the opportunity to help someone decide on their course correction options. How will you navigate this situation? This session will empower you with a simple framework and new skills to make a positive impact on the other individual. Help them make the best correction possible with the gift of your help.

June 2019 - Finish - Correct Before You Crash

Correct before you crash means taking steps to prevent major course corrections. We feature three key areas you can proactively work at improving:  Project Success, Relationship Success, Health Success. There are lots of challenges here for you.

Jul 2019 - Amplify Your Discipline 4 Lessons

July 2019 - Starter Motivation - Amplify Your Discipline

July is a great month to start amplifying your discipline. The next best month is the one you choose to do the work. At various points in your year, you can be well served by reviewing your current disciplines. Maybe it is time to discard a few? Maybe it is time to install a few new disciplines that will support your growth and accomplishment of a specific goal?

Now is your time to choose.

July 2019 - Upgrade Your Discipline

Mid-point in the year is always a great time to assess the discipline(s) that brought you to where you are today. Then you start on a path of figuring out which discipline(s) no longer serves you and which ones you need to move forward quickly. That is exactly what we will accomplish together in this session.

July 2019 - Actions Produce Discipline

This session walks you through the Discipline Stack along with how to implement a sustainable plan to increase and effect your discipline. I also added some extra teaching on how to get someone to do something you need them to do using the Autonomous Escalation Plan. Lots here to get you going.

July 2019 - Amplify Your Discipline

This is the best set of resources to help inspire you to get your discipline on and moving in the right direction. Each module is broken out separately so you can choose what you need most to start with.


Learn why you don't accomplish all your goals. Understand the power of small beginnings and how you leverage these into monumental finishes. Additional tips on Discipline Stacking and how to implement your own discipline stack.


We end by helping you pick one Confidence Assurance Factor to start practicing. Just one strategy from this power house of sessions will get you onto new pathways to progress.

Aug 2019 - Break Your Agreement with Fear 4 Lessons

Aug 2019 - Starter Motivation - Breaking Your Agreement with Fear

What's holding you back from really getting your goals done?

Most likely it's because at some point you entered into an agreement with fear. We will show you how to break this cycle. Get ready to make more progress on your goals in the next 90 days than you have in the last 6 months when you enter into an agreement with progress.

Aug 2019 - Focus Session

Welcome to the start of you breaking your agreement with fear and entering into an agreement with progress. Learn why lists of top fears are mainly useless. At the end of the day, you fear one of two things in life. Discover which one has been holding you back the most up to this point in your work and life.

Do you know the 5 Objectives of Fear? More importantly, you will learn the 5 Counter Techniques that you can stop fear. This is an exciting session to kick of the work we do together this month.


Aug 2019 - Lead - Four Mind Bullies

Bullying has been going on since the beginning of time. Only recently has humanity started to acknowledge that this is not an acceptable practice in any place where two or more people congregate.

However, the last place we need to eradicate bullies from is in your mind. There are Four Mind Bullies who try each week to get you from turning an idea into action. Dive into this session to learn who these villains are and how to stop them.

Aug 2019 - Finish - Get Into Progress

How do you terminate your Agreement With Fear? You enter into a new, life-giving Agreement With Progress.

Did you know that now is the best time to make a fresh start before you have to make a forced start?

I will show you how the Four Mind Bullies collude to keep you from taking your ideas and turning them into actions that will take you where you really want to go.

Sep 2019 - Make Powerful Quality Decisions 4 Lessons

Sept 2019 - Starter Motivation - Powerful Quality Decisons

Is what you are currently doing going to provide you with the future that you want?

We will help you answer that question this month by building the skill of making and executing powerful, quality decisions in your life and work. Focusing on this skill can be the game changer that you have been waiting for at this point in the year.

Ready to make bigger, more decisive decisions that will bring you the future that you deserve?

Sept 2019 - Focus - Decision Cycling

Do you know at what point in your situational cycle that you need to stop and make a decision that can benefit you?


What decision do you need to make that will enable you to move forward and get what you truly want?


We cover these helpful questions and a powerful model designed to help you decide and act your way toward what you want to accomplish most. What are you waiting for? Decide to jump into this session and take confidence to move closer to what you want to accomplish.

Sept 2019 - Lead - Critical Decision Factors

How do you stop emotionally fuelled decisions?


Yes, many people today make the majority of their decisions based on emotion. Sometimes this is okay, but it often leads to a less powerful or sub-optimal outcome. Want to change this?


This session will guide you through five critical decision factors that will definitely improve the speed, quality and end result you get from your next decision.


Decide now to add these critical decision factors to your skill set.

