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How A 16th Century "Code Of Behavior"
Can Help You Accomplish More
In The Next 3 Months Than You've Accomplished In The Past 3 Years!

If you've ever invested in a Personal Development product, this short letter is going to be a revelation.


Because like you, I've bought and read all the best sellers from authors like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, David Allen, Brian Tracy, and Jack Canfield, and Tim Ferris...

And I've discovered one HUGE thing that all of these greats are missing... And it's probably stopping you dead in your tracks from getting what you want.

In fact...​

Great Books You Have Read

All These Books Have A Built-In Failure Factor!

Now, I have to be honest... I own all of these titles. I love these books, just like you probably do too.

And I know firsthand that these are great guys, because I have personally trained with many of them. They aren't intentionally trying to set you up for failure...

But it's happening anyways.

In fact, you might be stuck in a cycle that's keeping you...

Addicted to Failure!

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess this sounds familiar:

The Hot & New Tip Everyone is Excited About:

You hear about a hot new productivity, personal development, or business book. Maybe it was featured on Oprah, Dr. Oz, or you read about it online, or it was recommended by a friend. Either way, it's right up your alley, so you buy a copy and start reading your heart out.

And it's good... Really good.

This Will Definitely Work for Me:

Some of the author’s content seems familiar and old hat, but a couple concepts really jump out at you and pique your interest and curiosity to try them out.

So you forge ahead like a man on a mission, determined to implement this new “hack” or “trick” and see some results. You're ready to finally make a dent in your getting your goals finally done!

You decide to get started the very next morning. However...

If It Weren’t For… Those People:

Your day starts with some interruptions, and you get pulled into handling a few small, seemingly urgent things. There's the 64 emails you wake up to, the kids are sick again, and more phone calls and deadlines at work... and suddenly before you know it, it's lunchtime.

The afternoon goes pretty much the same and suddenly you are rushing to get the home because you’re going to be late for dinner (again).

Suddenly, it's next week, next month and then...

You Need a Reset:

You get frustrated when you realize you've done it yet again. Despite all your heartfelt best intentions, you've learned a lot, but nothing's changed for you. You failed to create any tangible momentum or achieve your goals...

Your frustration lasts right up until you hear about the next, hottest new productivity, personal development, or business book and you start all over again from the top.

First Cycle of Ideas - You vs You

If You're Stuck In This Cycle, You're Not Alone...

So don't waste another minute beating yourself up about it.

It happens to millions of people, every single day. The painful yet obvious truth is that just reading these books isn’t enough to make your dreams magically come alive. You actually have to create a game plan, lay out some goals, and create more successful habits that support you realizing your goals and your hidden human capability...

The books you're reading and authors you admire just don't show you how to successfully do that. Instead...

They're Leaving You Alone In The Dark...

Like I said earlier, it's not being done intentionally.

It's not the author’s responsibility to make sure you implement what he teaches you...

Just like it's not Bowflex's responsibility to make sure you spend 30 minutes every day on your new treadmill.

There is a process in the adult education and corporate training world called a learning needs assessment. The sole purpose of this assessment is to reduce the gap between the TRAINING and the IMPLEMENTATION of that training out in the real world.

Essentially, it's designed to help you...

Leap Across the Intention-Action-Gap!

You need the right environment, the right training devices, and personal support to make new habits a reality. These three tools will ensure you're learning and achievement cycle looks more like this:

New Cycle of Ideas - You vs You

It's Not Like You Could Call Or Email The Author Asking For Some Fast, Personal Help… Right?

This is reserved for people who attend the author's high price speaking events where you only get a couple minutes of the authors attention provided that you bought a VIP seat for several thousand dollars. If you could afford it and are willing to give up the days of travel and hotel costs, you will literally get a 2 to 3 minutes to ask one question and get a tepid fast response that might solve one of your many questions.

The second issue is that the training the book provided had only one training device... the book itself. We know that in order to set the stage to make training "sticky" and successful for the learner, you need multiple training tools and devices.

Once in a while in life, if you’re like me, we all need a helping hand with something, especially if you are new at it. I’ve been there and I can tell you that the expert support or lack of it will impact your outcome in every situation.

