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Badge of Busyness - Samurai Innovation

Badge of Busyness – Finish Stronger than You Started – Part 2

This is the second article in our Finish Stronger than You Started series.  The goal is to help you get to completion of your essential, critical goals that you have set for yourself this year. I can’t tell you how many times I go into people’s offices, I meet with clients, I talk with friends […]

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Walt Disney Quote - Samurai Innovation

Focus Like a Samurai

Samurai Focus Walt Disney had the confidence when nobody else did to risk it all on building a crazy concept called a theme park. This was Walt’s big, crazy, not-for-him dream. Walt would gauge the value of an idea by how many successive “no’s” or negative comments he received when sharing his idea. When he […]

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Samurai Success Depletions

Samurai Success Depletions

Samurai Success Depletions A lot of my students ask me all the time, “Shane, how do I go from dreaming, wishing, planning, hoping that my goals will turn out to actually making that happen?” Good question. You need a plan You need a plan, roadmap or a blueprint for something that is going to connect […]

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Productive Focus by Samurai Innovation

Productive Focus – Five Great Tips

Five Great Tips for Better Productive Focus You can easily boost your productive focus each day and get more done twice as fast with half the effort. Staying in a state of productive focus can be incredibly difficult at work sometimes. We often spend a lot of time procrastinating and goofing off doing other things […]

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Art of Imperfect Action - Samurai Innovation

Samurai Art of Imperfect Action

Imperfect Action will guide you to greater levels of achievement and success.The other day I was teaching at our Aikido Dojo (Japanese Martial Art School).  I was observing a relatively new student attempting to perform a new technique that she was learning.  She was doing fine until suddenly she moved in the wrong direction, colliding […]

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Life of Discipline

How many of the goals and targets that you set for yourself this year have you achieved so far? What keeps you anchored through the storms of life and the highs and lows? The following poem was written by Shane Fielder to inspire and prompt you to consider how strong your discipline is in your […]

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5 Tips To Help You Stay Focused On Your Dream

5 Tips To Help You Stay Focused On Your Dream If you have ever had a dream that you wanted to accomplish but you ended up failing, then you know how important it is to stay focused for a long period of time. The problem with most people is that they set a goal and […]

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Being Too Focused is good - Samurai Innovation

Consequence of Being Too Focused

Consequence of Being Too Focused Did the title cause you a negative or positive first feeling? Consequence is both negative and positive. The same holds true for your level of focus. Having no focus will leave you aimless, restless, and despondent at times. Being too focused for long periods of time has its downside. [ez_box […]

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Guardian of Productivity

Top10 Black Belt Focus Tips

Top 10 Black Belt Focus Tips Everyday Clients and friends ask me how they get Black Belt focus.  They talk about the need to get more focused so that they can accomplish the things that they want to in record time with greater outcomes than they currently experience.  To answer this and be effective, I […]

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Umi will help you keep your desk clean and organized like his!

8 Productivity Tips

Umi’s 8 Productivity Tips for You! In order see more productivity in the workplace it is important to have a high level of personal organization. These tips will help you to make some simple changes to the way you work that will help you be more organized. 1) Keep a tidy desk It is true […]

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One Core Metric - 5 Minute Clarity Worksheet - Samurai Innovation

One Core Metric Will Change Everything

One Core Metric Today’s issue of 5 Minute Clarity will help you focus on the results from choosing one core metric in your life or business. When was the last time you set out to make a significant change in one area of your life or business, only to fall flat? Most likely you have […]

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Where is Your Focus?

Where is Your Focus? Ever notice how easy it is to lose focus amidst the many distractions and diversions that come at you hour by hour each day? I know what it is like to start your computer up with a specific task in mind such as working on an Excel or Word file.  Seconds […]

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