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Samurai Success Stories

We have had the great privilege of working with many awesome individuals and groups.  Here is a sample of the Samurai Success Stories that we have received from our clients and those whom we serve.  We look forward to posting your story soon.

Domo Arigato

Shane Fielder’s Fundamental Success Indicators Program is a very effective tool and system that brought clarity to my goals, based on my values. I was able to see my goals, vision and focused tasks in one sheet, at-a-glance. This made it very easy to post where I could see it every day and reinforce my intentions. One of my goals was to release weight that was affecting my health and stamina. Within three months, I dropped 25 pounds! I also had enough energy to begin jogging three times a week (sometimes up to 6 miles). Shane is always very thorough in his presentations, and patiently answers questions, while providing valuable insight. He is genuine in his desire to see his students achieve success. Thank you, Shane!


After speaking with Shane I’ve realized that I’ve neglected two sides of my business that I didn’t even know existed! Shane’s “3 sides of the sword” concept has changed the way I think about business, and now that I’m paying attention to all three of them, I expect to double my income next year - Erik Stafford


I've always felt like I was a pretty organized person.  What Shane showed me totally elevated my productivity and having a sense of always knowing where things are.  Knowing that I can add information when I need it.  Shane showed me how to put 1000's of files from Word and My Documents in one place.  Feeling organized makes me more productive.  Shane will help improve your thought process, planning ability and confidence in never losing key information ever again.  This is the best return on investment in anything I've seen in a while!


Shane Fielder is a dynamic, inspiring and energetic speaker who has a knack for teaching complex topics in simple, easy to understand terms. I particularly like the way he uses real world examples from his years of business experience to explain timeless principles in a practical way. Whether it’s sword strikes used in Aikido, increasing sales at a movie theater or reducing thefts at a parking lot, they enhance the lessons and make them more memorable, enjoyable and sticky.