I Get You,
Because I Was Worse Than You Are Today

Old Shane Before The Code of Behaviour
Shane Now After The Code

Eliminate Your Greatest Enemy…

No matter what is happening around you and to you today, there is one master enemy that is lurking around trying to extinguish your flame of productivity and goal getting ability. This is the same person who puts the brakes on all your efforts to get going toward what you’ve always wanted. It’s the same person who whispers in your ear that you aren’t good enough, fast enough, smart enough or rich enough.

Meet your major enemy.

Your enemy’s sole job is to keep you living a life of average.

Your enemy wants to keep you flying under the radar and never getting noticed for the brilliant contributions you make at work. Your enemy loves seeing you live a life of mediocrity and having you never master any one thing. Your enemy LOVES when you jump from one thing to the next “big thing” in the search for success.

Your enemy wants to hide the fact that often, you are closer than you think to getting what you want.

You Know The Person Who’s Been
Robbing You Of Your Dreams…

If you’re anything like me, I can empathize with what it’s like to have poor energy and be overweight.

I know what it’s like to be dead broke and wonder how on earth will I tell my family that I can’t afford to buy Christmas gifts this year.

I’ve taken the bus, worked graveyard shifts just to get by while trying to get an education in the process and make something of myself.

At times life can be downright exhausting… at least that is what I used to believe a decade ago.

I can tell you that nobody has ever held a gun to my head and forced me to eat that delicious second piece of chocolate cake or bowl of ice cream. Nobody has ever tied me to my chair while they used my credit card to buy things online. Nobody has ever bolted my door shut and siphoned the gas out of my car preventing me from going to the gym to get my workout in. Nobody has ever forbid me to spend time with the loved ones in my life.

Only one person stopped me from achieving all that I wanted is me.

In all of those situations, I've been the one that's chosen the piece of cake. I’ve believed that my excuse on a given day ruled out over getting my workout done. I’ve chosen to waste and fetter away valuable time on less meaningful activities. I’ve squandered valuable time that could have been used to build awesome relationships throughout my life.

I'm sure you have a few big obstacles in the way of you achieving what you want to do in this life. The only person who ever stopped me and robbed me of my dreams was me.

I Suspect You Are The Only One
Holds You Back From
Getting What You Deserve Out Of Life

But I have great news to share with you.

You can become the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

You can become an even more refined and accomplished version of yourself than what you see in the mirror today.

You can overcome the enemy of average lurking within you that keeps you from starting and more importantly finishing the goals that you have started.

You can implement a routine of consistency in a few simple minutes a day that will keep you on track to accomplishing something significant in your life this year.

You have the capability inside of you right now to be an awesome goal getting, dream accomplishing person with impressive feats behind your name.

For most of my clients, this happens much quicker than they initially think is possible. Why?

Because my certainty in my ability and skills to help them overcome their biggest obstacles is greater than their self-doubt. Sound familiar to you?

You start out on a project with great enthusiasm. Within about 48 hours you start thinking about how much further you have to go. 72 hours comes by and you think about whether you have made the right decision. 96 hours hammers you over the head with a dump truck size load of doubt… doubting whether you of all people can even be so crazy to attempt such a lofty goal.

Then it’s over…

Back To Reality and The Grind
That You Are Currently On

At this point, you might give up on your dream.

You then start plotting the next big thing. You ponder how you will face those family members and people at work who a week ago you shouted from the top of the building your lofty goal. You sigh. This is some reality that I have cooked up for myself.

STOP the grind you are perceiving yourself to be living. It doesn’t have to be this way any longer.

Your New Reality Starts RIGHT NOW!

I know what it’s like to get caught up by the daily grind. I get what it’s like trying to find a better way to get by. I used to have a lot of frustrations because I tried hard, but ended up spinning my wheels with slow and minimal results to show for it.

I read the books and listened to the self-help books on tape back when cassettes were all we had. Still nothing seemed to really be working. If that’s you too, it’s not your fault.

You have the heart to do better. You want to have reality match up with what’s inside your head and you want it now! Actually, you wanted it yesterday.

You Are Your Own Enemy Of Average!

You are standing on the doorstep of opportunity right now that will lead you to getting what you truly want and deserve from life. But every door of opportunity requires a key to open it. I have that key waiting for you to reach for, take and use to unlock the door and let it swing open to helping you accomplish your biggest goals, faster than you think is possible right now.

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might be thinking because I have forged the hard path for you. I have shed tears, bled and been bruised in learning how to come up with the key to open doors of opportunity for you so you don’t have to.

