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90 Day Challenge

I beat my 90 Day Challenge by 2 days! Back on July 8, 2013, I publicly declared a 90 day challenge.  I call it the sunrise challenge. The Goal:   Capture a picture of 60 out of the next 90 sunrises. This goal meant something to me as I know your goals are deeply personal and […]

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Over 50% of Sunrise 90 Day Goal

 We are very excited to have made it 50% of the way to our 60 out of 90 day sunrise goal with these updates. Aug 17: 12C/55F Today Samurai Claire and I took to higher ground way above the tree line to capture Mr. Sun crest the hill.  It worked.  We planed for it successfully.  […]

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Aug 9-2-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 25-26 of 90 Day Goal

Can you believe we are 43.3% done on our 90 day goal? Aug 7: 8C/48F This morning greeted us with a pile of rain which does not make for a wonderful sunrise setting.   We were tempted to pass on the photo opportunity in favour of a better morning.   Don’t fall into that trap when you […]

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Aug 6-1-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 23-24 of 90 Day Goal

40% Milestone for 60 out of 90 Sunrise – 90 Day Goal Aug 5: 11C/53F Clouds.  They are sure around a lot early in the morning in our part of the world.  This helps us appreciate the various colors of silver that are present.  Today was a showing up kind of day for our sunrise […]

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Aug 3-7-Samurai Innovation Sunrise

Sunrise 21-22 of 90 Day Goal

These Two Sunrises Moves Us to 36.7% of 60 Sunrises! Aug 2: 10C/51F Today is what happens when you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your 90 day goal. But skipping the critical action is not for you. It’s better to show up for a short time than no time because you […]

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Aug 1-3-Samurai Innovation Sunrise

Sunrise 20 of 90 Day Goal

33.3% on the way to 60 out of 90 day goal Aug 1: 11C/52F Today was amazingly silent and warm outside.   The sky glowed from our normal deck shooting location as you can see from the evidence of the sunrise that follows. Then Samurai Claire and I went to seek out a new vantage point […]

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July 9-13-1-Samurai Innovation Sunrise

Sunrise 2 of 90 Day Goal Challenge

Sunrise 2 of 90 Day Goal Challenge July 9– Very cold this morning. But what a brilliant rise. The crisp air had a silence… and then like a symphony, all the birds began a chorus. I was a little early and we had to wait for Mr. Sun to crest the hill. This is powerful […]

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July 8-13-Samurai Innovation Sunrise

90 Day Sunrise Goal Challenge

90 Day Sunrise Goal Challenge One principal that I subscribe to is: “Be Successful Before the world wakes up“.  I find that this one principal is great for building focus and drive toward my goals and it will work for you without fail. To be an example for you, I chose a unique 90 day […]

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