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Sword, Sandal & Cloth – Webinar Summary

Webinar Short Summary

We had a great turnout today and what was interesting is that everyone stayed on the call from start to finish. That tells me that you are highly interested in making 2012 even more incredible than 2011. The quality of the people on the line today were awesome.

Some great questions were posed on the call.

The questions are listed below and you can get the answers on the call. I will also blog about each one over the weekend to expand on the questions to help provide you with my best thinking and any applicable resources that can assist you.

Check back frequently at Samurai Innovation.

 *** Do you share these concerns & questions that came up on the call? ***

– I would like to get back to the weight I was at when I quit smoking. That was 20 years ago. I work out. – Mary

– Maintaining focus from day to day – Catherine

– Daunting things to do… connecting with resources: writing blogs, updating websites, social networking, on and on – Pat

– Closing the sale with potential clients – Patty

– Are there tools to create metrics and for someone challenged with formulas? How do you go about obtaining them to have that clear view of where we stand and where we need to be with our business.

– Fear of Action – Phil

– Don’t know what I want – total lack of clarity – Michael

– Don’t understand the specific problems to be solved in my business

Know the 4 Truths

The first truth is that most of the above scenarios have solutions we can identify for you right now.

The second truth is that you will need to apply yourself at the beginning to build the momentum you seek to solve these challenges.

The third truth is that you can transform the challenges you face into innovative solutions by selecting 3-5 areas to place your focus on.

The fourth truth is never “Go It Alone”. Everyone needs a Sensei to help them develop their technique and skill.

Thank you for spending the hour together today. Please email me with any questions you have or feedback from our training together.

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The Sword, The Sandal & The Cloth

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