You're Welcome...

I’ll Save You the Blood and Bruises
I Endured to Unlock the
1000 Year Old Samurai Code For Your Benefit
(use it wisely)

Meet Shane Fielder

I’m Shane Fielder and over 26 years ago, I walked through the door of opportunity called an Aikido Dojo. I stepped into a totally foreign world for me. This place was the weirdest place I had ever been. Why would I willingly want to hand my body over to a whole line of black belt level samurai to become their training dummy?

I did it because I had a far out, seemingly impossible dream of becoming a black belt martial artist. I yearned to discover the secrets of the martial arts. I also did this at one of the lowest points in my life. I entered the dojo when my life had hit rock bottom and there was truly no place to go but up.

I was broke, fat, out of shape, single with no girlfriend prospects on the horizon and I had just learned that my mother was diagnosed with that horrid disease that starts with a “C” and is also named after a famous zodiac sign.

Going to the dojo was the one place I could get my mind off of everything else going completely wrong in my life. The pounding that I took at the dojo then caused more bleeding and bruising than I had ever experienced before in my life. It hurt a lot and every part of my body for months seemed to always be hurting.

At one point, I was introduced to “the code”. I had reached a certain level of proficiency when my teacher pulled me aside and explained this "Code of Behaviour" to me.

The Code That Worked Exactly As
My Teacher Said It Would,
It Will Work Exactly For You Too...

Once I started applying the principles of the code to my life, things began to change. I started noticing small little victories coming my way. I began noticing how people were starting to be nicer to me. I met the woman of my dreams who is now my wife! I even landed a new professional job that changed my financial situation for the better. The clouds that once seemed to hang over my head started to break and I saw some sunny days.

I began making more and better quality decisions in my life. Three of those early decisions have paid off in ways that would take me a few hours to be able to tell you the stories.

I Will Share With You A Way That
I Will Personally Teach You
How You Can Master
The 16th Century Code Of Behaviour.

You won’t have to shed any blood, tears or sweat in the process. I will save you the emotional and physical bruises that I had to endure in order to understand how the code works. Instead, I will walk along side of you. I will teach you the code and the system that will help you crush any goal that you want to accomplish.

The system that I want to share with you that will help you get your goals done quicker and easier is called:

Welcome to You vs You - Samurai Innovation

An Immersive Coaching
Transformation Experience

Imagine for a moment what it will feel like later this year when you’re sitting around with family and friends at Christmas or New Year’s and they are all curious as to what’s different about you.

It might be the 15 to 20 pounds of excess weight that you suddenly seemed to drop.

Your brother in law might be blown away by the new car that you drive onto his driveway because you earned that sales bonus.

You could be the apple of all the ladies eyes because they have heard your wife bragging about how awesome you are around the house lately…

What will it feel like not having to work on the weekends anymore because you the most productive you’ve ever been?

I have designed an intensive goals mastery program for you.

In this 5 week coaching series, I will work with you to ensure that you don’t get caught by the failure factors in accomplishing your most critical goals. You won’t be left alone to fend for yourself like you have been in the past...

Instead, I will walk along side of you every step of the way, and show you…

  • That yes, YOU WILL accomplish more in the next 3 months than you have in the last 3 years because you will have the right training environment, direct support from me personally along with proven winning tools that my most successful clients use each day in the trenches of real world life.
  • Why Someday Island is the worst place to be and ways that you can finally break out of the rut of procrastination and always start each day in high gear (you’ll never go back again).
  • The way to get your boss and other people to take notice of you so you will be able to work on better projects, get that promotion you deserve along with the recognition that you deserve.
  • I'll show you how to overcome the 5 Forces of Personal Destruction so that you can wake up each day refreshed, active and ready to own the day
  • Why you work all the time and how to stop working on weekends so you can have more adventurous & fun stories to tell people during the Monday morning question (“So... what did you do on the weekend?”)
  • How your personal pathway can be changed quickly so that you are able to live a regret free lifestyle of happiness and exhilaration.
  • How to silence the enemy of average lurking within you with an automatic system of accomplishment (regardless that other systems have failed you) so you can spend more time getting your goals done with confidence and elated joy.
  • Our samurai focusing method so you can be the most productive person you know and get more wins on the board quickly.
  • How to jump over the intention action gap and land in the pool of productivity and significant accomplishments so you will be proud of whenever someone asks you, “hey, what’s up with you lately”.
  • Construct a complete “goal-setting” system that turns even the most chronic goal SETTER into a determined goal GETTER… so you can finally succeed despite your biggest enemy… YOURSELF!

