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How to be successful before the world wakes up?
Being Successful Before the World Wakes Up

Episode #13
Being Successful Before the World Wakes Up

Mindset Monday - Episode 13 Transcript

Do you want a guaranteed method that will help you accomplish your goals on time every time?

I'm Shane Fielder with Samurai Innovation! Welcome to this edition of mindset Monday, At Samurai Innovation we help you blend the secrets of the Samurai with cutting-edge strategies to sharpen you and your business results.

How do you guarantee your results, how do you guarantee that you can get your goals done on time every time every day?

There's a little philosophy we use for our Samurai Innovation and it is called ''be successful before the world wakes up''. It doesn't matter what corner of the world you live in, you're going to get up at a certain time of the day and why I like this philosophy is that; I use it every day myself, my clients use it because all of us have a different time to get up.

I know there are lots of people out there that prophesy and talk about why you should get up at 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM and all those kind of stuff, it doesn't matter. Be successful before the world wakes up is simply this; it is about you getting something done that moves the needle forward to you accomplishing what you want before you step foot out of the house in the morning. Before you get into the business of the day, get something that’s good for you done.

What I mean by this is, you don’t want to let the day steal your accomplishments.

If you wait until the middle of the day or the end of the day or whatever to do your work out or to work on your project or to work on whatever you’re doing, the day can steal that away from you. We don’t know what each day has in store for any of us. I don’t know what your day is going to be like tomorrow just as I don't know what my day is going to be like tomorrow.

There's all these things.

I live in Canada where at the time of this video we're heading into wintertime, the snow it’s unpredictable. I never know when it’s going to snow a little or a lot or it's going to be icy or whatever, it just makes things tough because there are a lot of uncertainties. But what I do know is if I get up in the morning and I commit to doing something that’s important to me and I get that 20-30-40-50 minutes in before I walk out of the house and I start my rest of my day, then the world can't steal that away from me. Other people can't take that away from you.

The people at the office that stole your time can't take that away from you. When it snows or you're in traffic or there's a collision on the road and that steals an hour of your day, that can't take it away from you. When you get a call at work and the kids are sick and this is not, you have to go take them to a doctor; that can't steal your goals away from you. I urge you to think this week:

How can you be successful before the world wakes up?

How can you get up a little earlier than what you're normally accustomed to and put some time into you? Some things that you might want to think about is physical exercise in the morning. You might want to get up and move your body, the faster you get up and start moving your body the more beneficial that is. Drink two glasses of water when you first wake up, it will change the way you feel first thing in the morning. You want to throw a little extra lemon juice or something in there; that’s fine too, that can only enhance your experience for you.

For some people and some of my clients they get up and they meditate. They spend 20 or 30 minutes reading something that’s important to them. My caution to you is, be intentional about this process in the morning. Be intentional about what you’re doing.

Don't get up in the morning, grab the newspaper and say well Shane said read 20 minutes so I'm reading 20 minutes. No, be intentional about what you're doing. Read something that’s going to nourish your mind, your body and your soul and get up and be intentional about that.

Do Not Poison Your Mind Each Day

Many years ago probably going back about 15 years now, I have this day hit me where I realized that I was poisoning my mind, I was poisoning my body. I was waking up in the morning and I had a newspaper subscription, so I wake up in the morning and grab the newspaper. 

I open it up and within 20 minutes I've read about all the ailments of the world and all the things that were happening in the wars, in the devastation and all the negativity; guess what happened? It made my day bad. It impacted my day, I had a crappy day as a result of it, so no crappy days for you, no crappy days for me.

Now I get up in the morning, I spend 15-20 minutes reading some spiritual stuff and my devotions and I pray. I get samurai Claire, we get on the leash, we get out of the door, we go for 20-30 minute walk, and we get really vigorous above that. I come back sweaty, I work out; depends if I'm at the dojo that night, then I have my shower go to the dojo. It doesn’t matter, I have a rhythm and I have a ritual of the morning and guess what?

There’s nothing greater than the feeling of walking out your front, knowing that you’ve already accomplished something meaningful toward your goals.

So that’s what I want you to have the mindset of this week is ''how can you be successful in the morning before the world wakes up?” Before people start calling you and emailing you and tugging on your jacket and say hey I need you for this and I need you for that, because those people are always going to be there. But if you can sneak in some time to move your goals forward and create some awesome momentum, you will be the benefactor of that and as that compound over time, you will come out the winner.

Your coaching assignment this week is to go out and craft a new discipline this week to do something in the morning. And maybe all you need to do is set a time and say this week I’m going to get up 5 or 10 minutes earlier than I normally am accustomed to. And in that 5 or 10 minutes I’m going to do (fill in the blank) something that’s going to invigorate you and move your goals forward.

Anyway, if you have any questions or comments; leave me a question on the page here, I'll be happy to answer that. I look forward to talking with you, I'm Shane Fielder.

What new discipline will you do more of or start this week to be successful before the world wakes up?

Leave us a comment below so that we can support you and your best mindset this week. 

Domo Arigato.

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