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Idea to Action Planner by Samurai Innovation - Shane Fielder

Idea to Action Planner

​Why You Need an Idea to Action Planner​How many times have you seen an advertisement or a new invention and thought to yourself, man I had that idea 10 years ago? How many times have you kicked yourself because someone else executed their idea and became largely successful when in fact, you had the same idea […]

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Start from a Template - Samurai Innovation

Productive Templates – Finish Stronger Part 3

Templates will help you finish stronger than you started this year. Principle and technique is what will increase your productivity, and not the gidgets and the gadgets that you have in your pocket or the stuff that you buy that you think will make you better. We all go through that technology appeal where, “Oohhh, […]

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Follow this sequence for better inbox email relief

How to Kick Your Inbox Habit

The inbox habit is deadly unless managed effectively. What you don’t realize is that this inbox habit left uncontrolled will steal your energy second by second. It’s like death by a 1000 cuts versus one big cut. “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” – Brian Tracy 76% of Samurai Innovation clients report to […]

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