You will learn how to win on the inside, so that you can get everything you truly want on the outside. And achieving your goals will be easier than it’s ever been, because you will…

Master The Intention-Action Gap!

Earlier, we talked about the intention-action-gap that has caused you to fail at achieving your goals. Well no more.

I will eliminate the three failure factors for you:

1. Poor environment

2. Poor training systems

3. Poor support to help you form powerful habits

Over the 5 weeks of live coaching from me, we will set the stage for you implement the You vs You system in your personal and work life. The key to putting this goal getting secret code to work for you comes in the form of an automatic system for goal accomplishment that I’ve designed for you.

I have researched, tested and perfected the You vs You system on myself and my Samurai Innovation coaching clients over the past 5 years.

When we put you in the right training environment and provide you direct coaching, you will experience great leaps of productivity on your top goals.

We will follow that up with a proven system that when implemented will take you about 5 minutes each day to get the system working for you and showing you awesome results.

"Thank You, Shane! What I especially appreciate is the personal attention you give to every dojo member who asks a question or encounters a problem."

Nancy Schouten

Ashland, Wisconsin

"By the way, I set up a 90-day plan as soon as I received the new version (about a month ago) and I thought the goals were a little out of reach, but decided to try to accomplish them anyway. I have the first one done and the second will be completed next week! The other two are kind of ongoing, but I am measuring the results and that helps keep me on track. It's amazing what can be accomplished with some focus!

I have tried many other organizing/time-management/goal-setting programs and software. I must say that yours by far is the simplest to use and the most effective I have come across. I use the 90-Day Plan and Weekly Plan in combination with a paper planner (I'm not on the computer all the time). Plus, I did take the Ultimate Information Manager course and I love OneNote now! I have almost no paper files and I have no post-it notes and no papers scattered around. I can find any information I need in a jiffy.

All I can say is Thank You, Shane! Your programs and videos and blogs have been so helpful. What I especially appreciate is the personal attention you give to every dojo member who asks a question or encounters a problem."

“After speaking with Shane I’ve realized that I’ve neglected two sides of my business that I didn’t even know existed! Shane’s “3 sides of the sword” concept has changed the way I think about business, and now that I’m paying attention to all three of them, I expect to double my income next year.”

"After speaking with Shane... I expect to double my income next year.”

Erik Stafford

Cape Coral, Florida

"Write down this name, Shane Fielder, then contact him and ask him to mentor you fact insist that he will mentor you"

John Kanary

Milton, Ontario

"Think about taking your life to a new level ! How will you do it ? However we all need a lift along the way, we all need that special someone or word at the right moment. Write down this name, Shane Fielder, then contact him and ask him to mentor you fact insist that he will mentor you in achieving a level of success most peopled only dream about. I know him, and I know he can do it."

"Shane Fielder is one of the smartest, most disciplined, high integrity, industrious people I know. He's a student and a teacher. I consider myself fortunate to have him as a friend, colleague and mastermind partner. When Shane decides to do something, you can count on him to over-deliver on his promises. His commitment to excellence is exceptional."

"When Shane decides to do something, you can count on him to over-deliver on his promises. His commitment to excellence is exceptional.”

Michael Angier

Spring Hill, Florida

"I particularly like the way he uses real world examples from his years of business experience to explain timeless principles in a practical way."

Rodger Constandse

San Diego, California

"Shane Fielder is a dynamic, inspiring and energetic speaker who has a knack for teaching complex topics in simple, easy to understand terms. I particularly like the way he uses real world examples from his years of business experience to explain timeless principles in a practical way. Whether it's sword strikes used in Aikido, increasing sales at a movie theater or reducing thefts at a parking lot, they enhance the lessons and make them more memorable, enjoyable and sticky."

Here's What You Get

Each week you will be part of an immersive coaching experience that involves:

1. On-demand Training & Coaching sessions in private Dojo Member area

2. Two live Question & Answer Coaching Sessions with Shane scheduled at your request through the program. These are to be completed within 90 days of you starting the program.

3. Self-study elements to further support your transformation

Each week, you will be mastering the elements of the Code of Behaviour that will set you apart from everyone else around you.

