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Be Productive with these great Samurai Innovation resources that are complimentary

Be Inspired or Be Productive

This Dojo Member letter covers two sets of complimentary resources we have that will help you get inspired and be productive. Ahhhh, the weekend is near.Most 9-5 folks get pretty excited to break away from the daily work grind, am I right?Two weeks back, I wrote to you to share the top 5 reasons to […]

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Shane Fielder Walking in Minus 20 Celsius - Mar 2023

Do You Prefer Snow or Cold

This Dojo Member letter covers how you can build momentum this week, even if it is outside walking in -20C/-4F. I was out walking with my German Shepherd (“Samurai Claire”) this week during a -20C or -4F sunny morning. Whether you are in Celsius or Fahrenheit, minus means freezing cold.Agree?I instantly thought of all the […]

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5 Year Memory Book

5 Year Memory Book

This Dojo Member letter covers what you will gain from starting a 5 year memory book practice. Last week’s email created interesting conversations about the top 5 reasons why we procrastinate.Would you believe that the year is about 19% complete as of when you read this?Some of our members said that they were struggling to […]

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Top 5 Reasons We Procrastinate

Reasons You May Procrastinate

This Dojo Member letter covers five common reasons to procrastinate and three questions to ask yourself to win big this week. I hope you are doing well and have something interesting and fun lined up for the weekend. Remember that you get to define fun and then take the necessary steps to go have the […]

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