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Episode #4

Your secret to getting what you want is as easy as this…

Mindset Monday - Episode 4 Transcript

Your secret to getting what you want is as easy as this…

Want what you already have.

Yes the secret to getting what you want is to want what you already have.

Now, how do you get more out of life?

Well, it comes down to three steps to getting what you want. These three things if you practice them on a daily basis this week, will ensure that you get closer to what you want to accomplish and further away from all the other junk and things that you really don't want to accomplish. Are you ready?

The first step is to think.

We want you to think this week about all the things that you already have a lot of times we get into comparing ourselves against other people, then we compete with those people. And then we start complaining about the things that they have that you don't have or your lack or the scarcity in your life.

You are much more powerful, you are better than that. And you're here listening to Mindset Monday because you are a person with extreme potential now.

The next thing that we want to do is take stock.

We want to take stock of what you already have because a lot of times in life, life gets us off track. Every day is full of distractions and opportunities for us to feel like we have less than what we already do. So, grab that good old traditional pen or pencil and get some paper and then let's start writing down what you already have. You start with two categories on your sheet of paper:

Write down the physical & material. This can be your home that you own, the car you drive, other things that you own such as your books, your music, your sporting equipment. You have food that you get every day. You have people in your life that are either your friends or family or coworkers. The lady that sits next to you on the subway every day. I don't know what it is for you, but you need to go through this process of writing down what you already have because at the end of it, you're going to realize that you are very blessed.

No matter what situation you are in, you are blessed. You already have a firm foundation and a great starting point to getting more of what you want through this process.

The second heading that I want you to write down is your ability and capacity.

So this is your ability to do things and the capacity to do things. Your first ability is your ability to work. Your ability to have an occupation, a career or job. Something that brings you the income that you earn today. The second thing is that you have your ability to love inside of you. You have an ability to love and love is a powerful, powerful force for change. If you're not quite sure where you want to be or getting what you want this week, focus on how you can love people around you.

How can you love your job a little bit more? You love the things you have a little bit more.

The next ability and capacity that you have is the ability to be free. For most of us, we are blessed to live in the free world. We have the ability to get up every day and you my friend have the ability to get up every day choosing how you live. Sometimes we don't always recognize that sometimes we're not aware that you have the ability every single day to get up and make the choice that today's going to be an exceptional day, or mediocre day. Make a great choice for you. Continue writing down all the other abilities that you have because you are full of talents and gifts that you don't even know you have.

Your second thing that you need to do this week is be thankful.

Last time on Mindset Monday, we talked about celebrate don't denigrate. Your mind can only focus one direction and you can either put a choice of negativity and lack in scarcity into your mind or you can focus on gratitude. Be thankful and grateful for all the amazing things you already have. Take that inventory that we just wrote down and you fill it and then you start focusing on it and every day. Look at that and say, "I'm grateful that I have this." I'm grateful that I have that. I have the ability to do this. I'm grateful I have the ability to learn or study.

Guess what?

Gratitude fuels your goal getting muscles.

Gratitude becomes the fuel that allows your ambition to transform. Your ambition transforms into accomplishment over time with consistent application of certain steps you need to take. That doesn't happen until you have a good dose of gratitude each day.

The next thing that I want you to do is to care more for what you already have.

If you've got that car, you think your car is a little rusty and it's not as good as what you want. I say, take that car out, shine it up, wash it up and shampoo the inside. Clean it up. Maybe get a professional detailer to do that for you. You'll just feel even better driving that car when it's all shiny and clean on the inside. That will make you appreciate your car even more. And guess what? It won't be long before you'll be buying yourself a new car or getting a different car.

When you have the ability to care for what you already have, it really helps you grow more now. The next thing is you can care for what you have, but then you also have to care for them. Go tell the people in your life this week that you care for them or that you're really grateful for how they help or serve you. This can be your friend, your family or calling your employees. The Barista at Starbucks who pours your morning coffee. Whoever it is for you, just tell them. You're going to make their day and in turn the power of caring for what you already have will in turn help you get what you want.

This brings us to the end of this week's Mindset Monday.

End of Mindset Monday Transcript​

What will you want that you already have this week?

Each day you have the chance to grow what you want by being even more grateful for what you already have.  All masters of accomplishment know this secret. I encourage you to try it out for yourself this week and report back to us how you do and the positive shifts that take place for you.

Domo Arigato.

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