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97% of the Sunrise Goal

97% of the goal feels awesome. It will be a close finish to reach our sunrise 90-day goal, but we are prepared for it.  The shots coming in below are from a new location that Samurai Claire showed me on one of our recent early morning hikes.  Samurai Claire has been a faithful companion and […]

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Sunrise Goal 82%

82% of our Sunrise Goal is Done! Sept 16: 11C/52F A cool crisp morning greeted us. Are we past the mark yet on our goal? It doesn’t matter because we are further than had we not set the goal. Same goes for you and your goals. This is how achievement occurs. The goal is carved […]

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73% Pushing the Goal Completion

73% Pushing the Goal Completion Sept 10: These final days we find ourselves in the home stretch of getting our goal done.  60 sunrises in 90 days is the plan.  Here is our evidence from today: Sept 9: Yes it still counts from the interstate!  Some days, you need to do all you can to […]

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Closing in on 75% of the Goal

Closing in on 75% Sunrise Goal is happening. Sept 3:12C/54F Well what can we say about this morning’s sunrise? Not majestic or knock dead gorgeous. But it does count toward our 60 out of 90 sunrise goal because we showed up. The same thing will apply to you if you show up for your goals. […]

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63% of the way to the Sunrise 90 Day Goal

Today marks us at 63% of the way to the Sunrise 90 Day Goal Aug 23:15C/60F Today is hot and beautifully orange and red sky. Mr. Sun is making a glorious appearance as he fights the clouds in front of him. This just creates a gorgeous photo opportunity for us. Samurai Claire and I set […]

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Aug 9-2-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 25-26 of 90 Day Goal

Can you believe we are 43.3% done on our 90 day goal? Aug 7: 8C/48F This morning greeted us with a pile of rain which does not make for a wonderful sunrise setting.   We were tempted to pass on the photo opportunity in favour of a better morning.   Don’t fall into that trap when you […]

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