Week 1:   Define Your New Path

  • Breakthrough the lies and myths that are most likely holding you back from your greatest accomplishments so that you can rapidly build momentum toward accomplishing 4 big goals in the next 3 months
  • You will be able to answer the questions: “Who are you?” & “What are you about?” These two answers are life changers and empower you to be more decisive in your actions and cut through procrastination
  • Learning the Code in this session will help you be crystal clear on what you are going to accomplish and how simple it will be for you

Week 2:   Obliterate Your Enemy

  • Finally, defeat the Enemy of Average lurking around in your life so you get on the clear pathway to more and better wins
  • Overcome the 5 Forces of Personal Destruction so you can begin living a life of greater confidence, focus and tremendous victories
  • Eliminate the 4 Critical Toxins from your life…see new awesomeness emerge in every part of your life when you do this
  • Slay your rituals and find new freedom each day to live on your own terms

Week 3:   From Goal Setter to Goal Getter

  • Forget all the goal setting formulas that didn’t work for you. We have a few that work brilliantly and are proven with our clients like you
  • The plan that will get it done for you while you. Meet the 4x3x90 Plan
  • You will discover the proven templates that makes setting and getting your goals done. The process will help you automate your accomplishments without overthinking things

Week 4:   The NEW You!

  • What true mastery will mean to you and how to keep it in flow so that you don’t do back to the old you
  • We cover what will happen to you over the next 97 days of your personal transformation process based on our client driven results
  • Inspire your journey to keep your new you fired up and focused on connecting the dots between now and the big picture of your new life

Week 5:   BONUS Review Week

This bonus week is here for you and you only. Every great training plan needs to anticipate the small bumps along the way so that you have options to keep your momentum building.

  • We will connect during this session and handle your questions.
  • We will get you clear on walking your new path confidently
  • You will leave the session supported & energized
  • You will be ready to answer the inquisitive questions all the people around you will have for you

What’s This Live Immersive Coaching Experience Going to Cost You?

If you hire me to coach you on a one-to-one basis, you will pay $800-$1,200 per month depending on what you need from me.

You would get 45 minutes of my time each week, three times per month helping you crush out your biggest goals and dreams.

We would meet over a secure line from your closest phone or computer. I would provide you the exercises, support and systems you need to grow and succeed based on your personal pathway.

Your Dojo Member Only Special Price

Nobody from outside our Dojo group are seeing this offer but Samurai Innovation Dojo Members like you. I politely told my friends that they will have to wait to promote You vs. You sometime later this year.

Because you are part of my Dojo community, I invite you to join me and be part of the You vs. You immersive coaching experience.

You will not pay the $800 to $1,200 one-on-one price I charge current clients.

You will get the $422 Most Productive Person Bonus Package to shore up any productivity weaknesses you might have.

Normally, this would cost you at minimum $1,222.

Your Coaching Experience is Just $450

But that’s not all…

Get these proven tools, training and my limited time one-on-one personal coaching session that will arm you with the skills to get you over the finish line and blow past your competition in the process.

Your $422 Most Productive Person Ever
Bonus Training & Support Package

Remember earlier, I said that successful training comes down to the right training environment?

We got that handled for you above with our immersive coaching experience timeline.

Next, you need the right training and systems in order to enter into mastery.

Then you need support to help you take the action that you are highly capable of in order to succeed your way.

I have assembled an awesome bonus package that will ensure that all three critical training success elements are met for you. These tools will help you glide across the finish line to your top goals because you will have these proven systems and my personal one-on-one coaching to ensure it happens for you.


Be the Most Productive Person That You Know (Value $247)

Become highly focused, get ultra-organized and start getting things done twice as fast with half the effort. I will show you how to put Microsoft’s Best-Kept Secret to work so that you become the most productive person you know!

I consolidated a variety of productivity boosting principles and techniques into one comprehensive, easy to learn system: The Ultimate Information Manager is Your Game Changer

You will finally combat information overload, keep a clean desk void of paper stacks and be ultra-organized. The Ultimate Information Manager will help you put your whole life in one place. With all your information in one place, you will become highly focused, cut your stress in half and be known as an ultra-organized person.

Find 1 to 10 new hours in your week!

