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STOP expecting your SMART goals, dream boards and affirmations to get the job done. It’s time to go from goal setting to Goal Getting.

Achieve more goals in the next 3 months than you have in the last 3 years!

START getting your goals done with an easy to follow, fill in the blank, single page goal getting plan that will instantly shift your focus so that you achieve 12 to 19 amazing goals this year.

If a fat guy can turn into a modern-day Samurai using this plan, you too can achieve your best goals faster than you think with less stress.

Twenty-nine years ago, I had a big crazy goal to become a martial artist. Not just any martial artist, but a Black Belt. In my mind I knew all my friends and family would be mesmerized by an out-of-shape, overweight guy (I was 210lbs) becoming a “Black Belt”. After some investigation, I joined a local Aikido Dojo.

Big mistake I made...

About 3 weeks into the training, things were going well. That’s when I started telling family and friends what I was up to.

Some of the people I told laughed at me. A few said, “You? … no way man”. Even my girlfriend at the time laughed hysterically at the idea. I had too many critics.

Shane Fielder of Samurai Innovation

I continued on until one day I had to start learning how to roll and fall in the dojo. This is the hardest part of the initial training. Falling safely is taught so that you can take bone crushing throws from 5 feet in the air, and still get up and walk away without a dent. It wasn’t easy for me at all. The bruises, sore legs, and my weak back left me feeling like a train hit me.

That is when I quit.

I gave up and threw in the towel because I thought, “I’ll never be a Black Belt”. By quitting, I made all my critics right.

5 months later, something changed…

I simply decided that I was going to succeed and make all my critics wrong by becoming a Black Belt. I called my Sensei and asked if I could come back. We had a long talk and he agreed to take me back as long as I would not give up on myself again. I agreed.

Your path to achieving your big crazy goal will get hard at times. Just like you, I struggled with discouragement. I asked myself how on earth I would keep my commitment to Sensei and get my Black Belt. Then it hit me.

I realized that I was thinking too long term and too big for my mind. The solution was there all along… break down my goal into showing up one class at a time. One class at a time worked all the way to Black Belt!

Are Your Goals Taking Too Long?

Think for a moment of the one goal that if you could achieve tomorrow would make life truly amazing. Chances are it’s taking too long for the goal to be yours.

What would it be worth if you could follow a proven plan to get you that goal twice as fast with half the stress?

What have you paid in the past to help you climb the mountain of your goals only to meet failure again?

Would you like a paint-by-numbers approach to setting and accomplishing your goals?

It’s time to start goal getting versus goal setting. Focus and execution are finally yours and not the person you watch on TV who is living their goals and dreams.

Focus on a 90-Day Plan

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2-0-Samurai Innovation-2015

Your Best 90 Day Plan 2.0 will help you get your goals done faster than you think is possible. You will unearth your most critical 3 to 5 goals that you need to accomplish now in the next 90 days.

Why a 90-Day Plan and not a 1 year, 3 year or 5 year plan?

90 days you can hold onto,

365 days or more is out of reach, and too easy to get lost in along the way.

3 Epic goal failures that you and I both need to side step immediately

Epic Goal Failure #1:

Big Goal over Small Time

You have been told the clichés like dream big, go big or go home, shoot for the stars, etc. These are great for instant motivation. But the main problem is that the goal is not matched to the correct amount of time to get it done.

You will soon have the solution for this first epic goal failure… your goals done in 90 days.

Epic Goal Fail 1 - Samurai Innovation

Epic Goal Failure #2:

Small Goal over Big Time

All the play-it-safe folks play in this sandbox. You and I are both guilty of setting a tiny goal that we know we can achieve. Even worse, we give ourselves 3 or 4 times longer than we need to get the goal done. But then we are surprised that the goal got away from us and voila… epic goal failure.

Epic Goal Fail 1 - Samurai Innovation

You will soon find out the solution to never have this happen to you again… your Fundamental Success Indicators™.

Epic Goal Failure #3:

Beating Yourself Up

Too often, you get excited about setting a goal. Then you rush into working on your goal with excitement. A little while later, you hit your first obstacle and ....

You begin to doubt your ability to actually accomplish the goal. This is where you start beating yourself up for all your perceived short comings. The downward spiral starts until you give up and set your sights on another goal that is easier to accomplish.

There is one simple technique that will overcome this tendency every time. It never fails and it won't fail you.

The solution is to celebrate your actions and efforts and never denigrate your progress. We will help show you the system that will put the power of celebration to work for you so that you can abolish the negativity that tries to stop you from accomplishing your best and most important goals.

I'll trade you 2 Lattes and a Cookie so that you accomplish 4 awesome goals in the next 90 days!

This can all be started and finished in the time it takes to order and drink your favourite beverage at your favourite place.

