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How to Increase Your Workplace Productivity

How to Increase Your Workplace Productivity is a common theme amongst the top performers and business owners that we work with at Samurai Innovation. When workplace productivity levels fall, upper management begins to scrutinize the work habits of employees in order to ascertain the root cause of the problem. Entry level employees often bear the […]

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8 Productivity Tips

Umi’s 8 Productivity Tips for You! In order see more productivity in the workplace it is important to have a high level of personal organization. These tips will help you to make some simple changes to the way you work that will help you be more organized. 1) Keep a tidy desk It is true […]

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Your owner’s manual for being productive?

Think of the last time you purchased a significant item in your life such as a piece of technology, house or car.  Did you read the owner’s manual from cover to cover?  You most often never do, you just expect plug and play service. Last year I purchased a new vehicle.  One of the features […]

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The last issue of 5 Minute Clarity showed you how to get a higher Return on Focus.  As a business owner or leader, your main work challenges may be found in discovering new processes or tools to increase your productivity for yourself or the people whom you lead.  I want to encourage you with the […]

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