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 (Value $25)

Free access to our 65 minute Fundamental Success Indicators™ video training

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 Digital Journal (Microsoft Word Format)

Designing Your Best Weekly Plan Video training

​4 Samurai Coaching Concepts video training to complement Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 progress and results

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2-0-Samurai Innovation-2015

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 Mini-Course (Value $150)

You are a busy person and you want to get onto accomplishing your goals, so there's no sense making a 6, 8, 10, 12 or 20 week course that you'll only get to complete the first one or two weeks. NO.

We wanted to create something that would be fast, easy to digest and that would help you actually get your goals done fast.

We've put together six simple parts that will help you energize yourself. Get prepared to launch and then launch quickly into figuring out exactly what you want and then go after it.

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 - The Mini Course

And of course you’re covered by my personal Samurai Code of Honour with our steel clad guarantee…

Your 60-Day Samurai Protection Guarantee

You will gain exceptional clarity that will ensure you’ll accomplish more in the next 3 months than you have in the last 3 years or I insist on giving you 100% of your investment back.

Make sure you take advantage of the fast action bonus that will expire by the end of Black Friday. I want to meet you and personally lead you through each session and have you start creating real momentum and your personal breakthroughs.

We will show you how to side step the 5 Forces of Personal Destruction.

Your 60 Day Samurai Protection Guarantee

The immersive group coaching experience will end in the next 45 days. I'm giving you 60 days to work through the live immersive coaching experience and create new levels of awareness, focus and accomplishments for you.

You will gain exceptional clarity that will ensure you’ll accomplish more in the next 3 months than you have in the last 3 years or I insist on giving you 100% of your investment back.

Don’t Blow It Like I Did

In the past, there's been a couple times in my life where I really wanted to invest in a product or service that I knew would really help me take it up a notch to the next level. On a couple of occasions I hesitated to take fast action. Like you, I wanted to think it over a bit only to find out when I went back to invest, that it had sold out.

The other terrible situation happened when I went back a few days later to find out the vendor doubled my investment price.

My friend, this is a sickening feeling and it's something I call the cost of procrastination. I paid it and learned my lesson the hard way by taking a punch to my wallet and ego. That was worse that the tongue lashing my wife gave me for being so careless with our financial resources.

Don't Pay The Cost Of Procrastination

Take advantage of this awesome early bird special I'm running in conjunction with Black Friday.

You'll be able to sleep well over the weekend knowing that you got the absolute lowest price possible for your investment into the You vs. You live immersive coaching and transformation experience.

You vs. You will be a real game changer for you.

I look forward to booking your Fast Action Initiation Strategy Session so that I can connect personally with you and zero in on how I can help you get more done in the next 3 months that you have in the last 3 years.

Space is Intentionally Limited For This
Coaching Experience That
I Will Personally Lead You Through
Each Step of The Way

I don't want the experience to be taken by hundreds of people. If I did that, I could not deliver a superior coaching transformation experience and be able to give individual and group attention to you in an individual setting and in a group setting.

I want to make your experience a high quality level of service. Everything is riding on me to help you get more done and accomplished in the next 3 months then you have in the last 3 years. It’s my job to help you turn the tide and enter into a life of greater possibility and awesome outcomes.

So I urge you to really take action today and be part of You vs. You.

Don't Miss Out On Your Chance to
Be Part of This Immersive, Coaching Transformation Experience

Today Only $450

Take action today my friend, you have nothing to lose with my 60-Day Samurai Protection Guarantee.

I will use our time together so that I start thinking about how I can help you make the fastest and best transformation into the you that you've always wanted to be.

Then we'll dive into five on-demand training sessions that I personally will walk you through each step of the way. You will come out with a crystal clear action plan, knowing who you are and what you want to accomplish. You will leave the experience armed with the confidence and focus to go out there and make monumental things happen for you.

Domo Arigato,

Thank you for Training with Us - Samurai Innovation

Shane Fielder

P.S. When you win on the inside, you always win on the outside. It always happens much more quickly than you initially thought it could.

P.S.S. Five short weeks from now, you can have a concrete plan in place to accomplish 4 significant goals within the next 3 months. What will that do for your confidence?

How good will it feel when your friends, family, and co-workers start asking you…

“You seem calmer and focused than normal…”

“Lately you seem different…”

“Did you lose some weight recently? Your clothes seem a little baggy…”

“Did you do something different with your hair?”

It’s none of these things, and yet it can be all of these things… It’s all a result of winning the battle against yourself, and it all starts when you join today.