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Productive Focus by Samurai Innovation

Productive Focus – Five Great Tips

Five Great Tips for Better Productive Focus

You can easily boost your productive focus each day and get more done twice as fast with half the effort.

Productive Focus by Samurai InnovationStaying in a state of productive focus can be incredibly difficult at work sometimes. We often spend a lot of time procrastinating and goofing off doing other things instead of actually working on what we need to accomplish. Luckily, if you have issues with productive focus at work, there are many ways you can combat this issue and move on to a more productive work style. Being productive, focusing on what you need to do and avoiding procrastination at work can help the average person get at least 25% more work done throughout the day. In this article we’ll go over exactly how to become more productive and how to sharpen your ability to focus at work with five great tips guaranteed to improve your effectiveness.

1. Working in Chunks

It can be incredibly difficult to focus your brain on a large, hard task. Breaking that hard task up into a few different smaller chunks can be a lot more effective when trying to get a difficult task done. Focusing on one of these smaller tasks, and getting it done quickly will not only help you when focusing (as your brain can’t really focus on a gigantic amount of information at once), but it will also help you get work done more quickly. After finishing a task, taking a small break and getting some fresh air before beginning the next one can help you clear your head and set your mindset for beginning the next task.

2. Avoid Distractions

We all do it. We mean to just “check” Facebook, Twitter, or another social network for a few seconds, and end up wondering what we’ve done in the past hour. When working, you need to completely shut out these kind of distractions. Sign out of your social media accounts, block texts from your friends or whatever you need to do to avoid wasting time on these things during work. After work, you can spend time talking to friends or using social networks, but during work you need to be focused on the task at hand. If your attention is diverted over to Facebook or some other site, you’re not getting the work you need to finish done.  That feeling of incomplete work will kill your productive focus power.

3. Make an Objectives List

This can be incredibly helpful to a lot of people when trying to work on increasing their productive focus. Simply creating a list of things you want to get done throughout the day can be incredibly beneficial. You can make the list a day ahead of time if you want, just try to make it and follow through with it. Making an objectives list can help remind you of what you need to get done and to know what essential priorities you must meet each day. It’s also incredibly satisfying when you can cross off an objective as “done”. Once you realize that a certain objective is done, you can move onto the other one without hesitating or thinking about the past objective any further.

4. Ask Yourself Questions

Asking yourself questions may sound like it’s something silly, but it can really help you to get back on track when working. Ask yourself frequently:

  • “is what I’m doing the most productive use of my time right now?”
  • “am I focusing well?”

By simply asking these questions, you can evaluate your performance and see if you’re doing what needs to be done. Sometimes we can get lost in other things and all it takes is a quick reminder to get back on track. You can even set up an hourly reminder (or whatever you feel is necessary) to have your phone or computer remind you of these things.

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5. Be Passionate about Your Work

This is probably the most easy way to boost your productive focus at work. If you’re truly passionate and interested in what you’re working on, you will go to great lengths to get what you need to get done done. Losing your productive focus is a lot easier when you’re working on something that bores you and you hate doing. On the contrary, if you love doing your job, you will be a lot more interested in what’s going on with your work.

Hopefully by following these five tips, you too can improve your productivity and focus each day.  If you follow these tips, you’ll realize that you’re getting a lot more work done in the usual amount of time that you spend working.  Staying focused and avoiding procrastination is something that will aid you in your work efficiency the rest of your life.


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