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What is Sandan?

Principle Beyond Technique: The Meaning of Sandan Today’s article is of a personal nature.  You get to look behind the scenes, into the mind of the Innovative Samurai.  All candidates for the Sandan or 3rd Degree Black Belt exam must submit a concisely written essay.  The essay provides the Sensei an understanding as to where […]

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December 12, 2011

The Meaning of Samurai

Shane Now After The Code

​ What does Samurai mean to you?Often one person may associate Samurai with war and violence and another may think of strength, code of honour and valour.Did you know that the meaning of Samurai is basically translated as “those who Serve” or “to Serve and Attend”?Yes, the Samurai trained and dedicated their lives to serving the […]

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