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BigLifeChanger-Samurai Innovation


Do you know the Top 15 things Men & Women regret most?

2015 Focused Strategy Session

This 70 minute video strategy session will help you take you from where you are right now to crafting the most balanced plan to get you to where you want to be in the coming 12 months. Included you will discover:

  • How to eliminate 4 toxic habits from your life forever
  • Avoid the 5 triggers of failure
  • Why you need a Code of Behaviour
  • 3 Samurai success formulas to deploy

You will never write another boring to-do list again!

This content features a special presentation about overcoming the overwhelm that traditional to-do list planning methods inspire. Break free from the tyranny and chaos and make the “shift” into a new way of planning your highest and most essential priorities.

Black Belt Focus On Demand Training

Build Black Belt Level Focus & Get Your Goals Done Faster

Here’s we cover:

  • Top 10 Black Belt Focus Tips
  • Defeat the Enemy of Average
  • Focus on Your Weekly Plan
  • Stronger Clarity Equals Unstoppable Results