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Birthplace of Samurai

Introducing the Birthplace of Samurai Focus I went straight to the heart of the Samurai on a recent trip to Japan. This was primarily an Aikido training trip with some of my best friends from around the world. 14 days of intense Aikido training and some sight seeing wedged in there for good measure. We […]

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This is how Outstanding Service is delivered by Samurai Innovation

Outstanding Service

Outstanding Service by Two Bartenders How great or outstanding is the service that you provide and deliver to your customers or the people you serve? How great a job does your organization serve your community? Do the people you work with and the people that work for you deliver outstanding value and service each day? […]

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Top 12 of 2012 Samurai Innovation Articles

Our Top 12 of 2012 Samurai Innovation Articles Our virtual Dojo Members have reviewed and rated the following articles and resources at Samurai Innovation amongst their favourites of 2012.  Leave a comment below as to which ones you like as well! Domo Arigato! The Meaning of Samurai What do you think the word Samurai means?  […]

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Is your business “gift wrap” or real substance?

Debbie LaChusa – Speaker Highlight Is your business “gift wrap” or real substance? This question was an essential part of Debbie LaChusa’s presentation at the 2011 SuccessNet Summit.  Debbie is known throughout North America and Australia as The Business Stylist® because she helps business owners design a business, brand and marketing that “fit” them perfectly. […]

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Break Through Your Limitations

John Kanary Speaker Highlight John kicked off the 2011 SuccessNet Summit with a very powerful, fast moving and thought provoking presentation.  John talked about how each one of us can make dramatic changes in our lives if we commit to “100 Days of Greatness”.  John laid out a plan that can help any of us […]

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2011 SuccessNet Summit

I am always on the lookout for new ideas and ways we can bring innovation into our businesses.  Jim Rohn once said to me that finding great ideas is only given to the best searchers.  I will share with you over the coming weeks some of the best, latest and up to date strategies I […]

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