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Mindset Monday Episode 25-Samurai Innovation

Move to the Edge of Your Capability

Episode #25Move to the Edge of Your Capability Episode 25 Show NotesComfort zones are reality. But how do you break through those? Going past it makes you feel uncomfortable. Society labels you as inferior when you try and move past your supposed comfort zone. How about trying our concept of moving to the edge of your capability?At […]

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Make better decision today by Samurai Innovation

Stop Making Bad Decision

Episode #16Stop Making Bad Decisions Mindset Monday – Episode 16 Transcript How to rid yourself of poor decisions?How to make better decisions!Each day you and I are both faced with hundreds of decisions that we meet need to make each day just in order to make life work for us. The challenge is when you’re […]

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2017 Super Bowl Winner by Samurai Innovation

2017 Super Bowl Winner Prediction

We know who will be the 2017 Super Bowl Winner.  Curious as to how we know this? It’s based on real world experience picking winners for games and in life.  Shane will share the secret formula with you over the next five minutes.   Caution:   What you do with this knowledge is solely up to you. […]

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2017 Best Year Yet by Samurai Innovation

2017 Best Year Yet

2017 can be your best year yet if you ensure you meet three success criteria in the coming year.  You will also need a simple, but doable plan to help you navigate the highs and lows that will come for you this new year.  You also want to forget about setting New Year Resolutions. Click Play […]

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Days Stealing Your Future-Mindset Monday 2

Your Days Stealing Your Future?

Episode #2Don’t Let Your Days Steal Your Future Mindset Monday – Episode 2 Transcript Are your days stealing your future?Don’t let today steal your future anymore. Each day is presented with opportunities that can move you ahead towards the goals and dreams that you desire, but each day also presents its own chances of diversion, […]

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Life of Discipline

How many of the goals and targets that you set for yourself this year have you achieved so far? What keeps you anchored through the storms of life and the highs and lows? The following poem was written by Shane Fielder to inspire and prompt you to consider how strong your discipline is in your […]

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