Sept 2019 - Finish - Decision Drivers

Do you truly know what drives your decisions?


Sure there are thoughts, feelings and emotions. There is also the facts you study and the story you listen to, or tell yourself.


Did you know there are six other decision drivers? Knowing how to question each driver and how you can meet the associated need will greatly improve the speed and quality of your decisions. Be sure to take the Six Human Needs Test as Shane outlines in this session.

Oct 2019 - Structure Equals Freedom 4 Lessons

Oct 2019 - Starter Motivation - Structure Equals Freedom

At least two to three times per year, a person should evaluate the systems or structures that they operate from. This process will allow you to discard the structures that you've grown out of, or have worn out. We can then inject new structures that will give you expanded freedom to live your life at a more intentional and higher level.


I will walk you through the steps we will take this month together. You are not alone in this journey and I am super excited to be your guide.

Oct 2019 - Focus - 8 Core Structures

The efficiency and effectiveness of your life is reflected by the quality and types of structure you employ in all areas of your world. This month, we go on a journey to discard non-supportive structures. In this focus session, we look at 8 Core Structures to help you evaluate which area will bring you the greatest benefit.


I look forward to helping you discover your key structural focus area and how you can maximize this for your greater benefit.

Oct 2019 - Lead - Performance Rituals

How do you feel about your daily routines? Are they dull or effective?

My guess is that you are here because you are keen on making incremental progress toward a life of greater enjoyment and satisfaction. One sure way to accomplish this is my introducing the concept of performance rituals into each day.

An action filled session is waiting to support so that you can accomplish more without more stress and striving required. Sound appealing?

Oct 2019 - Finish - Threats to Freedom

This session is action packed with ways that you can insulate yourself from the threats that come your way. Knowing these strategies will help you keep strong, powerful structures in place that will support you and take you where you really want to go.

Nov 2019 - Thrive Thinking Skills 6 Lessons

Nov 2019 - Starter Motivation - Thrive Thinking

Welcome to Thrive Thinking. Have you heard the saying that "knowledge is power"?

That saying is only half true. The application of knowledge is where ideas are converted into tangible value creation. This month, you will travel with us to create thrive thinking skills that will enable you to arrive at where you truly want to get to.

Nov 2019 - Focus Session - Thrive Thinking on Purpose

This session has multiple parts to it which will challenge you to expand your thinking of what is really, truly possible for you to accomplish.

Make sure to go through the guided True Power meditation to connect with a greater truth that is sitting resident inside of you right this moment. Then you can hunt for the one growth lever that you can focus on so you can see exponential growth in your greatest area of possibility.

Imagine what will happen for you two to three months from now because you connect to a greater truth that helped you decide on which path you should follow right now.

Nov 2019 - Lead Session - Strategic Thinking Skills

Spending any amount of time in strategic thinking and planning saves you a ton of time on the results side of the equation. This session will show you have to dust off an often forgotten model for great strategic thinking. Make sure you check out the growth model questions which will get you thinking about your life, projects and ambition at the highest level.

Nov 2019 - Lead Session - Strategic Thinking

Spending any amount of time in strategic thinking and planning saves you a ton of time on the results side of the equation. This session will show you have to dust off an often forgotten model for great strategic thinking. Make sure you check out the growth model questions which will get you thinking about your life, projects and ambition at the highest level.

Nov 2019 - Finish - Aligned Expectations & Limitless Mind

Wouldn't it be great if everyone got along and did what they were supposed to do? How do we solve challenging interpersonal situations?

The short answer to these questions is to align your expectations with the people you interact with. This counts equally at work, home and wherever you find yourself. Get a new perspective on what this skill can do to enhance your current relationships.

Nov 2019 - Finish - Aligned Expectations & Limitless Mind

Wouldn't it be great if everyone got along and did what they were supposed to do? How do we solve challenging interpersonal situations?

The short answer to these questions is to align your expectations with the people you interact with. This counts equally at work, home and wherever you find yourself. Get a new perspective on what this skill can do to enhance your current relationships.

Dec 2019 - Triple Your Wins 4 Lessons

Dec 2019 - Starter Motivation - Triple Your Wins

At this time of year, you have a lot of things going on. Many choices to engage with. As we near the end of this special year and decade end, it is critical to use this month wisely.

This month can be a month that creates momentum or one that allows you to make a pivot. Join in this session to decide which track you want to follow with us.

Dec 2019 - Focus - Triple Your Wins Model

There are only 3 steps to this month's model. You will need to make one simple choice for each piece of the model to get the absolute best results.

Our suggestion is to take a layered approach to the model. Start with one section and choose one focal point. If you have more energy and inclination, then rinse and repeat for all three sections.

