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Professional Juggler Kinetic Flow

How Do You Become a Professional Juggler?

The short answer is that you watch how Billy and Andrew of Kinetic Flow do it.  I met these two amazing guys while they were training on the beach in Waikiki, Oahu in Hawaii. Our behind the scenes video will highlight why they are living their dream as a professional juggler and entertainer.

A huge thank you goes out to Andrew and Billy for agreeing to the interview after I stood by and watched them for about 15 minutes prior.  These guys are the real deal of entertainers. Check out their Kinetic Flow Facebook page.  They have a few more cool videos on display there that showcases their awesome talent!

Looking for Andrew and Billy’s Best Tip?

Following the interview on how to be a professional juggler and entertainer, the guys imparted solid-gold wisdom.  We talked about how consistency and having a plan is critical to being successful at anything in life.  Andrew noted how training in their craft and being excellent at it comes down to daily consistency.

“15 minutes per day of practice is better than one, two to three hour session per week” – Andrew Towl

Andrew and Billy – thank you for the awesome interview and allowing our Dojo Members to witness a behind the scenes look into Kinetic Flow!

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