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Develop your code of behaviour today

Black Belt Code of Behaviour

Each person on this earth lives by your own Code of Behaviour whether you realize it or not.  The good news is that you don’t have to be a Black Belt or a Samurai to develop your own personal code. My first Sensei whom I started training Aikido under over 18 years ago had very […]

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Under the Kimono

Personal Drivers Yield the Greatest Results Personal Drivers & Corporate Drivers: Great businesses and organizations have systems and drivers that determine their highest value actions. For many of these entities, it has taken years to develop these standards that guide their performance.  Yet, the great businesses maintain these standards through a thorough process of reviewing […]

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Everyone's A White Belt At The Start

Everyone’s a White Belt at the Start

In our last article, 2012 New Year Intermission, we spoke about how Canada Day or Independence Day marks the halfway point in the year. This is a great place to evaluate your progress towards your most highly coveted goals. In the first half of the year, did you achieve the goals you set for yourself? […]

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Are you going to finish strong this year?

2012 New Year Intermission

Think back to January this year  when everyone else was setting their New Year Resolutions.  Did you participate in the party? Does January seem like a long way back in the rear-view mirror? Do you recall if you set any New Year Resolutions? What were the goals you set for yourself back then? Do these […]

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Daily Focus

On our recent webinar training together, several excellent people shared their concerns and challenges. Today, I want to address Catherine and Pat’s concerns which deal with: Sharpening Your Daily Focus Catherine said that she is challenged with “Maintaining focus from day to day”. Pat mentioned that there are “Daunting things to do… connecting with resources: […]

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Sword, Sandal & Cloth – Webinar Summary

Webinar Short Summary We had a great turnout today and what was interesting is that everyone stayed on the call from start to finish. That tells me that you are highly interested in making 2012 even more incredible than 2011. The quality of the people on the line today were awesome. Some great questions were […]

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