The key is that this model can be used throughout the year at quarter end, end of a season or any other time you want to bring a powerful close and ready yourself to do something new.

Dec 2019 - Lead - 15 Things You Don't Have Time For

You are on the way to accomplishing tremendous things in your work and life. Did you know there are 15 things that you no longer have time for?

You don't need to eradicate all 15 from you life, but downsizing and kicking a couple of these to the curb is a great place to start right now. See which ones challenge you and let me know where you will place your focus. Get ready to go further once you know these 15 things.

Dec 2019 - Finish - Work the Model

Have you gone through the short-term model to get ultra focused? This model can help you get stuff done and set yourself up to push over the first domino of accomplishment in a short period of time.

The end of this session presses into uncovering your limiting beliefs that you may have in order to make some crucial progress on your intended path.

Implementors Members

Jan - Apr 2018 - New Year Structure 11 Lessons

2018 Monumental Year Workshop

This annual workshop will help you close out last year and usher in 2018 with a proven strategy and plan to make it happen for you. Bring an open mind, writing instrument and plenty of paper.

You can also download the Dojo Members only workbook to help guide you through the process.

January 2018 Starter Motivation

I shot this for you because I want you to get a sense of what's possible out there for you. I want you to believe more. I want you to be ready to understand your big why of what you're trying to accomplish. Why do you want to do this why do you really really want to do this. And then we'll figure out the tactical stuff together as we go along with your coaching and the Implementors training programs. So I look forward to working with you. It's a pleasure to have you, and it's an honor. It's an honor for me to help you make the impact in your life that you're seeking. I trust in you. I believe in you because you've put up your hand and said, "Yes, I know I can be more and do more and I can have more and I'm willing to go for it". That's all you need right now today to make this year one for the record books!

January 2018 - Focus: Build the Base

This one will get you focused on starting smooth, strong and courageous. Avoid the fads, resolutions and other knee jerk ideas that float around in January. Do one of these strategies instead and blow by 80% of the crowd that peters out by mid February.

January 2018 - Focus QnA Session

Here is the Implementor group coaching question & answer (QnA) session. We reviewed the focus components and answered Implementor questions. Learn from Scott's question about how to get things done.

January 2018 - Lead: Your Structure

What is your structure like? This session, we cover the two simple, yet essential elements of leading well. Discover this certain formula that will help you take your focus and accomplish more great things.

January 2018 - Finish Strong: 3-10-30 Formula

Learn how to crush your to-do or task list into a highly executable plan that will help you finish out the month strong. 90% of people don't make to-do lists and when they do, their lists are ineffective. Dive in now to transform your list into an actionable plan.

January 2018 QnA Session 2

This session helped several of your fellow Implementor Members with key areas they are working on. Insights from this session will make an impact on you.

February 2018 Update

Shane shares with you a mid-course correction and update based on our Implementors feedback and voting on the last QnA Session. Stop in and see what's up and how February will greatly benefit you in all you do this month.

February Starter Motivation - 2018

This audio only start to February will get you going with some strategies to try out this month.

March 2018 - Starter Motivation Session

Welcome to March!

The theme of this month is... Stay the Course. Shane will greet you and help you learn the four elements or filters you need to account for before any decision happens. Dive into the audio only presentation.

April 2018 - Starter Motivation Session

April is the month to do one of two things along your path to accomplishing big things in your life. I will share with you the two things to consider as our April theme.  You will love the resource tool that we cover in this month's Starter Motivation Session.

May 2018 - 7 Decisions to Banish Clutter 4 Lessons

May 2018 Starter Motivation Session

May's content theme is Banish Clutter. Find out why this month's session and focus can lighten your load and increase your productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and overall organization.

May 2018 Focus - Psychology of Clutter

This session walks you through the Psychology of Clutter. We will show you some things that might be keeping you from shedding excess clutter. We will help you define your own "Clutter Sweet Spot". Everyone has one and being aware of yours will help you determine what level of clutter is supportive versus destructive in your personal ecosystem.

May 2018 - Lead - 7 Decisions to deClutter

In order to lead others, you need to lead yourself. In this session, we covered the 7 Decisions that you need to consider along your path to declutter your world. Ready? Dive in and decide how you will live from tomorrow forward.

May 2018 - Finish - Origin of Clutter Action Prompts

This session will challenge you, but at the same time help increase your expectations around being more organized and clutter free. Make sure to move through the Action Prompts document with your journal, pen and paper.