When you put down the empty cup, you will walk away with a single page plan. Your single page plan will jump start the goal getting process instantly for you. You will build fast momentum with each step that you take forward. The forces of procrastination, doubt, fear and lack of focus will be a thing of the past.

Lattes and Cookies - Samurai Innovation

In a few months, everyone around you will be asking you crazy questions like: “what happened to you?”, “what’s different about you lately?” or “how on earth did you get that?”. It’s an awesome feeling because you have crossed over from being a goal setter to being a goal getter.

How do I know this works?

Because this is the revised and expanded version of our best selling Your Best 90-Day Plan. Two years ago we launched Your Best 90-Day Plan and it was an instant hit.  Hundreds of our Samurai Innovation Dojo Members like you have experienced great results and have made the shift from setting goals to accomplishing very worthy goals that means the most to them.

Plus, I use this myself everyday to accomplish my important goals.

In Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 we updated the worksheets and system to include some awesome new techniques that will boost your goal getting ability.

You will add to your goal getting arsenal:
  • The foundational goal getting success formula
  • Accomplish your goals in less time than your peers using the 4x3x90 formula for goal getting
  • The daily effortless leadership tactic that will get your people and teams fired up to help you achieve your goals.
  • How to stay calm, collected, focused and productive each day amongst all the chaos and distractions that are around you

Here’s What You Get

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 is a downloadable goal getting plan. After you place your order, you get Instant Access to the plan forever. You will be repeating the process over and over like making grandma’s favourite recipe.

You walk through the plan step by step. No hard thinking required.

Just show up and plug in your answers to the template and go to work on getting your goals done!

We've made accomplishing your goals almost automatic. We say almost, because the hardest part for you will be figuring out exactly what you want to accomplish in the next 90 days. Once that's done, you just keep following the newly updated system to achieve consistency and success along your path.

Your Best 90-Day Plan gives you:

  • 4 Steps to Getting Your Goals Done
  • Your Achievement Inventory - 15 power questions
  • Clarity to Launch - 37 defining questions
  • Fundamental Success Indicators(TM) worksheets
  • Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 Single Page Planner
  • Updated Train & Track Progress Calendar will help you get fast results and stay consistent
Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 Instant Download to Every Device

Are You Going to Take the Next Step…
or Will You Keep on With How Things Are?

Quad Results-Your Best 90-Day Plan 2-0- Samurai Innovation

Your results are predictable because I have done it along with my coaching clients. You will experience four short phases along your path to getting your goals done. The end result is something we call Quad Results.

Quad Results happens when you turn up the focus, intensify your big why along with the critical actions needed to get the goal done. It is possible for you to get to your destination twice as fast with half the effort because you won’t get sidetracked along the way like everyone else.

Plus these Free Bonuses:

  • Free access to our 65 minute Fundamental Success Indicators™ video training
  • Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 Digital Journal (Microsoft Word Format)
  • Designing Your Best Weekly Plan Video training
  • 4 Samurai Coaching Concepts video training to complement Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 progress and results

Black Belt Guarantee

“Black Belt” simply means master of the basics.

I want you to master the easy basics of creating Your Best 90-Day Plan that will help you achieve more goals in the next 3 months than you did in the last 3 years.

Go through the worksheets. Take advantage of the the free video trainings to expedite your momentum.

Put your plan to work over the next 30 days and begin to see the plan work for you. If you’re not completely thrilled with how awesome Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 is for you, just let me know and we’ll send you a full refund.

Samurai Innovation Guarantee

I am fully confident that Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 will be a much welcome approach to getting your goals done.

Get Ready to Stand Out From the Crowd

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 will make goal setting easy and goal getting a reality once and for all.

  • You will be able to say no to other people’s agenda so that you say yes to yours
  • Be immune from overwhelm
  • Take the stress out of goal setting so that you are more focused on goal getting
  • Simply fill in your answers and race out of the gate onto the fast track to getting yourgoals done
  • Develop Black Belt discipline so that you crush the obstacles in your way to reaching your goals
  • You will put more points in the win column of your life
  • Cure 2 deadly diseases: perfection & procrastination so that you reveal the action taker within you
  • This will be the easiest decision you make today and one you will be grateful for in the next 90 days!

Get Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 and see tremendous new results happen like never before for you.

One of my life principles is to Never Live Life by Regret.  We have designed this new version of Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 to help you accomplish your best goals even faster than before and be an unstoppable Goal Getter.

You will not regret it. Normally Priced at $30...

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 and all the bonuses are waiting for you right now to Instantly Download.

Domo Arigato,

(means Thank You in Japanese)

Thank you for Training with Us - Samurai Innovation

PS. It’s now time to make an easy decision to start crafting Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0. Start getting more goals done in the next 3 months than you have in the last 3 years.

Your Best 90-Day Plan 2.0 Instant Download to Every Device

NOTE: Your Best 90-Day Plan is a PDF set of worksheets. No physical product will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the file download. The manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. The bonus training video is in the common .mp4 video storage format.