Jun 2018 - Internal Success Factors 5 Lessons

June 2018 - Starter Motivation Session

Welcome to this month's theme of Celebrate Progress. Shane shares with you a preparation exercise you might want to check out and do based on this session. We will challenge you as well to intensify your celebration skills this month.

June 2018 - Focus - Celebrate Progress

Nearing the half way mark of this year, it is time to focus on celebrating progress. We will celebrate accomplishments as well as the mis-steps that might have occurred. This all yields to setting you up for a powerful accomplishment in the next half of the year to come!

June 2018 - Lead - Guided Process

Live life without regret. Go for experiences over excuses. The process we walk you through in this session will help you forge ahead on your pathway to having greater experiences.

June 2018 - QNA Session 1 - The BIG Question You Need to Answer

In this QNA Session 1, I ask you a BIG question. This question will help you discover why you are at where you are at. It will also help you decide on where you want to go. It might just be direction changing for you if you dive into this session.

June 2018 Finish & QNA Session 2 - Major Decision Inventory

A member asked me to review the updated CAP method, so we did. This method will help you celebrate your progress even further and by doing so, you see more of what you want happening to and around you.

Also dive in for the Major Decision Inventory that will help create transferable decision making power from previous major decisions onto the next major decision that you are now contemplating.

Jul 2018 - Renew / Recover / Prepare to Win 4 Lessons

July 2018 Starter Motivation

This July, we encourage you to take part in one of, or all of the following areas of focus:


How you approach each focus area will determine the path and momentum that you establish for the rest of the year.

July 2018 - RENEW Session

July, we take a turn on the Focus - Lead - Finish concept of Implementors. This session is connected to this month's theme of Renewal. You will love this session or it might challenge you to dig deeper based on where your year has trended so far. Get ready to renew!

July 2018 - RECOVER Session

Recovery is an often forgotten or unplanned event for most people. But not You! After this session, see if you can meet the 25% Rule for Recovery going forward. We will also give you the framework to craft the ultimate recovery plan. Recovery allows you to come back stronger for the next time, event, project or competition.

July 2018 - Prepare/Plan

Wow, what a session. This one is for you if you are keenly interested in using the next month wisely to set yourself up for success in the next 4-6 months. Consider this a great starting point as to why you will choose you goals and set your plans. Great resources await here for you.

Did I mention we have some great advice from a special philosopher to share?

Aug 2018 - Create Big Memories 3 Lessons

August 2018 Starter Motivation

Big Memories is the theme for August. You can actually use this theme and training anytime during the year. What we lay out here is a framework that you should make as an ongoing practice. I am looking forward to see what you come up with from this session.

August 2018 - Focus/Lead BIG MEMORIES

Creating BIG Memories is not some rah-rah movement. In this session, we unpack the key strategies that you can take to turn moments into memories. Your decisions and intentions play a key role. Dive in now and let us know what memories you are creating .

August 2018 - Finish BIG MEMORIES

This session will help you clarify the model of creating BIG Memories:

Decide > Be Willing > Completion

Simple right? Yes, when you are clear about the process. This session has a powerful set of questions asked to get you moving in the right direction.

Sep 2018 - Inspire You & Others to Action 4 Lessons

September 2018 Starter Motivation

Happy New Year! Wait, it's not January but it is September. This is like your second chance at a new year. Inside this September Starter Motivation, we help you determine if a change of direction is required, or if you need to pursue the completion of a longer strategy or plan you have started on earlier this year.

September 2018 - Focus - Inspire You

In this session, we begin by getting you focused on the model that will help get you inspired and clear on your why, who, how, what and the tools to get you into taking the critical actions needed. We also share a popular principle to getting everything that you want out of life. Dive in now.

September 2018 - Lead - Inspire Others to Action

We transition from you to leading others into action. You'll learn about how to become the Selfish Leader and why this approach to leading others always works. Will you be courageous enough to try this style of leadership out at work and in your community?

September 2018 - Finish to Inspire Others

The first way to inspire somebody is for you be a finisher. You inspire somebody else when you finish your projects. You inspire somebody else to finish their projects when you inject into the project something that I call "The Invisible Expectation". The next way that you inspire other people to finish their projects is when you create a space for them to win.  You create the space for them to win when you create a padded timeline to meet. You get all of this covered in today's finish strong session. Report back the results you get from testing these principles out in the coming weeks.

Oct 2018 - Growth as a Habit 4 Lessons

October 2018 - Starter Motivation - GROWTH

What areas of your work and life are you willing to grow at or in?

This question forms the basis of why October is all about you and your team's growth. We will cover the MBA of Growth along with understanding the darker side of growth that many people gloss over too easily. Be prepared to grow and make tomorrow better than today.

October 2018 - Focus - Growth Despite Fear

Are you growing despite the fear(s) you may have?

Today's session handles many ways that you can become growth focused in your work and personal life. We will help you test out three simple mindset shifts that will get you out of fear and into action toward the growth that can help you. Ready to grow?

October 2018 - Lead - Exponential Growth

In this leadership session, we cover how to achieve Exponential Growth and why this is different from compound growth. You will discover the three parts of Exponential Growth: Strategy > Effort Required > Willingness to grow and do the work.

Then you will learn how and why it is good to make decisions quickly versus the high cost of hesitation. Ready to grow yourself and lead the people around you to greater growth?

October 2018 - FInish - Action Sets

Your goal is to take and apply one action set from this session. We have also included the power question that will simplify all your relationships and improve them at the same time when deployed. Curious? Take action to make tomorrow better than today.

Nov 2018 - Be Adaptable 4 Lessons

November 2018 Starter Motivation

At any point in the year, you will be pressed to use the skills we are developing this month. Learning how to be adaptable in varying situations will help you navigate changing times and ultimately thrive as you forge ahead with confidence. Jump into this session anytime you feel that life is starting to get heavy and find out how to rise up and thrive.

November 2018 Focus - Adaptable

What a session is in store for you right now. This session will help you identify which type of adaptable person you and others around you are. Also, we take you through a guided process to identify what skills or beliefs that you can adopt to be more adaptable in the situations that you will face in the future. Dive in.

November 2018 - Lead - Adaptable

Being an adaptable leader is a critical skill from the board room table to your kitchen table. This exciting session covers a unique way to bring a group, team or family to consensus on making important decisions go forward.

November 2018 - Finish - Adaptable

What cave are you stuck in?

This Finish session will help you be more adaptable and get out of the cave you may be stuck in. The cave represents your beliefs, thinking or habits around a certain situation. Also included is a powerful guided question sequence with 10 powerful questions to help you move forward and create greater momentum. Want out of your cave, dive in now.

Dec 2018 - Annual Planning Workshop 4 Lessons

December 2018 - Focus - Finish Strong or Start Early

You have choices as to how well you finish this year and how you enter into next year. This is true and in this session, I walk you through how to discern the best approach for you to take right here, right now. Ready to go?

December 2018 - Annual Planning Workshop - Part 1

Here is Part 1 of the Annual Planning Workshop. Our live attendees had a lot of great contributions to add to the mix. This portion covers your current year in review. Bring your pen, paper and even a spreadsheet to the session for maximal impact.

December 2018 - Annual Planning Workshop - Part 2

This second part of your annual planning workshop covers more than you will need to make 2019 an exceptional year and one for your personal record books. Bring your notes from Part 1 ready to expand upon in this session. Be brilliant.

December 2018 - Starter Motivation

Crunch time? What Happened?

These are feelings or questions that you may be asking yourself right now. If so, this month is dedicated to you. You will belong to one of two groups that I have identified. Join the session to find out which one you are in.

Implementors Members

Implementors 2017 7 Lessons

October 2017 Starter Motivation

This will help you see how to act imperfectly to gain progress on starting something new!

October 2017 – How to Journal Training

This training is a critical start to your time here as an Implementor. You may notice that the logo in the video says Mindset Monday. We were planning on releasing this, but soon we realized that the training here was incredibly valuable and should only be reserved for Implementors.

Don't tell the other Dojo Members about this one.

November 2017 Starter Motivation Session

This session can change the trajectory of the rest of this year for you. In order to do more, be more and have more in your life, you need to create space for those things to appear or happen for you. Everyday, you walk in seas of opportunities. Is your boat big enough to navigate those seas?

Dive in and see which one area will help you create the space you need to move forward.

December 2017 - Starter Motivation

This training session will help you learn how to implement the M-E-A-P.

Minimum | Effective | Accomplishment | Plan

Dive in and send any questions via email to

Domo Arigato.

December 2017 - Focus - 5 Percent Effect

When you really do the math, you realize that only 5% of many people's days are highly effective. The rest or the other 95%... well, that's the point of this session.

We will show you how to capitalize on being more focused and effective with the 95% left over in your days.

December 2017 - Lead - 2 Aspects of Leading

You are a leader. You are responsible to lead yourself first before you lead others. This training session will show you a simple 8 step formula to do both effectively. For many people here in Implementors, this might be a reminder. However, application of the steps will yield you tremendous returns and help you finish sooner than you expect on your next goal or project.

December 2017 - Finish - One Major Accomplishment

Here I will show you how to sprint past the finish line this month or any month. The key is you can't always use this format every month of the year as I explain inside.